DOOMED: Only America can save ISIS.

In last few days ISIS experienced really what it means to piss of a Siberian Bear who will not even spare cockroaches. The soldiers of God are in panic and disbelieve after almost three years of “cocktail parties” with direct feed to WH via DROONE TV and in pacifist spirit waving for American F16s to drop more porn and less bombs. They thought they signed up for series of Hollywood style PR beheading, cursing American infidels and pasturing with an American gun and lots of freshly printed Fed’s money and sex slaves. Nobody told them to vaporize especially off camera.

Rumor has it that Russians started to use women weapon release specialist to double fuck up those awaiting money opulence and 40 virgins. But let leave those theological disputation especially that none of them are really religious if it wasn’t for money. But as always in the war, gullible are screwed,  conning are getting rich and situation never turns as intended or predicted.

The actual situation on the ground in Syria is developing along arguments that Russian strategic bombing overkill of except for spectacular show of military capabilities and serious damage to ISIS self-esteem and may be waking some up from Wahhabi torpor or at least those left alive, for now seems to change a little on the ground for one simple reason. The changes on the ground are always slow since they required advanced logistics and resource capabilities that SAA does not have yet.

Hence we have situation of bombing that itself worked but there was nobody to seize liberated terrain and establish defense perimeters, administration allowing people to come back home or what’s left of it. The Assad regime tries desperately to remedy those lightening fast territorial gains by forming new militias and self-defense units in order to establish control before terrorists come out from their holes and wreak havoc again. Similar situation was in the city of Morek that changed hands many times only because after initial liberation there was nobody to man the new front lines and dig in.

So what happened with brilliant strategy to disrupt logistics network, seizing critical strategic positions and by confusing enemy forcing them to costly maneuvers including provoked counterattacks doomed to fail without any air cover while SAA is refusing any frontal assaults to liberate big cities or population centers devoid of military significance for propaganda purposes only.

The Russians should remind themselves what they are doing there playing first and foremost close air support role for SAA operations, to disrupt terrorists attempts to re-supply from the US and/or Turkey, to destroy large ammunition dumps as well as command and control network by only to certain degree in order to monitor and manipulate it and not directly engaging terrorists for sake of good western media that will never gave them credit due anyway.

All this however impressive show cannot however serve any other purpose but the confident demonstration of Russian strategic offensive capabilities as a response to NATO warmongering and flexing muscles in the Eastern Europe without drawing as much of western hysteria.

But don’t not get me started about hypocrisy of western alliance. While in Antalya all publicly swear to destroy ISIS in fact most of them fuel the fire in the Middle East and loving it.

Qatar recently purchased from Ukraine fascist regime old soviet era surface to air missiles capable of downing airlines at 60000 feet altitude similar type to that FSA seized four years ago in Syria, Saudis argue for Al-Qeida moderate rebels status and Turkey insist on 90 miles safety buffer, no fly zone exactly at the turkish border with Islamic State so teir guys have some sanctuary to lick their wounds, regroup and return back to their nasty beheading habits.

The US, meanwhile is working hard to hit 10-20 targets in Iraq, nothing on Syria while in the same 72 hours Russians destroyed thousand targets while French hit sand dunes and hospitals for enjoyment of the fearful sheeple at home.

If you though that there was a chaos before in Syria now the situation is exponentially more chaotic waiting for a “mistake” or accident to trigger direct confrontation between two global powers and WWII that Washington neocons are salivating about.

If military situation is a mess as expected since the war is noting but hell and confusion, the situation in diplomatic field is even worse. Holland is pretending to form grand coalition nobody asking for or is interested in, against, yet undefined evil and instead getting response of unity in protecting legitimate rebels from all their enemies. A nice construct to obfuscated preparation to attack Assad regime forces and Putin suppose to sign up for it on Thursday. Will he abandon Assad after spent over a billion dollars for bombs alone? Will he? After success of his sound military strategy, give it all up to be readmitted to the western boys club? Selling to Iran S-300 would not help him to achieve it. It is exactly what Vienna meeting was all about as I wrote in my previous post.

The latest developments from SOUTH FRONT. What’s worth to noted that SAA is attempting to cut of Turkmen dominated areas from FSA/al-Nusra command in   Idlib as well from Turkish border from where supplies as well as fresh fighters are coming from as a part of disturbing terrorists’ logistics. Also there is an illustration of unified command and FSA supplying US weapons to ISIS.


SANA: Dead ISIS terrorist:WARNING: (18+)


So-called safety zone for ISIS that Turkey wants to establish:

North Latakia:


Palmyra: SAA Approaching city from South West using Mi-24 gunship:


South Aleppo:


The map of Idlib province: Morek area is not under control of al-Nusra/FSA it is no-mans land.


Weapons seized and ISIS terrorist killed: Warning: (18+):


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