MEDIA: The War is in the Air.

The war fever permeates all media including many independent media criticizing the US and rightly so for instigation and fueling Middle East conflict. But why such a fascination and thrill of possible change?

For neocons/false right it is all about a takeover of Middle East and subduing it to neoliberal policies, US political alliances and exploitation by global banksters. For those on false left it is about proving that Obama actually earned his Nobel Price in a firefighter-arsonist style by finally responding to a humanitarian disaster of his own making with humanitarian mission to kill. However, for strangely united on the subject true left and conservative right it is an opportunity for the finally defeated US to pull out of Middle East while Russia is to be given a chance to forge some local alliances to keep region stable within post colonial boundaries and Saudis/Israel aggression in check.

What’s interesting in all of that is a fact that there is no mention of ISIS as ultimate strategic goal in any of these contradicting agendas of the war but only a catchall propaganda phrase that ISIS must not prevail and has to be eradicated, via any means available, many of them far off, nonsensical and are at best counterproductive, at worst would proliferate chaos even more. It reminds me of a propaganda driven psychological fever just before WWI that was thought to be inevitable for all political persuasions, fought for noble cause of ending all wars, or whatever nonsensical ideas nations were placated with to hide aristocratic struggle for global colonial dominance in financial, economic, and political realm on the verge of declining French and British empires.

It is worrisome that all sides see some good or benefit in killing and war and when principal stand against war, as a painful and costly exercise in futility, is almost absent from debate.

What is the ISIS connection to all the global instability we are progressively witnessing since depression of 2008. What I see is ISIS being more or less a myth, a mirror reflection of a monster, a creation of the globalization process that cannot be destroyed by its global forefathers. Like in a portrait of Dorian Gray many of the globalists’ deadly transgressions are sharply drawn onto ISIS PR image and reflect back to the world society at large in a form of terror, spewing its absurd, grotesque brutality and fear amplified beyond proportions, all necessary attributes of globalization and canons of the ideology of globalism.

As long as propaganda of globalization as a benign force for good and ruthless global hegemony of the US continues, ISIS idea will reincarnate as it happened before in history, in numerous forms and names to spread chaos and misery of millions of people who just want to solve their own problems together, collectively within their village, town, city, province or nation, from inside of their society slowly, judiciously step by step respecting their own dignity, welfare, traditions and cultures and most of all they want to be shielded from vicious winds of globalization and inevitable terrorism associated with it.

Syrian conflict rapidly is turning into hot military confrontation between elites of Russia, Iran and to a degree China and the elites of the West. So far all the players, are believing in their own propaganda, and as expected they are making the same deadly mistake, they see themselves as potential winners and/or beneficiaries of human pain and suffering in their oligarchs’ country club global cricket game of blood.

The chimes of peace are dying out in the media if they ever were there; war propaganda is in the air, on the internet, on cable, everywhere. We should not be asking for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for us.



The path of “lost” Strategic bomber intercepted by British air force and followed over Gibraltar . What this was all about because not about terrorists in Syria?


Russian strategic bombing of not so strategic targets;


Russian cruise missile over Syria;


Deir ez-Zaur fighting:

Terrorists videos:WARNING: (18+)

SAA collects ISIS fighters bodies new Palmyra.WARNING: (18+)


Crimea blacked out by fascist military sabotage of the electrical power system.


Somebody hit a hospital in Syria. Who?


In Paris it was all about this:


Turkish air force bomb PKK in Iraq not Syria;


and killed some Kurds in Turkey.


ISIS forced into offensive moves, facing attrition of fighters and depletion of resources due to Russian bombing, in order to takeover the ammunition damps of the poorly trained Syrian Self-Defense Forces formed by Assad regime.

The ISIS offensive fails:


ISIS dolls; booby traps for children.


A horrible scale of the conflict more then half of Syrian population became refugees. Largest mass population displacement since WWII.


Syrian air force Russian made attack helicopter in action south of Palmyra:


ISIS fighters dead WARNING: (18+)


Mediocre French bombing around Raqqa, ten hits in several days of bombing including a hospital.


Turkish tanker smuggling Syrian oil from ISIS controlled areas to Turkey:




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