ISIS OVERKILL: What Is The Real Message From Putin?

I am one of those people who will never believe that Putin unleashed armada of nuclear strategic forces of Russian Federation because it was needed to militarily suppress ISIS or other terrorists in Syria, and the last one and a half month of precise bombardment proved it. From strategic or tactical military standpoint it is nonsense. Carpet bombing of the desert with massive bombers TU 22M3, supersonic TU-160 launching million dollars cruise missiles from about 100,000 feet toward high value cacti or dunes where you have at most 100 fighters with mortars and machine guns per mile in few stronghold controlling roads or passes? It brings back eerie memories about brave American B52 carpet bombing of Vietnam and having 100% success killing all the rats and no single Vietcong fighter. Are Russians set for deratization of Syria as well?

Of course not, Russian are bombing ISIS installations and infrastructure, right! Stop! What installations? They did not build anything but few ditches for easy beheading, all the “installations” and “infrastructure” was built by and belong to Syrian people and that why all those years Syrian Air Force limit itself to bombing easily reparable pipelines and stayed away from hard to fix, expensive refinery infrastructure including oil tanks so they can came back to Syria intact after the war. And at the beginning Russian acquiesced to this request. For Russians there were also potential international and domestic legal issues associated with that as far as damages to civilian infrastructure were concerned.

The fact was brought to attention, by hysterical western media accusing Assad to be in cahoots with ISIS, that Syrians were buying locally some oil from ISIS controlled areas with ISIS approval and taxation. Similarly, it is with electrical power system, shared between Assad regime and terrorists and hence avoided significant damage. This is reality of every war especially with hundreds of miles of complicated frontlines and overlapping utility system, which are always protected by the international law and damaging it could be considered a war crime.

The US also did not seriously bomb ISIS controlled infrastructure that was used for producing and selling stolen Syrian oil to Turkey for $10 a barrel but for different reason namely to prop up ISIS financially against Assad regime and in the process save some money of US taxpayers (hard to believe but it’s true) who unwittingly were financing all the ISIS Inc., anyway.

So why would Russians be bombing the infrastructure now? And why using the strategic fleet?

Is such a surprising, erratic act of typically stoic Russian leadership aimed for use in domestic politics, to appear tough and to exact devastating revenge in eyes of Russian public after it was clear that Russian airliner was brought down with an explosive over Sinai peninsula?

I doubt that, Putin knew that it was not an accident about a week before announcement when investigators discovered that explosives were not in luggage compartment but stashed in the critical location in the fuselage accessible by maintenance crew but waited for official lab confirmation of what it was.

Interestingly, he did not pointed out ISIS as perpetrator and even offered $50 million for proof who did it, he emphasized that it was done by foreign actors or foreign power suggesting the explosive material was production grade and not home made as MSM tried to suggest the device was. So why would he intensify bombing of ISIS before proof was provided?

Moreover, Putin has unheard of in the world, over 90% approval rate. He has nothing to prove to Russians; in contrast to Hollande having 10% approval and who, like Clinton in Iraq, used recent Paris bombing to distract population from domestic politics disaster trying to save his cowardly political ass if possible.

Russians understand that the Syrian war is just an extension of western aggression towards Russia after collapse of Soviet Union starting from NATO Balkan wars against Serbia, Russia’s ally and continuing to Chechen wars against western/Saudi supported terrorists wanting separation from Russian federation in order to establish early Islamic state, a seed of world Caliphate, Georgian war instigated by US neocons and their Saakashvili lap dog, Ukrainian war with Yatz and Petro a pair Vicki Nuland’s Maidan poodles, overall encirclement of Russia with hundreds of military bases, steady push of the NATO to the East and insane western policy of nuclear containment with a wet dream of impossible in the current stage of technology anti-ICBM missile shield in Eastern Europe.

So why this escalation when massive bombing is likely to bring death of civilians and score victory to ISIS in the propaganda and psychological warfare, Russians are acutely aware of by being already baselessly attacked by western media concoctions and lies.

The strict limitation to clear only military targets outside of terrorist controlled populated areas where thousands of enslaved Syrians (Christians, Muslim and others) are kept as human shields in front of cameras waiting for their deaths to be captured and spewed throughout the world via western MSM and social media and ultimately could bring thousand of new terrorist recruits to the war theater and beyond. In the struggle against ISIS it is critical to extensively utilize psychological, propaganda warfare, which constitutes important part of the Russian military doctrine and massive bombing would potentially jeopardize that important effort. Especially when the SAA with excellent Russian close range air support is winning all the battles for last two months now and terrorist logistics is paralyzed.

So what is the real message of Putin and to whom it is addressed?

One must ask him for true answer but as an alternative let consider that it has nothing to do with Syrian war.

What if it is unorthodox response of Russian military leadership to massive NATO military maneuvers in Atlantic coast, Mediterranean and Baltics that were being conducted during last two months? What if it is nothing but a demonstration of deadly global capabilities of Russian strategic nuclear deterrence technology and logistics of global reach and while at it provide somewhat marginal assistance Assad to regain control over his country faster. As I motioned in my previous post all over the world two nuclear powers are conducting unscheduled drills, training and military exercises, including firing ICBMs from nuclear submarines in LA and White Sea areas not long ago, passing by respective legislatures massive increases of funding for strategic weapon systems including nuclear weapons and delivery systems while MSM propaganda want us to be afraid of bunch ISIS gangsters devoid of any religious authority seeking money from their western supported sponsors and most of all seeking fame as their professional, Hollywood-like PR productions of horrors seem to show.

The attack on bloated beyond the proportion bunch of ISIS thugs with full force of Russian strategic nuclear fleet is nothing but US style overkill with severe potential negative consequences, that feed into ISIS psychological war weaponry of apocalyptic confrontation between Islam and infidels that would spur the end of the world, a powerful inspiration for millions of Muslims rejected and alienated from their communities resigned to the world imperial powers having no answers to the fundamental problems of young people in the Muslim world and all over the world.

The whole world is infected by imperial neoliberal decease destroying millions of people’s lives and giving young no hope for any future but neo-feudal enslavement. And ISIS and other terrorists’ propaganda prey on such a reality.

The ISIS itself is nothing, just another criminal organization with rich western/Middle Eastern sponsors, but the myth of ISIS, proliferated by lies of its PR machine and the western media present it as stubbornly uncompromising, challenging all the world’s power, offering however gruesome or barbaric alternative to the current world order. The ISIS propaganda lies present ISIS fighters as soldiers of ultimate good, principled unbowed to anyone but God, unafraid or even welcoming death, invoking powerful religious symbolism while in fact they are errand boys of the western secular power elites created to destroy  modern social order and plunge humanity into barbaric neo-feudal fiefdom.

What is more disconcerting is that the appeal of a myth of ISIS is spawning a cancerous growth in people’s minds regardless of religion. The myth is being fed by the war, exploitation and injustice for poor, marginalized and voiceless. It is horrible monster that grew out of global elite suppression of all the revolutions, rebellions, and democratic reform movements against political and economic tyranny of globalization and against inhumanity and gluttony of global oligarchs. Specter of terrorism is nothing but a mirror reflection of abhorrent practices of the global ruling elites and hence can’t be killed or defeated without eradication of true culprits first.

The original plan to involve Russian militarily in the Syrian war had in my opinion a strategic objective to restore and maintain the post-colonial order in the Middle East by creating new alliances and diminishing or eliminating  devastating western influences and most of all reducing the role of US global military power in the region and to bring back a sense of stability to the people and hence enable addressing a core of radicalism and terrorism as a social problem arising from economic collapse and foreign influences.

I hope Russian leadership promptly return to their original, measured and constrained military plan of soundly defeating terrorists and their war fighting capabilities as well as restoration of the sovereign state control and rule of law in Syria and Iraq as a first step not a conclusion of the anti-terrorist campaign. Unless, all of it ceased to be about fighting terrorism and became about hot global confrontation of WWIII.



From recent reports: French air force is focusing on destruction of civilian targets and oil infrastructure in Syria not ISIS military structures, committing likely war crimes, Russians complained about it through diplomatic channels, Franco-Russian alliance in doubt, military confrontation possible since some French bombing raids were within few miles from SAA positions in areas devoid of terrorists.



Tablet app a weapon of choice of ISIS. Used to calculate trajectories of the mortars.

Circular logic of war; Politics creates problems that need to be solved militarily. The war creates problems that need to be solved politically.

Strategic bombing:


Syrian oil infrastructure hit by strategic BOMBERS:


TU-160 in action supersonic strategic bomber:


TU-22M3 strategic bomber:


TU-160 with cruise missiles;


TU-95 long-range strategic bomber:


Cruise missiles launched from Russian ships in Caspian sea:


TU-22M3 strategic bomber:


Refugees return to liberated areas in Syria.


Richard Black, state senator of Virginia, thanks Assad for protecting Christians in Syria.


Horror of ISIS: WARNING: (18+) Extremely Graphic decapitations and executions.


Rocket propelled barrel Bomb launched by al-Nusra/FSA;



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