(11/16/2015) SYRIAN WAR UPDATE: 


In little over 48 hours there are trickling down evidences of Paris terrorist attack being a plain and simple black op/false flag op, an attack of the French Republic on its own population in order to intimidate entire European society and their political/economic institutions into submission to the government plans aimed against peoples basic interests.

Which plans? Extension of the state of emergency for months/years? Passing extraordinary powers to the government and suspension of civil liberties? Increase spending for military and new anti-terrorist security apparatus? Passing TTIP trade agreement?  Destroying online privacy and free speech? Extra judicial arrests of alternative media journalist or bloggers criticizing government? Outlaw strikes, demonstrations and all form of protest? Suppress labor unions? Opening of Guantanamo-style internment camps for random suspects of terrorism? Or something else? We will know soon what some already know now.

So what did we get since the Paris bombing? Instead of debate about the core of the problem of global political violence, war and failed interventionism, we have a wide spread hysteria and panic, completely irrational, harsh restrictions of peoples movement, massive nighttime raids by police on French political dissidents as well as religious ethnic, cultural groups critical of the state policies, suspension of crucial role of investigative judges allowing police and army to arrest anyone anywhere for extended periods of time, as well as clamping down on press and censorship of independent media.

The propaganda, in highest gear fueling the sheep mentality similarly to the US after 9/11, that is being carved into naturally relaxed and open minds of Parisians with all the falsified reports about perpetrators or Syrian refugees’ connection without a shred of evidence while downplaying the fact that probably most of the terrorists were home grown teenagers who traveled to Syria’s moderate rebels such as French supported FSA for military training and returned back, not as much “radicalized” but pre-programmed as killers, geared up exactly for such a slaughter under watchful eye of French intelligence and security services.

Despite false MSM inserts, so far no evidence emerged that terrorists during the  Paris rampage  shouted “Allahu Akhbar” “God is the Greatest” as any jihadists especially ISIS on a suicide mission is required to do, to die with those last words exclaimed to get his forty virgins and money in paradise. Just consult ISIS produced video clips.

Such a scenario has been confirmed by the fact that these terrorists were well know to French authorities for years, via numerous surveillance operations and direct meetings or detentions including, the last Friday morning on their way from Belgium to Paris to commit this act of mass murder.

The telling fact of black op propaganda is a completely militarily meaningless attacks on Raqqa an administrative seat of IS in Syria, futile and impotent acts of aggression onto sovereign state of Syria, similar to those being conducted by the US over a year now since Raqqa is no longer a military command post.

The problem is that city of Raqqa is no strategic target anymore and it will not affect the situation on the ground in iota and hence Russian air strikes spared the ancient city and focused mostly on ISIS supply lines.

What would help however, is an attack against ISIS positions north of Aleppo along Turkish border in coordination with YPG and advancing from south SAA to cut off supplies of weapons from Turkey to ISIS or even to aid Pershmerga in Iraq to take back Mosul.

But we won’t see that since it is nothing but black op, a provocation seeking emotional response and peoples support for self-defeating, devastating  policies abroad and at home.

Just 12 hours after the terrorist attack in Paris I asked a fundamental question that needs to be addressed by the French and European citizen before they allow anything to be done in their name in response to this horrendous act:

What’s more important is how Europe responds to this act of terror against ordinary people. [Will they respond] with blind brutality and lust for uncontrollable revenge, liken to medieval elite cultures of neo-feudal realm, .. breaking through a veneer of western modern civilization, showing off values akin to those of Islamic terrorists. Or a country who gave us Voltaire and Rousseau, will use this opportunity to comeback to the values of enlightenment, true values of liberty, equality and brotherhood [in] internal and external relations and look in the mirror to see for what monster it became.

We got an answer; France and Europe will double down on propaganda lies and senseless violence.

More on the black op in Paris:

and true list of terrorists that should be defeated:

And about wide spread use of black ops/false flag ops for political end throughout the history of civilization;

And as a bonus here is an inverted Churchill’s warning of cold war 1.0 which adequately describe the suppression liberties in Europe today:

From majestic fiords of Norway’s polar circle to golden beaches of Island of Cyprus a Black Propaganda curtain has descended over Europe. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of  Western and Central Europe. Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Geneva, Dublin, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens and Nicosia; all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the American sphere of oppression, and all are subject, in one form or another, not only to brutal American power but to a very high and in some cases increasing measure of direct totalitarian control from Washington D.C.

Update on Syrian Front:  One may explain sudden love fest, between Putin [shamelessly ostracized by the west during last meeting in Australia] and Obama at Sunday G20 meeting  in Turkey, by recent stunning successes of SAA supported by Syrian and Russian Air power practically cutting of all the ISIS military in Syria from weapon supplies coming from Turkey threatening the collapse of the ISIS/al-Nusra joint command and rendering decisive victory to Assad regime.

This is the situation on the ground that forced the US to the negotiating table realizing complete failure of US Syria policy of supporting numerous viscous terrorist groups as proxies for regime change in Syria by force violating basic tenets of international law. As one US senator said “our boys are being whacked by Russians we cannot let it happened” and that’s all the fuss is all about because it is certainly is not about peace.

Everyday there are reports of terrorist defense lines in Daara, Aleppo and Idlib provinces being broken after months of stalemate as well as about severe logistics problem among ISIS operators cut off from supplies. It is clearly an intention  of the West to disrupt or block this offensive of SAA by inserting French ground troops, a former colonial power in Syria, to effectively protect terrorists of ISIS/al-Nusra and others and give them a chance to regroup and resupply using the Paris Tragedy as a justification of what they already decided to do months and years before.

The hypocrisy of the Western elites is appalling when they are wiping out their dirty lying mouths and dirty bloody hands with fresh blood of slaughtered Parisians while secretly pampering horrible murderers for profit.

Russian Air Strikes continue in Taftanaz air base:


Suicide Truck Bomb can load tens of tons of explosives prepared by moderate rebels:


The EU, and its officially praised human and civil rights being eroded for decades know, unravels in front of out eyes in the 9/11 propaganda style. Borders closed, curfews and restrictions of movement, overwhelming suspicions of everyone with darker face those challenging the government policies. New reign of state terror will arrive soon under guise of practical necessity and national security racket, well known in the US.

In a wake of Paris bombing finally, according to MSM, we have breakthrough agreement about nothing. Interim government, elections in 18 months and.. ghosts running Syria since there is no agreement about most important thing namely who would run the interim government and who would run in elections and what Syrian territorial integrity really means. Nothing but another act of futility and absurd, nobody is even paying attention to. It is nothing but another lame attempt to force Assad unconditional surrender after total failure of western intervention in Middle East. And on the top of this absurd another one i.e. G20, a summit of warmongers hypocrites is meeting in Turkey, the nest of material support for ISIS, where they suppose to find the peace for Syria.

Out of the otherwise utter nonsense a Russian political strategy, similar to that of Ukraine, emerges trying to insert Assad regime trough back door into the negotiations of the cease fire with the western backers of terrorists while pretending to supports ridiculous and vague assertion of the West (US) about a peace plan for domestic political audience amid electoral season in the US and elsewhere. So far this is going to nowhere while Assad position strengthens.

Here is recapitulation of the events and circumstances around 11/13 Paris terrorist attacks from SOUTH FRONT:

And here is how French security forces mess up rescue operation at the supermarket in Paris.

While ISIS supposedly took responsibility of Paris attacks it is very unclear if they really did it since there is no videos of last wills and bragging about their suicide mission which this certainly was. Also there are very few videos showing the event in Paris loaded with hundreds of thousands of cameras.

So still questions linger and will linger for long time whether or not the attacks were an operation organized and prepared with participation or inspiration of the French intelligence services using ISIS/other terrorists’ radicalized French citizen or recent “refugees” from Middle East for purpose to boost zero popularity of current government and moving forward with EU centralization and imperial quest.

Let’s ask following question:

How to distinguish true terrorist attack from a black op perpetrated by the state players?

With all the noise and confusion about terms such as terrorism or war on terror it is important to clarify meaning of those terms.

First, we have to realize that there is no war of terror since terror or terrorism considered here is a war tactic directly aimed for attacking often randomly selected subgroup of population in erratic, unpredictable ways, producing casualties and through, means of propaganda multiplier effect to project horror on the rest of the group in order to induce withdrawal of their support for enemy efforts or polices.

In other words terrorism tactic is used by the state and non-state actors who are unable or unwilling to directly or efficiently fight their enemies, their organization or their ideology and instead attack their direct supporters under often wrong assumption that the enemy support is involuntary and does not represent supporters true interests and that they would submit under threat as a rational alternative.

So let drop the propaganda induced association of small groups of peoples or gangsters or activists acting for some religious, social, economic and/or political ends as quintessential terrorists but rather we should treat them as degenerated form of the social construct of violence, one of many that use tactic of individual or group terrorism to gain social control.

In such a context, the only difference between an act of terror and black op or political/military provocation is whether or not an act of terror is directed against own supporters (black op terrorism) or against enemy supporters (genuine terrorism).

If we add to that the fact that in the real world of chaos, conflicted interests, confusion and propaganda manipulation, it is close to impossible to know for sure who are friends and who are enemies and hence terrorist act is most often than not, a black op and one should look at ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists not only through their acts and stated purpose but through abusive and cunning intentions of their masters and their wider political objectives since war, in all its incarnations, denies all moral claim of righteousness of those who wage it.

The Paris terror clearly fits a definition of black op executed directly or indirectly by the French and European elites to assault intransigent European population which opposes warmongers and oligarchic class in their drive to imperial, totalitarian rule in Europe driving over 400 million continent to WWIII oblivion and economic/political collapse into neo-feudalism applying well documented political shock doctrine.

Direct talks Hollande-terrorists:

More peaceful humanitarian refugee shock:

And even more shock: ISIS terrorist transformation into refugee:

Syrian war; SAA launches Al-Nusra Tunnel busting missile.

Proof of terrorist logistics collapse, wide spread shortages of men power, ammunition, food and water among ISIS, due to high desertions and KIAs.

Unsuccessful attempt of suicide car bombing on SAA positions by ISIS terrorists:

WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 18+;Another desperate ISIS soldier of God ran way from Syria in women’s cloths, shaved probably for US taxpayer money and clothed by Saudis:

Unconfirmed, total encirclement of al-Nusra in Idlib province: The complete cut off of supplies from Turkey. It is matter of weeks before they loose ability to wage a war.


Over 150 dead, hundreds of wounded and tens of thousands temporarily detained by French police and military under the state of emergency and military mobilization i.e. equivalent of martial law, many transported to makeshift concentration camps for processing. The right and left politicians are being threaten and intimidated including Marine Le Pen of National Front who predicted exactly such a result, as long as France continued imperial polices against countries in Africa and Middle East, stemming from refugee crisis in her statement after Charlie Hebdo attacks ten months ago.

While still there is no verified claim, from whoever perpetrated this al-Qaeda style attack, a delay in taking credit which is something out of routine for ISIS, French government, instead of facing  their own complete failure to prevent this tragedy, responded as expected, with terror of their own, practically locking down whole France, introduced total curfew in Paris, taking away all rights and freedoms of French and EU citizen, closing many transportation systems, borders, herding its own citizen especially those of Arab descent and treating them all as suspects with no shred of evidence.

One of the most important tenet of the Roman legal analysis is the establishment of a fact who, having means and opportunity, would benefit or profit most from a crime or event, a question: “Cui Bono”. Hence this tragic event with undeniable political motivation, whoever perpetrators may be, should be judged by future acts or moves by political and economic beneficiaries that will follow.

For one, an outrage around this abhorrent act of murder of innocent people in Paris today, we well as in Baghdad today (and any other day in Iraq) although ignored by the West, will be used and very likely abused for political ends of the Western warmongers and their insane ideas for WWIII to be ignited in the Middle East.

But what’s more important is how Europe responds to this act terror against ordinary people. With blind brutality and lust for uncontrollable revenge, liken to medieval elite cultures of neo-feudal realm,  as I was arguing just few days ago about breaking through a veneer of western modern civilization showing off values akin to those of Islamic terrorists. Or a country who gave us Voltaire and Rousseau , will use this opportunity to comeback to the values of enlightenment, true values of liberty, equality and brotherhood of internal and external relations and look in the mirror to see for what monster it became.

And MSM fueled hysteria have just begun.

Through this pain, suffering and most of all confusion would we see the West abandoning its aggressive policies in the Middle East as well as against Russia, or they will double down on destruction and murder urges they blindly follow so far.

Would they again stand up and support ISIS or al-Qaeda reign of terror by invading the sovereign Syrian State under a lame excuse or they opt for peace. Unfortunately, I expect escalation of conflict, and violating the international law confrontation of NATO with SAA and consequently with Iran, Iraq and Russia unless, so far missing in action, cooler heads prevail.

More of western support for Syrian terrorists from:

Today’s events in Syria from SOUTH FRONT: After cutting off the Aleppo-Raqqa road Iranian National Guard and Hezbollah units that relieved Syrian special forces, pressed at all three directions: North West,North and south to further block the ISIS logistics. This is the critical time in the war, especially that in Iraq Peshmerga units, with American air support  took over city of SinJar cutting off Raqqa-Mosul supply lines and ultimately preventing reinforcement from Iraqi ISIS fighters to reach Syria.

What is interesting and telling however, is that very few ISIS terrorists were actually killed in the operation and bulk of them  have withdrawn to fight another day as it was in the same city just few months ago when Peshmerga took the city for a first time. Is it a PR stunt or real progress on the ground? I have my doubts since Kurdish commanders refused to move on ISIS stronghold of Raqqa or even occupy any mostly Arab or Yazidis areas and soon will withdraw back to Kurdish territory leaving Iraqi army units, weak and vulnerable, behind.

Self-adulation in MSM about finally first “American victory” against ISIS for over a year is ridiculous and the story is milked for what’s worth and much more to counteract stunning Russian/Syrian victories over western supported terrorists achieved just in few weeks of fighting.

Note: No US/NATO/Turkish air force operations are being conducted over sovereign Syrian Airspace without Russian/Syrian permission.

Another success of SAA and Hezbollah was taking over the city of al-Hadher moving to cut off strategic Aleppo-Hama road supplying al-Nusra and FSA fighters from Turkey.

Liberated al-Hadher:

Fighting at al-EIS west of al-Hadher::

SAA/Hezbollah fighting in South west Allepo:

The ISIS PR guy Abu-Hafs dead. Specialized in covering executions.


A new communicable mental decease struck the US, EU, Gulf States and Turkey in Vienna recently, a so-called Unintended Beneficiary Disorder (UBD) a pathological phobia or fear of any move that would possibly result in slightest benefit to the perceived enemy or even a friend. No cure as of this writing was found yet but Russian and Iranian diplomats are at the verge of applying more chemical and electro-shocks to petrified patients to prevent more of nonsensical political cacophony spewing out of patients’ mouths.Let’s try to make sense of it.

So, Turkey won’t do anything that would benefit Kurds, Saudis won’t do anything that would benefit Turkish and Iranian interests in Syria, US won’t do anything that would benefit Russia. The  EU won’t do anything that would benefit Syria and so on. And on the top of it there is no agreement who are real bad guys here. Its a mad house. So let’s leave them in some hotel basement to fight it off among themselves, lock the door, throw away keys and proceed to the events of last 48 hours.

Another day and another twin suicide bombing that ISIS is claiming credit for, this time in the Shia South Beirut, resulting in about 50 dead and 250 injured. Is it that megalomaniac ISIS propagandists develop aging celebrity headline obsession or they are really omnipotent force able threaten their enemies whoever they are and wherever they are?

So far it is unclear whether after getting whipped by Hezbollah militia on the battle fields in Syria on numerous occasions they, in their frustration, resigned to attack somebody who does not shoot back i.e. women and children shopping in the street market. Or this bombing is rather a result of internal Lebanese political struggle related to the Beirut garbage revolution and collapse of Lebanese central government. Hard to say now, but as far as Lebanon is concerned nothing is what it seems so we have to wait for more details.

It is odd that Hezbollah engaged in successful struggle against ISIS for over a year now has not been attacked at home in Beirut prior to today, as far as I know. More and more ISIS seems to be coming out as almost only pop and no particular circumstance, more gruesome video production company then a fighting force in contrast to highly trained professional mercenaries al-Nustra front.

Also it would be naïve to expect that this kind of terror would sway Shia public opinion against Hezbollah war efforts in Syria, especially that Shia population is hardened by repeated Israeli aggression over several decades and wide spread recognition of unity of goals of Israel and ISIS in Lebanon although they’re still debating a degree of such cooperation.


Fighting at Deir ez-Zaur:

Phosphorus bombing of al-Nusra positions by Syrian Air force in Idlib province:

WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 18+; Mohammad Hamdush is dead, killed by SAA; No, he was not beheaded. Celebrity beheader is no more. No more “glamour”selfies like that:

Tartus, Syria, site of Russian navy base. A “spontaneous” demonstration supporting Assad regime and Russian military involvement or just a media event for “patriotic” propaganda. Did they really have to use re-touched likenesses of Bashar and Vladimir from twenty years ago? But I guess tyrants must look appealing to women or men to rule effectively as Washington thong tanks teach us.

The latest developments from Syria via SOUTH FRONT: It is now clear a strategic value of ending long siege of the Kuweires Air Base and cutting off Aleppo-Raqqa highway, allowing for control over critical supply routes from Turkey to ISIS stronghold of Deir Hafer via Aleppo and al-Bab. Further move north would split in half ISIS controlled territory and enable SAA operation together with YPG to clear ISIS from Turkish border area as well as create ultimate cauldron of ISIS and al-Nusra unified command forces, a beginning of the end.


Following what’s going on in Vienna meeting is like watching comedy of absurd, a late night game show called “terrorist? or not terrorist?” where twenty contestant nations many of them terrorists themselves would develop criteria, score cards and may be conduct personal interviews with terrorist talent out there in Syria and Iraq by insane casting directors of this endless horror movie.

Taking into the consideration that for all intents and purposes FSA/ISIS/Al-Nusra already fused into one fighting force under unified command such discussions are disgustingly irrational, insulting and ultimately mute and will results in endless inhumane debates about superiority of beheading vs. impalement or whether murdering two hundred innocent children in cold blood is a terrorist act or a good lesson of Quran.

What’s positive is that strategy and tactics of Unified Syrian-Russian command are bringing results daily and terrorist logistics is being disrupted in more and more areas with a recent milestone of ending siege of Kuweires air base and liberation of Gummam stronghold cutting off vital supply routes for Al-Nusra and ISIS from Turkey into Latakia province and along Aleppo-Raqqa corridor.

There is no doubt that so far the West and its allies do not want peace in Syria but desperately want to stop Russians from bombing their pals or proxies and prop up terrorist forces they are individually supporting for their own purposes.

Russians and Syrians are pushing another illusion of their own namely talks with Syrian moderates causing panic in Washington D.C. Department of State who’s spokesperson almost said that Russian cannot talk with moderates since there are no moderates in Syria, echoing US vice-president moment of truth from last year. In fact the US, EU and allies are shocked and paralyzed unable and in the same time unwilling to bomb anyone not knowing who are bad guys since executive decisions have not taken yet, and rumors of Israel and US restarting bombing of Syrian targets are just that, rumors instigated by Reuters and western press and its middle East affiliates, and denied by Russia and Syria.

Another example of „moderate” terrorists or rather local militia that switched sides to SAA, who revealed themselves to Russians and provided GPS coordinates of enemy installations. As a result, Su-34 bombed the vicinity of Mhin (Homs) using BETAB-500 bomb, eliminating huge underground ammunition storage belonging to al-Nusra. No YT clip available yet.

Syrian Air strikes equipped with new powerful bombs likely produced with Russian know how.

Dilapidated MiG-23 have been fixed up by Russians, even some upgrades were done to allow for nighttime targeting and bombing:

Fights in strategic point, Daraya near Damascus. Following Kurds, SAA also used women snipers on the frontlines denying many terrorists their price of forty virgin and money upon arrival in heaven:

Palmyra, slow progress even if SAA have overwhelming advantage. In order to avoid further destruction of the ancient art and architecture, SAA focuses on cutting off terrorist logistics instead of frontal attacks.

A bit of terrorist engineering, a destructive innovation, a “Gun of Doom” likely build from scraps due to the fact that their bosses stole all the money. Accuracy 1000 ft, militarily useless, however will kill all cockroaches guaranteed.

Not all western money was wasted though, this look like American made GPS targeting supported Howitzer, stolen from Iraq and dragged to Aleppo near Kuweires base. Even child “terrorist” can pull the lever.

Syrian air force raids in Hama province:

Here is why you can’t shut down SU-24 that easy, they can scratch your roof, terrorizing children and adults.

NOTE: Sorry for some YT links that may expire within hours due to blatant censorship of YT but we have to understand that if terrorist depicted in a pejorative way on the video or showing less appealing side of his face, would call YT and complain or want royalties for example for severed head soccer match  video, they have to comply with his request and remove the content. I guess corporatists want to be policy neutral while becoming morally abhorrent.


Continuing the subject of ways and means of western intervention in the Syrian war, it is really hard not to note that the so-called coalition of US and 62 NATO and Middle East nations, hastily organized by US via usual means of bribes and threats, falls apart at seams in front of our eyes, mostly because they forgot to agree what they really want, what and how it needs to be done, who is an enemy and who is going to pay for all that quagmire but otherwise they are unequivocally united against something, whatever it means, as aptly formulated by MSM media jokers.

Proverbial international community of murderers, beheaders and plain cowards united against a butcher of Damascus, a construct of sick neocon mind, just shrank to invisibility.

Facing Russian power and Assad resolve all what they can do is to spew impotent rants of the little Bedouin fiefdoms of Gulf of Arabia, an expression of frustration and hysteria within the US establishment after Iraq and Jordan joined Russian Middle East coalition that automatically precluded any possibility of direct intervention since Turkey do not want gulf states’ military in Syria holding on to its own objective to weaken Kurds using ISIS and al-Nusra.

After “wining” election Erdogan imposed additional restrictions of the airspace utilization of the US air force deployment after US refused to bomb any Kurds and instead cooperated with them.

Hence, despite of Washington D.C. neocons’ violent rants and numerous cases apoplexy among of US senators, a direct exertion of the US power over Syria seems to be at least temporarily impossible in political and/or military context because of Russian air supremacy over Syrian territory.

Total chaos reigns supreme in the “Great American Coalition” of none.

So what can US do right now to satisfy neocons’ violent urges to kill except for sending them to a psychiatrist?

The half decayed US senators can go to CIA instead and complain that those moderate terrorists of ISIS are too damn moderate for their liking and demand that CIA wage a direct war of terror against Russian and Syrian people anywhere such as planting bombs on Russian airplanes, or terrorists bombings of civilians in the territories under Syrian government control?

And that’s what actually is going on, with the case in point of recent terrorist attack at Latakia university area where dozens students were murdered and about hundred were wounded, committed by, as Cameron said on other occasion, more likely than not, by the CIA operatives or another proxy gang using crude man-made rockets similar to those used by IRA against Thatcher’s Downing street office in 1980-ties, awfully inaccurate but the campus area is big enough as a target.

Clearly, whoever did it, it was done applying moronic rationally that such an act of terror would sway public opinion in Latakia area against Russian deployment there, a nonsense that could only be concocted by USDOS retards and executed by paid killers from CIA.

What’s interesting is an utter silence from al-Nusra, not claming responsibility for Latakia bombing which further supports my conjecture that it was separate CIA funded gang especially because al-Nusra is a sophisticated military organization underneath the medieval Wahhabi ideology of terror and they are really desperate to attack Russian air base rather than provoke heighten state alert after attack on such a soft and militarily meaningless target.

Latakia is full of refugees from Aleppo and Idlib areas, who know that war has taken everything from them, their families, love ones and material sustenance, all unphased by such a lame and impotent attempt to scare them into submission. They lived through horror of al-Qaeda or ISIS and they are not afraid.

Latakia: terrorist bombing, a clip  from RT:

The most important event of today is breaking the two-year-old siege of Syrian Air base in Kuweires, a strategic success of the SAA allowing disruption of major ISIS supply route from Turkey.

Military operations that yield the success of unblocking Kuweires air base and cutting off strategic Aleppo – Raqqa road.

Inside liberated Kuweires base:

Another strategic success of SSA is in Gammam village finally liberated after a week of fighting taken over by SAA, which enables Syrians to control major weapons smuggling route from Turkey for al-Nusra.

Recent developments from SOUTH FRONT: What’s worth to note is a progress in liberation of Ramadi, Iraq   from ISIS that would open strategic road for further Iraqi Shia militia attacks on ISIS logistic system.

Smuggling weapons for ISIS through Turkey camouflaged as civilian transport.

SHOCKING? NOT: ISIS columns of fighters crossing to Syria to help their brothers in murder with an escort of GUESS WHO? the US Apache helicopters; The US taxpayer money at work.

Operation “Saving Palmyra for Posterity”, a slow and painful struggle but progressing:

East Ghouta slow steady progress of SAA:


In a war of “terror” it takes one to know one i.e. US government and military slowly but surely adopted philosophy, ideology as well as tactics, methods and techniques of terrorism on industrial scale as well as adopted propaganda of virtuous mass murder as highest patriotic value espoused without any question throughout the West.

And here we have a terrorist group that could not be bombed by the US for a month now because of “bad” whether, as DOS stated recently while Russians ran over 1500 bombing sorties during the same period.

I hesitated to embed this gruesome video of brutal slaughter of over two hundred children by the ISIS, kept alive only for repugnant geopolitical purposes but I thought it would be appropriate to illustrate my very broad and devastating assertions about downfall of western morality by standing for the US/EU/Gulf States coalition supported terrorists of ISIS, al-Qaeda and other groups in Syria and elsewhere.

Under two minutes of an evidence of worst, callous murder of innocent children, ten years old or less, kidnapped and enslaved by ISIS for use as hostages, objects of torture, abuse, revenge or relief of terrorists’ animalistic killing or sexual urges frustrated by their late US paychecks, impotence in the bedroom as well as on the battlefield, aggravated by failure of their drug induced hallucinations of training children’s army of God to save their own cowardly butts by turning their little victims into vicious animals, killers or suicide bombers under control of monstrous masters of death for profit.

But there is more to contemplate than unbearable cry of hundreds of mothers and fathers who lost their children and their future because of some cold blooded pencil pushing bureaucrats in Washington D.C. want to think of himself as defender of democracy and family values throughout the world.

We must note something else specifically that the deputy of the murdered in Chief, in charge of the horrendous act, whose incoherent utterances about Jihad and false morality and rationality of the slaughter of young children were in perfect Russian language with Chechnyan accent.

Is this what Putin was talking about when indicating direct threat of ISIS and other terrorists to the Russian state? May be he remembers that the same Chechnian brothers in murder to ISIS already killed over 300 children in elementary School in Beslan, Russia over a decade ago. May be he knows what they are capable of doing and hence decided for extremely risky geopolitical move to stop uncontrollable growth of ISIS cancer fed by the West and allies. Try to think about it if you decide to watch this shocking clip.



Recent developments from SOUTH FRONT. While SAA is continuing its small, hard fought daily gains, what is missing in the report is that SAA soldiers are about half a mile from Kuweirs military base, south east of Aleppo blockaded by ISIS for over a year now. But that fact is not as important as the fact that unblocking of the base will allow SSA to block the only road directly connecting Aleppo and ISIS stronghold of Raqqa and in fact cutting off ISIS supplies from Turkey after connecting roads to ISIS controlled Iraqi areas are being cut off by Russian and Iraqi air force.

Recent YPG gains may close the logistics encirclement on the ground and in time destroying ISIS fighting capability. It is interesting that in some areas ISIS and al-Qaeda began to split in smaller units, as I predicted a month ago, giving away strict control, over some of the Syrian territory, so far mostly for logistic purposes, trying to reestablish new much smaller supply lines through often treacherous mountains or deserts. I warned in October that if ISIS were to quickly relinquish control over Syrian/Iraqi territory and take on guerilla tactics it would be worse scenario for Russians but so far megalomaniac terrorists from ISIS, al-Qaeda and Washington D.C believe they can defeat SAA even with Russian support. I guess giving away control would look bad on the report.

And here there are small children assisting ISIS terrorists in preparation of suicide car bomb;

SAA shelling al-Nusra positions in Idlib

Russian bombing campaign in Idlib:

Russian bombing campaign against ISIS in Raqqa;

Syrian Air Force bombing Darya, near Damascus:

Sheikh Ahmet  group failed attack of SAA positions in Aleppo.

ISIS barrel guns accuracy 1000 ft, Aleppo:

Aleppo. Terrorist attack postions of SAA with SPG-9:

Aleppo terrorists kill SAA tank with ATGM system:

SAA attack terrorists with all they got.




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