The human blood just spilled by murderous thugs with delusions of grander has been barely cleaned up from street pavements of Paris. Now it’s urgent time to think. It’s time for French to understand what’s going on in this world beyond their invisible walls of comfort and familiarity, to self-examine their conscientiousness to find their own answers.

Should they panic, being threatened with the war coming to their homes, should they tremble under majestic power of the imperial state built on lies of exigent circumstances, emergency powers and unconditionally submit to false contingencies that serve solely interests of the ruling elite, should they beg for mercy from ISIS thugs giving up on their national identity, religion and culture, should they sacrifice rule of law and civil liberties on the altar of their own fear and cowardice.

Or in a face of those atrocities, should they revive 1789 spirit of French revolution, pull out rusted guillotines from Museums and behead all those who are responsible for this act of aggression including those political midgets who betrayed French national interest by blindly following the US genocidal policies into moral abyss while the courtiers of the regime enjoyed themselves at “café Parisien”, watching soccer match or listening to heavy metal angels of death, ignorant or complacent to the horrible pain and suffering of the ultimate victims of their torpor.

Are French people victims of a state inspired violence and social strive or they’re tacit, comfortable accomplices in murder and mayhem committed in their name?

Are the French people truly innocent victims of the Islamic terror or of their own moral ambivalence?

Is this a dejavu of the French nation’s post-WWII search for moral redemption?

These are the questions the French so far refused to answer and this is the reality of a war that just peeked through their doors, the all embracing war they do not want to see in their comfortable café or living room:

KYRIE ELEISON: Invisible Blood of Our Children. Can you see it?


Are we all victims of state inspired violence and social strive or are we tacit, comfortable accomplices in murder and mayhem committed in our name? The answer is blowing in the wind.

RT: Paris Black Op/False Flag indications at this early stage.

Latest developments from SOUTH FRONT: Afghan volunteers units joined SAA. The Iranian revolutionary guard command suffered losses in South Aleppo.

What is interesting is what is missing from SOUTH FRONT report namely French bombardment of Raqqa. It seems that so far researches from SF could not find any convincing evidences or reports about extend of French air force attack, target locations and conformation of damage from the ground by SAA or ISIS. May be tomorrow? Or it was just wagging the dog in the new episode of theater of absurd.

SAA making steady and bloody progress on the ground:

Al-Nusra stronghold Al-Hadher liberated by SAA:

FSA footage fighting on the ISIS controlled territory:

Death of Lebanese journalist in Syria:

Another Saudi terrorist of ISIS dead in Palmyra.Warning (18+)

This is where some Syrian “refugees” in Europe are coming from. Syrian-Turkish border along ISIS controlled territory.

Another rainy day in Damascus: 11/16/2015; An illusion we like to live in.



One thought on “NATIONAL DAYS OF MOURNING ARE OVER. What The French Should Do Now?

  1. The French have been through this before. See the Battle of Tours, 732.
    The only way to deal with this filth is complete slaughter – villages, families, everything.
    Then bury them in pigskin.
    Sorry, but that is the only way that these savages will get the message, for a few decades…


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