ANTALYA CONTAGION: Is Putin Back In The Western Boys Club?

Surrealistic events have taken place in G20 summit in Antalya hosted by the father of beloved son, Armani suit Jihadist, friend and admired of Islamic state, infatuated with abhorrent terror just like a half of detestable participants of the meeting that suppose to discuss killing what they love, the ISIS.

And behold, Putin became a star, while all those fashionable Russian haters were standing in queue to meet and greet Him. What did they want? Did they get it? Western presstitutes with visible disgust, uttered words like Russia and “constructive, helpful contribution to the solution of the Syrian crisis” in one sentence and presumably puked on each other during commercial breaks as presstitutes professionally do.

What the hell is going on?



The Europe herding of sheeple continues today as well. Canceling public events, bomb scares, massive police operations, spurring MSM hysteria in support of the black op in Paris, running amok, the propaganda induced emotions of Europeans are even out of control of the so-called leaders who did not get latest memos from their oligarchic bosses, while security apparatus spreads chaos and lies of imminent danger of another terrorist attack amid burning of refugee camps and mosques.

And then this: Upon returning to Moscow Putin formally admitted that Russian airliner in Sinai was downed by a home bomb made by a “professional” ??? Who? A award of $50 millions will may help answer that question, suggesting that there is still no proof of ISIS involvement even after their incoherent claims of what they actually did. So not even knowing who did it, Putin immediately adopted a tune of blind fury and revenge strait from French and reportedly (later denied??) unleashing !!! STRATEGIC BOMBING CAMPAIN?? Against ghosts of ISIS in Raqqa??

Did Putin in Antalya get decease of western thuggish madness instead of stately deliberation, judicial restrain, proportionality and long view that set him apart? Or Syrian peace maneuvers are just smoke screen for global military confrontation. You be a judge.

After Paris false flag operation, Putin seems to be following western mantra, destruction of the process of law by invoking false contingencies to justify unpopular policies of overarching security state.

So-called terrorist hunt, or we can do what a heck we want to do to anyone, from US to Europe and Russia is on.

What is really shocking that while we are all distracted by a group of thugs from ISIS, who brainwash Arab youth in order to get rich and famous, to be easily incapacitated by a modest police operation if not for $ billions of support in money and weapons from the West, unheard of for four decades nuclear arms race is getting hot as we speak.

After US assigned $400 billions for modernization of nuclear weapons Russia followed suit with $300 billions plan while massive anti-Russian NATO military maneuvers are being continuously conducted in Baltics, insane plans of Star Wars, impenetrable shields and nuclear torpedoes are being revived and intensified ICBM test are being performed from submarines in the US near LA and Russia in White Sea. Is the ISIS affair just a cover up for the prelude to WWIII?

Is this why Israel clash with desperate Palestinians faded away from global headlines?

DEVELOPMENTS IN THE SYRIAN WAR: It is interesting that for last few days footage of Russian bombing of Syria has become scarce even French attacks cannot be confirmed independently so far. From Syrian and terrorists’ sources we hear that the same continuing war with steady and small advances of SAA especially in the Daara province in the direction of Golan Heights and foothills. No breakthroughs since last week reported.

War in tunnels of Jobar and elsewhere:

Dead terrorists in TADMOR (Warning: 18+)

Fighting near Homs:

Makeshift mortar model circa XVII century built by the terrorists:

Fighting in Aleppo city,

A simplified view on circumstances of Paris attacks from SOUTH FRONT:



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