PARIS SEWAGE: Odorous Climate of War.

Another tragedy in Paris namely a so-called climate summit, Shabbat of radical, extreme environmental terrorists in Armani suits who needed false-flag op and emergency law to conspire against 99% of world population.

Those cowardly, despicable characters from a horror B-movie devoid of any shreds of morality celebrate in Paris death and suffering of hundreds of millions of mostly poor people senselessly killed and injured by their extended hand to satisfy greed of the world elite who does not give a damn about environment (East and West) but about their bottom line and their grip on power.

While at it they are shamelessly using menacing global change narratives as a propaganda ploy not to address global environmental degradation due to their own insane exploitation of land and the people but solely to suppress democratic processes, or whatever left of them, and further the mystification of war agenda against nasty polluters, a world pariahs such as Russians who bombed the tankers and oil installations because Turkey won’t shut down oil and weapons smuggling across the border.

A theater of absurd continues.

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UNWAR ON UNBORN: ISIL Propaganda Reached Colorado Springs.

A 57-year-old North Carolina man, Robert Lewis Dear, committed terrorist act of murder of three and injured nine of medical staff and patients of Planned Parenthood health clinic in Colorado Springs in a Taliban or ISIL style as revenge apparently for violation of the Gods law (Bible or Quran no matter).

He will probably get a medal from ISIL or US congress since Sharia law prohibits abortion under death penalty, belief widely shared by leading US politicians. Only unborn are sacrosanct for ISIL while five year olds can be executed, no problem. How many schools for girls covering basic sexual physiology, medical clinics catering to women health and hospitals with thousands of victims of rape, torture and utter social ignorance here and in the Middle East have been shut down, blown to pieces and personnel/patients intimidated or killed in a psychotic urge of dominance sparkled with pseudo-religious cacophony of absurd?

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WHY? Turkey Openly Refuses to Fight ISIL; Quits US Military Coalition?

Another cowardly act from Erdogan’s Turkey. Now they are openly refusing to fight ISIL citing threat of S-400, Su-27 air cover and hostile attitudes of Russians after they themselves provoked it. May be they are concerned with Russian embargo on Turkish importers/exporters, tourism, possible gas and introduction of visa to Russia practically unobtainable by Turks or may be Russian maneuvers in Black sea and the suddenly being covered by Crimea Evpatoria’s electronic warfare installations potentially confusing Turkish electronic defenses or they’re confused themselves between Russian declaration of no military retaliation for the act of aggression and high military alert in Black sea area or may be they are worried about surprisingly preplanned activities of Russian military personnel in military bases near to Turkish borders in Armenia, Iran as well as Azerbaijan that quietly joined the Russian Middle East coalition. Hard to say but Erdogan opened a Pandora box he can never lock again even if he wanted and Turkish people regrettably will pay for it soon unless they remove this jihadist hidden in Armani suit from power, especially since Erdogan was no favorite of Washington neocons in the first place and just two years ago, himself was a target of US illegal removal as deficient courtier of insane neocons’ rule.

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FRANCE: A False Friend of Russia.

After Hollande visit to Moscow it is clear this is not about war on terror but solely about NATO (US) war against Russia where European heads of States are just American puppets with pentagon hand up their asses. The French joker could not even utter an apology from himself for NATO act of aggression or criticize Turkey for violating NATO engagement rules while he contemptibly called it a regrettable incident suggesting that the Russian incursion into Turkish airspace was regrettable not an act of murder perpetrated by Turkey.

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PROVOCATION: Did Russia fall for it?

Just over 48 hours after shooting down Russian Su-24m by Turkish Air force F16s clear picture of deliberate provocation instigated by NATO emerges.Violating NATO rules of engagement as well as their own rules the Tuesday’s incident  can be fairy described as an ambush of  Russian aircraft following their usual path that flew tens of times before by Turkish F16s that crossed into Syrian airspace more than half a mile and released two weapons in Syria proper, an act of aggression against sovereign state and blatant act of war against Russia acting legally within prerogatives of the international law. But why would they do that now after almost two months of Russians flying on the Syrian side within half a mile of the Turkish border with objective to disrupt weapons shipments from Turkey.

We know  that Turkey are supporting terrorists with weapons and money  at least from 2012 in an effort orchestrated by Erdogan, himself a leader of false front extremist Islamist party currently ruling in Turkey  pushing for resurrected Ottoman empire as a new Global Caliphate,  and executed by his ISIL loving son and hence we know that Turkey is more interested in fighting Kurds than ISIL. So what have changed?

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I am re-posting this post, originally published just two week ago on Syrian War Update blog, after Turkey and NATO have shown their true faces of terrorist organizations run by global banksters  and local gangsters shoving down our throats insane agenda of terror and neo-feudal  servitude  erasing  civilizing  achievements  of Western  enlightenment.

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DEADLY CONFRONTATION: Is this Beginning of Russia-NATO war?

Turkish government reports: A Russian SU-24M warplane has been shot down by Turkish Air Force (F16?) near Syrian-Turkish border. Pilots ejected. Possibly captured by Syrian Turkmen militia. One pilot  dead, one rescued by SAA. SU-24M never crossed the border into Turkish airspace. The incident was referred by Turkey to NATO, emergency meeting. NATO supported Turkey version of events. Russian government is analyzing situation, considers various diplomatic and military scenarios. Missile cruiser Moskva deployed to Syrian border region. Turkish military moves to the Syrian border prepares to defend their terrorist friends. Putin said Russia was stabbed in the back by the accomplices of the terrorists (Turkey) supporting ISIS and benefit [from Syrian war]. Russian warplane, shot down by (Turkish) F16 air to air missiles, never threaten Turkish state or territory and this was premeditated and unprovoked act and will result in serious consequences in Russia-Turkey relations. Lavrov canceled visit to Turkey. RF parliament condemned downing of the Russian warplane as direct act of support for terrorists. It is clearly dangerous escalation with unpredictable geopolitical consequences. Proxy war went direct. WWIII?

Does Turkey want a war?  Did they just openly took side of ISIS and the terrorists in a war against Russia and the state of Syria? Has Erdogan lost his marbles and went totally insane? If Turkey shot down the Russian warplane, Sultan of Ankara clearly crossed the line while Russian strategic bombers are flying, holding God know what’s onboard. Was Erdogan making good of his threats expressed just few days ago, warning Russians to stop bombing terrorists from al-Nusra and Turkey sponsored Turkmen militia?

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DOOMED: Only America can save ISIS.

In last few days ISIS experienced really what it means to piss of a Siberian Bear who will not even spare cockroaches. The soldiers of God are in panic and disbelieve after almost three years of “cocktail parties” with direct feed to WH via DROONE TV and in pacifist spirit waving for American F16s to drop more porn and less bombs. They thought they signed up for series of Hollywood style PR beheading, cursing American infidels and pasturing with an American gun and lots of freshly printed Fed’s money and sex slaves. Nobody told them to vaporize especially off camera.

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MEDIA: The War is in the Air.

The war fever permeates all media including many independent media criticizing the US and rightly so for instigation and fueling Middle East conflict. But why such a fascination and thrill of possible change?

For neocons/false right it is all about a takeover of Middle East and subduing it to neoliberal policies, US political alliances and exploitation by global banksters. For those on false left it is about proving that Obama actually earned his Nobel Price in a firefighter-arsonist style by finally responding to a humanitarian disaster of his own making with humanitarian mission to kill. However, for strangely united on the subject true left and conservative right it is an opportunity for the finally defeated US to pull out of Middle East while Russia is to be given a chance to forge some local alliances to keep region stable within post colonial boundaries and Saudis/Israel aggression in check.

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ISIS OVERKILL: What Is The Real Message From Putin?

I am one of those people who will never believe that Putin unleashed armada of nuclear strategic forces of Russian Federation because it was needed to militarily suppress ISIS or other terrorists in Syria, and the last one and a half month of precise bombardment proved it. From strategic or tactical military standpoint it is nonsense. Carpet bombing of the desert with massive bombers TU 22M3, supersonic TU-160 launching million dollars cruise missiles from about 100,000 feet toward high value cacti or dunes where you have at most 100 fighters with mortars and machine guns per mile in few stronghold controlling roads or passes? It brings back eerie memories about brave American B52 carpet bombing of Vietnam and having 100% success killing all the rats and no single Vietcong fighter. Are Russians set for deratization of Syria as well?

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ANTALYA CONTAGION: Is Putin Back In The Western Boys Club?

Surrealistic events have taken place in G20 summit in Antalya hosted by the father of beloved son, Armani suit Jihadist, friend and admired of Islamic state, infatuated with abhorrent terror just like a half of detestable participants of the meeting that suppose to discuss killing what they love, the ISIS.

And behold, Putin became a star, while all those fashionable Russian haters were standing in queue to meet and greet Him. What did they want? Did they get it? Western presstitutes with visible disgust, uttered words like Russia and “constructive, helpful contribution to the solution of the Syrian crisis” in one sentence and presumably puked on each other during commercial breaks as presstitutes professionally do.

What the hell is going on?

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The human blood just spilled by murderous thugs with delusions of grander has been barely cleaned up from street pavements of Paris. Now it’s urgent time to think. It’s time for French to understand what’s going on in this world beyond their invisible walls of comfort and familiarity, to self-examine their conscientiousness to find their own answers.

Should they panic, being threatened with the war coming to their homes, should they tremble under majestic power of the imperial state built on lies of exigent circumstances, emergency powers and unconditionally submit to false contingencies that serve solely interests of the ruling elite, should they beg for mercy from ISIS thugs giving up on their national identity, religion and culture, should they sacrifice rule of law and civil liberties on the altar of their own fear and cowardice.

Or in a face of those atrocities, should they revive 1789 spirit of French revolution, pull out rusted guillotines from Museums and behead all those who are responsible for this act of aggression including those political midgets who betrayed French national interest by blindly following the US genocidal policies into moral abyss while the courtiers of the regime enjoyed themselves at “café Parisien”, watching soccer match or listening to heavy metal angels of death, ignorant or complacent to the horrible pain and suffering of the ultimate victims of their torpor.

Are French people victims of a state inspired violence and social strive or they’re tacit, comfortable accomplices in murder and mayhem committed in their name?

Are the French people truly innocent victims of the Islamic terror or of their own moral ambivalence?

Is this a dejavu of the French nation’s post-WWII search for moral redemption?

These are the questions the French so far refused to answer and this is the reality of a war that just peeked through their doors, the all embracing war they do not want to see in their comfortable café or living room:

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(11/16/2015) SYRIAN WAR UPDATE: 


In little over 48 hours there are trickling down evidences of Paris terrorist attack being a plain and simple black op/false flag op, an attack of the French Republic on its own population in order to intimidate entire European society and their political/economic institutions into submission to the government plans aimed against peoples basic interests.

Which plans? Extension of the state of emergency for months/years? Passing extraordinary powers to the government and suspension of civil liberties? Increase spending for military and new anti-terrorist security apparatus? Passing TTIP trade agreement?  Destroying online privacy and free speech? Extra judicial arrests of alternative media journalist or bloggers criticizing government? Outlaw strikes, demonstrations and all form of protest? Suppress labor unions? Opening of Guantanamo-style internment camps for random suspects of terrorism? Or something else? We will know soon what some already know now.

So what did we get since the Paris bombing? Instead of debate about the core of the problem of global political violence, war and failed interventionism, we have a wide spread hysteria and panic, completely irrational, harsh restrictions of peoples movement, massive nighttime raids by police on French political dissidents as well as religious ethnic, cultural groups critical of the state policies, suspension of crucial role of investigative judges allowing police and army to arrest anyone anywhere for extended periods of time, as well as clamping down on press and censorship of independent media.

The propaganda, in highest gear fueling the sheep mentality similarly to the US after 9/11, that is being carved into naturally relaxed and open minds of Parisians with all the falsified reports about perpetrators or Syrian refugees’ connection without a shred of evidence while downplaying the fact that probably most of the terrorists were home grown teenagers who traveled to Syria’s moderate rebels such as French supported FSA for military training and returned back, not as much “radicalized” but pre-programmed as killers, geared up exactly for such a slaughter under watchful eye of French intelligence and security services.

Despite false MSM inserts, so far no evidence emerged that terrorists during the  Paris rampage  shouted “Allahu Akhbar” “God is the Greatest” as any jihadists especially ISIS on a suicide mission is required to do, to die with those last words exclaimed to get his forty virgins and money in paradise. Just consult ISIS produced video clips.

Such a scenario has been confirmed by the fact that these terrorists were well know to French authorities for years, via numerous surveillance operations and direct meetings or detentions including, the last Friday morning on their way from Belgium to Paris to commit this act of mass murder.

The telling fact of black op propaganda is a completely militarily meaningless attacks on Raqqa an administrative seat of IS in Syria, futile and impotent acts of aggression onto sovereign state of Syria, similar to those being conducted by the US over a year now since Raqqa is no longer a military command post.

The problem is that city of Raqqa is no strategic target anymore and it will not affect the situation on the ground in iota and hence Russian air strikes spared the ancient city and focused mostly on ISIS supply lines.

What would help however, is an attack against ISIS positions north of Aleppo along Turkish border in coordination with YPG and advancing from south SAA to cut off supplies of weapons from Turkey to ISIS or even to aid Pershmerga in Iraq to take back Mosul.

But we won’t see that since it is nothing but black op, a provocation seeking emotional response and peoples support for self-defeating, devastating  policies abroad and at home.

Just 12 hours after the terrorist attack in Paris I asked a fundamental question that needs to be addressed by the French and European citizen before they allow anything to be done in their name in response to this horrendous act:

What’s more important is how Europe responds to this act of terror against ordinary people. [Will they respond] with blind brutality and lust for uncontrollable revenge, liken to medieval elite cultures of neo-feudal realm, .. breaking through a veneer of western modern civilization, showing off values akin to those of Islamic terrorists. Or a country who gave us Voltaire and Rousseau, will use this opportunity to comeback to the values of enlightenment, true values of liberty, equality and brotherhood [in] internal and external relations and look in the mirror to see for what monster it became.

We got an answer; France and Europe will double down on propaganda lies and senseless violence.

More on the black op in Paris:

and true list of terrorists that should be defeated: