Fog of Diplomatic Chaos and Serious Terrorists’ Counter Offensive. What to Make of it?

While Geneva talks were doomed from the start since there were wrong players (terrorists) or not all players at the table with notable absence of YPG and on the top of it we have massive reorientation of rhetoric of post coup Turkey and Erdogan “fake” Syrian peace offensive officially bought by Russia more for propaganda reason than as a genuine change in Turkish policies which are staunchly pro-western only because there is money there. So we hear “suppose” return to normalization between Turkey and Russia.

Nonsense, it is both sides’ political ploy to be seen distancing themselves from US position and especially Russia wants Erdogan to say that it is the US that is an enemy of MENA political order which would be much more kindly transmitted to the western audience conditioned as attack dogs against Russians no matter what. So US overtures like “we’re still friends” after new Turkish PM says they are not friends etc., numerous times.

And here we come to true reason for staged Turkish coup, namely, now an open fact that US wants to partition Syria into some fiefdoms administered from tel-Aviv which means creation of Kurdish statelets in Syria and even in Iraq under US protectorate and that what makes Erdogan furious even if he was one of instigators and accomplices of this US organized and executed proxy war against Assad.

Many would point out that Erdogan supported ANF and Islamic State from 2011 on so why no he complains about possible partition and disintegration of Syria. In fact he himself applying skillfully a “democratic” charade to take power for his Islamic brotherhood comrades envisioned the same fate for Syria namely a “democratic elections (when Assad is gone), new central government denominated by Islamic brotherhood (majority of Sunnis in Syria) emerges and while officially Syria as a state will continue, a close political alliance between Ankara and Damascus would be forged and spread a pan Arabic movement similarly to Arab Ba’ath party secularist movement emerged 60 years ago, but this time it would be religions movement under guise of a “benign” Sultan of Ankara and new Ottoman empire 2.0.

So here is the existential conflict between Turks and US and why US is pushing it so openly by directly warming to and supporting with its military power, YPG/PYD a Syrian reincarnation of PKK is a mystery or just monument to US stupidity or more likely deliberate sowing of more chaos.

But make no mistake Turkey is done it for leverage, and they do not intend to leave western connections or NATO while facing all conflicted MENA or Russia that is really unable to remove western ties from her economy and even political connotation of their oligarchic class.

So let not get carry away with “friendship” between Turkey and Russians, since it is more or less tactical agreement to build up a domestic political propaganda positions as “independent/opposing from US hegemonic ambitions” as well as conceal a new east-west arm race on global scale.

Also while it is good to finally hear that China officially took Syrian side of the conflict while before mostly was engaged in cooperation with Russians in their efforts in Syria. Of course it is not a change of course which is still to fight for certain respect, equal standing with the US but a response to verbal aggression and even military maneuvering in south China sea.

Only in this context we have sudden agreement between Turkey and Iran and surprisingly Russians which amounts to join fighting of PKK and their Syrian reincarnations YPG/PYD on all territories which translated in Russians abandoning Kurds and already resulted in fighting in Hasaka between PYD militia and SAA and SAAF attacking Kurds position for a first time since the war began [with some casualties], now considered as US proxies (like terrorists) not as neutral players acting before upon direct agreement with Assad regime to counteract the ISIL terror.

In such a geopolitical situation, changing alliances[ diplomatic thaw with Israel and Turkey] as an imbecile would have predicted five years ago but not US state dept, as I pointed out numerous times before since this phony ceasefire that amounted to nothing, a perspective of peaceful solution to the conflict is getting more and more distant and unachievable, as Lebanon conflict should teach us, may last 40 years on and off of continuing war and carnage and death ending up in stalemate and no viable solution for peace.

Is this what’s coming to Syria? Is my prediction of quagmire due to missed opportunity of February, 2016 real? Was this perhaps the only chance to destroy terrorists capability for war and end the strive? Unfortunately, it is what it looks like. And that make all the new deaths including children mostly killed, by terrorists but in some part by Assad regime and that including Russia truly senseless since the politics of war as it deteriorated in recent months, led to nowhere, and all the pain and suffering was clearly in vain, but that’s the story of all wars, all carnage fueled by money, greed and ambition having nothing to do with state goals and intentions. War is hell and hellishly manipulated for propaganda purposes images attest to that.

Also as far as recent media-wise developments are concerned, while US government tone became somewhat ambiguous, the MSM anti-Russian propaganda rhetoric reach zenith, in the context of electorate hysteria about Trump peace with Russian utterances, with assigning most of Syrian crimes committed but US friendly terrorist allies to Russia and Assad regime, who guess what, still must go even if in rennet weeks the US and Turkey admitted stabilizing effect of Assad on the war.

Finally Russian Federation officially disclosed combat deaths since 2015:

1.Fedor Zhuravlev

2.Oleg Peshkov

3.Alexander Pozynich

4.Ivan Cheremisin

5.Alexander Prokhorenko

6,7,Okladnikov Andrei and Victor Pankov

8.Anton Erygin

9.Andrew Timoshenkov

10.Michael Shirokopoyas

11,12,Ryafagat Khabibulin and Evgeny Dolgin

13.Nikita Shevchenko

14.Vadim Kostenko. Non-combat loss: suicide on the base.

The full list of official Russian casualties although it is likely at least twenty to fifty more than listed:

In fact the number could reach fifty if we count all those who were injured and died within days outside the immediate combat area, in Syria or back in Russia after week or months of medical treatment. Also there are estimated another twenty or more deaths of Russian soldiers or contractors on clandestine missions or due to friendly fire, all so far unconfirmed. A RF disclosure is a step in right direction as I have been advocating from late 2015 we need more regular updates.


A human and other costs of war must not be hidden to public; the pressure to end the war must persist against interests of abhorrent merchants of death.

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Little Syrian Stalingrad and US Word Game.

While somewhat buried in the headlines Syrian war not only continues but substantially escalated from March low and sorry to say much of the escalation comes from refreshed and re-supplied by US alliance terrorists as I was writing about for last several months, thousands of new civilians and military casualties on both sides and all frontlines seems to move daily on tactical levels while strategically situation can be characterized as quasi-stalemate and that includes the situation in Aleppo where frontlines are moving constantly and after SAA advanced recently similarity painful set backs occurs as I documented he re as well.

Some coined that situation in Aleppo as a little Stalingrad as we see although on much smaller scale with shared characteristic two factors: wider no man land changing hands regularly as well as strategic importance and meaning of potential victory or defeat in Aleppo which would definitely switch military and political momentum. One thing is for sure, Syrian people will lose again because that in West Aleppo there are 1.5 million of civilians now attacked by “moderate” beheaders even more fiercely than before.

As MoA reports SAA instigate siege of East Aleppo turned just recently into a siege of West Aleppo by ANF terrorists and over a millions people were cut off from supplies from Damascus:

The Jihadis retreated after their first three attacks but renewed their efforts with fresh troops on the next day. This time they concentrated on one focal point. Another frontal assault throughout Friday failed, but a fifth major strike followed in the darkness of Friday night. A total of five vehicle borne suicide bombs broke the defense line of the Syrian government forces and Jihadi forces stormed into the wide area of the Artillery Academy.

I must give credit to author who does excellent reporting especially reporting for lies of MSM about Syrian war but his political guts are somewhat bias toward Russians, which skews his opinions about the situation which Aleppo situation is an example.

One cannot understand what’s going on in Aleppo and elsewhere without acknowledging Russian blunder or conscious calculated decision in February, 2016 to go with this fake ceasefire, what a kindergartener would easily conclude was aimed from US side, to arm rebels in new weaponry and increase their ranks.

In any way it would have been called blunder, especially that the ceasefire broke Russian coalition military momentum, a push toward to Turkish border to cut supplies there, as would dictate any sound military strategy, Russian or not, seen as critical for victory.

That did not happen, Syria did not regain sovereignty of their border, and a critical momentum was lost. Later we found out that even possible wider geopolitical game of may be preventing Turkish invasion, that would never happen for other internal reason, as we know now as well as eastern NATO expansion that actually happened, none of that open hostility beyond propaganda itself against Russian strategic geopolitical interest were avoided. So what this ceasefire was all about I repeatedly ask on this blog? I hesitate to say that but I do not see any Russian reason for it but humanitarian mission of help to besieged Syrians in all the enclaves surrounded cut off from supplies.

Now the strategic situation is a classical stalemate since strengthen Assad was loaded with new weapons and air force upgraded significantly and trained, but for Russians I am sorry to say it looks like a quagmire exactly a result D.C. neocons were counting on.
While even Putin started to make noises that US attitude is disingenuous, not really seeking peace, which any kindergartener would know by now, latest US “offensive of peace” was a lexical one.

Instead of attacking terrorists or just stop giving them money, weapons and supports we have learned from murderous US administration a Orwellian war propaganda instead.

Yes Orwellian, not Orwellianesque but straight 1984 style Orwellian bullshit namely renaming enemy so they could be a considered/reclassified as friends openly for purposes of more support, this time officially “legal” support as well as for MSM propaganda purposes son attacks on Assad and Russian could be intensified.

And hence it has been proclaimed from the Hill that old good al-Qaeda in Syria or Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization has been relabeled supposedly by themselves as Jabhat ash-Sham or whatever and nicely quit Al-Qaeda worldwide affiliates and hence all became moderate democracy loving, charity organization with guns and long knives, if you believe MSM lies.

No propaganda stooges asked if the same murderous commanders will continue under new name and the same troops will continue to fight who, as US documents indicate, committed international war crimes on civilians, crimes that have no statutory limits for pursuing as a legal matter or that in their ranks there are many US trained and equipped groups that joined the ANF for money and that effectively made US supporter of terrorists, war criminals, which you and me would cost a prison term if we gave a weapon to somebody who gave it to terrorists especially that there was not a case of US sovereign immunity since official stand of US was against ANF labeled by US and UN as terrorists.

War spurs extreme criminality and US and others are deeply engaged in the Syrian war and conditions of chaos it created. Will this chaos engulf Russians intervention as well? Will Russian play the US deceitful game drawing Russians into a quandary?

A mini-Vietnam or mini-Afghanistan quagmire calling for a decision to pullout or to escalate. As we know US never stops or withdraws unless soundly defeated so they escalated with their proxy war against Russia and Russians hesitated.

But this recent Artillery academy setback is not an isolated incident over last three months SAA ceded territory of al-Eis, al-Hader, and Touman south/south-west Aleppo area, and this temporary bridge of siege at the Academy is one of many for which no SAA answer was found so far.

A partial answer to that is the lack of Russian air capabilities after mostly withdrawal from Syria in March, an particularity I talking not about assault against strategic logistics bases and troop movement bombings which continues although with less intensity but a direct close range air support for offensive and defensive operations, directed until February 2016 by Russian liaison officers on the ground augmented by SAA intelligence.

So while more Syrian precision bombing occurs, SAA , Iranians and Hezbollah are left to fend themselves with some attack helicopter support that are vulnerable to new AA missiles supplied to terrorists. And that was cause of increased military casualties among Iranians and clear political snag in the Russian Iranian relations as I have reported on recently.

About 18 months ago Assad fate was uncertain now he, in current state of fighting forces, will not be militarily dislodged due to Russian modernization and weapons supplies, the same weapons they refused to supplied after 2011 even when they were paid in full in 2008.

Would the Syrian war be over if Russian helped Assad as they were obliged by treaties back in 2011?

I may say that it would have been likely outcome and very likely we would not have about 200 thousands of civilians casualties that for sure.

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Murder in Nice, Coup d’Sultan or Genie out of the Imperial Bottle.

So we have another tragedy, pinned of course on ISIL. Eighty four people, ironically, celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, southern France, a day of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity have been massacred, ran over by a big rental truck, by a Frenchman (Tunisian origin) divorced, drunkard, practicing atheist a petty criminal that stooped onto reality of shadow/black economy to feed his children and his vices, mostly gambling and prostitution, hardly a picture of devoted pious jihadist ISIL is presenting itself to be and what western propaganda is buying namely an an utter lie

If he ever was radicalized, although it is doubtful, it was only because of his rage but not as much directed toward French murderous policies in MENA but perhaps due to his alienation from collapsing French society and economy that became unbearable and feeling marginalized he desperately wanted his life to have some meaning, however, terrible and delusional, not uncommon motivation of all people ended up committing violent acts, political or not.

But nobody is really interested in that side of the story in the French society that deteriorated to the level of America when such orgies of rage are quite often, while as a response to the carnage in Niece French government followed absurdly illogical logic of the US by killing innocent civilians as they just did at Manjib, Syria as senseless expression of bold thuggish fury executed by the so-called civilized states.

It just reminded me a case over a decade ago, of a 85 y.o. retiree angry about his inhumane medical treatment plowed through people attending a food market on a closed street in California, with several dead and dozens injured including children. Back then, after 9/11, nobody advocated bombing of a random retirement housing locations, or killing a residents of DC unrelated to the incident, nobody advocated lunacy and psychotic behavior or a war, as morally bankrupt, psychotic ruling elite advocates today.

This same abhorrent elite who finances the terrorists in Syria and elsewhere as seen on below image, dares to tell French that they do everything they can to keep them safe, an incoherent psycho talk or worse that hamburgerized French, like American sheeple are expected to blindly follow.

Just after previous still unresolved and dubious terrorist attack in Paris last year I asked French, European people, how would they respond to the atrocities of western instigated war that hit them.

What’s more important is how [France] Europe responds to this act of terror against ordinary people. [Will they respond] with blind brutality and lust for uncontrollable revenge, liken to medieval elite cultures of neo-feudal realm, .. breaking through a veneer of western modern civilization, showing off values akin to those of Islamic terrorists. Or a country who gave us Voltaire and Rousseau, will use this opportunity to come back to the values of enlightenment, true values of liberty, equality and brotherhood [in] internal and external relations and look in the mirror to see for what monster it became.

We have our answer now, loud and clear. Naked senseless brutality from the autocratic oligarchic state to save their own sorry asses and their power, no matter how dire consequences of their citizen they despise may be.

Why is it possible, such a blatant criminality of the so-called democratic state? It is in most part because of black propaganda curtain that descended over the West.

Here is an inverted Churchill’s warning of cold war 1.0 which adequately describe the suppression liberties in Europe today, making the mayhem possible:

From majestic fiords of Norways polar circle to golden beaches of Island of Cyprus a Black Propaganda curtain has descended over Europe. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Western and Central Europe. Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Geneva, Dublin, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens and Nicosia; all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the American sphere of oppression, and all are subject, in one form or another, not only to brutal American power but to a very high and in some cases increasing measure of direct totalitarian control from Washington D.C.

In the context of Europe strange relations with terrorists’ supporting Erdogan regime in Turkey and a wave of purposefully unleashed refugees from MENA, mostly western intelligence collaborators or direct intelligence assets and their families formerly embedded into terrorist organizations like ISIL ANF and many others fake “moderate terrorists” groups US is openly catering to, it is interesting to examine what strange events in Turkey are taking place wrongly called an attempted coup d’etat.

But before I put forward my take on the current events it is interesting to recall my opinion from over a half a year ago when discussing a role of Erdogan, the Sultan to be of new Ottoman Empire he dreamt up out of his delusional dreams. As I, not quite prophetically but rather realistically wrote:

The Sultan of Ankara after figuring out last June that he is not loved by all the subjects in Turkey (yet), did not make the same mistake last month, believing in his imperial hubris and simply rigged elections old fashion way, by killing, arresting and/or intimidating his political opponents from right, left to Kurds with knives, guns, bombs and insults, was finally able to sit on his throne. A perfect candidate to join EU fascists. What’s most interesting however, is that he went after pro-American secular neoliberal political parties as much as after communists.

So what are his plans at home and in Syria?

At home he plans to torture his subjects with elections/referendums until they love/submit to him as an unchallenged emperor of the Ottoman Empire, which he promised to resurrect. A political blueprint copied directly from Hitler who finally had approval from most of the nation after six tries and all the opposition dead, exiled or imprisoned in political re-education camps. However, with all that surrealism, it actually makes sense in the context of the preprogrammed chaos in the Middle East we are witnessing now.

I order to achieve Turkish imperial objective, all those artificial post-colonial states would have to be slowly dissolved by promoting separation of ethnic, religious, cultural enclaves in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and partially post-Saudi Arabia into statelets (Christians, Alawites, Turkmen, Kurds, local Sunnis, Shia, Yazidis etc., under a Turkish empire tolerant and enlightened protectorate.


Erdogan had a plan long time before this event to usurp power and it is only due to CNN Turk spectacle that western media at least initially bought this false mantra that people saved democracy in Turkey, now they seems to sing to slightly different tune and began to backpedal.

So let clear it up. As it is a common knowledge now there is no democracy in Turkey none whatsoever and frankly never was, there are elections but no democracy so were elections every four years in Soviet Union and Eastern bloc and there was no democracy to speak of.

Turkey is run by several political/paramilitary mafias, Erdogan AK party, Gulen movement, HDP/PKK Kurds and others like fascists and communists all political activists with weapon stashes and support in highest echelons of power, similar to Lebanon militias that fought 15 year war 1975-1990. There is a sliver of truly democratic political parties, insignificant, marginalized by those mafia wars.

Now AKP has dominated this mafia war an and trying to completely eradicate the rest of opposition to establish a resurrected Ottoman Empire, a mild version of a Islamic state, hoping for territorial gain in Syria after the exterminate or subdue Kurds.

So who were those defenders of Turkish democracy?

Nothing but a political mafia paramilitary with concealed weapons who were actually waiting for soldiers to arrive on absurd meaningless strategically positions in Ankara and Istanbul before calling their fellow party members to perform a show of people power.

After promptly HDP joined condemnation of the coup, smelling a rat, also HDP mafia operatives went in the streets to save nonexistent democracy which they should now well does not exists by witnessing razing to the ground of their entire cities in South East Turkey.

Also Gulen movement quickly expressed support for “democracy”  after figuring out what was going on and went in the streets just not to be accused as accomplice to the coup, and hence whole “kum bah yah” of useful idiots rejecting fascism which Erdogan actually imposed 24 hours later and sent order to arrest, prosecutors, judges, civil servants, politicians, journalists, policemen, military officers and soldiers even thousand miles away from Ankara as well as demanded that people the “democracy guardians” clear the streets or be shot to death. Only AKP organized rallies are allowed.

He closed Incirlik base and airspace and shut off the power to it, clearly unnecessary move to shut down US base and nuke because of this phony coup unless it was to help ISIL since no NATO military aircraft may leave the base for Syria, and as I write the base is still closed while electrical power was restored. What worse is that this act is a symbolic direct challenge of Erdogan who is disliked in Washington, to NATO and to Obama personally?

The victims of all of this were innocent bystanders and soldiers who were betrayed by their commanders who lied to them that they are going for city combat exercise and later cowardly proclaim support for Erdogan, and sent to soldiers to slaughter by well prepared and waiting AK security forces around parliament and presidential palace. The soldiers were not even told a pep talk about defending their fatherland from foreign and domestic enemies, as they were routinely told on every coup occasion since 1961.

It is nothing but a big false flag/black op counting on a cadre of paid assassins and bunch of useful idiots in Turkey and elsewhere to perpetuate lies about defending democracy.

There is no doubt now, no doubt at all, that was a fake coup, not a CIA operation as all the previous Turkish coups have been simply judging bey US response, a surprise, unscripted response calling calm and rule of law, instead of staunch scripted condemnation of one side or another they reserve for Russian accused of bombing in Syrian Towns 15 minutes after bomb fell.
And most of the coups in Turkey and elsewhere were prepared by months and months of massive instigation of civil unrest and economic crisis with active participation of the propaganda inside and from western media allowing for narrative of military intervention for “good” and stability of the nation to prevent population from actively opposing it. Who is against the nation? Nobody. Never a coup succeeded if it had an open political agenda since it divides people.

None of this was happening. In 1971 CIA-staged coup Turkish army overthrew leftist political movements that were anti-NATO with full preparation and support from western media and also after economic crisis was instigated.

There was one coup d’etat but not in Turkey but Greece in late 1940-ties staged by predecessor of CIA with active contribution from British invasion force to restore to power fascist regime that cooperated with Hitler, previously overthrown by leftist pro-Tito/pro-Soviet political/military movements at the end during the WWII, that succeeded with Greek people politically divided and it resulted with ultimately thousands of dead and hundreds of thousands arrested, and guerilla war for several years, not a clean  almost bloodless coup and at the end a pro-western socialist government.

CIA- instigated Coup d’etat in Chile 1973 or in Poland in 1981 for example started with western instigated economic crisis and overnight arrests of about 30 thousands of opposition including most leaders (president killed in Chile) before Army was deployed on the streets, prepared press statement and an identified national salvation committee that took power.

None of that we have now in Turkey but instead Erdogan ploy to cleanse the Army and civic institutions from political opponents to pave his way into his autocratic rule in delusional Ottoman Empire.

He crossed all the lines of sanity in his terror and revenge against his old political enemies, arresting not only lawyers, judges, prosecutors or political opposition but even kindergarten teachers, medical doctors and hospitals, university teaching staff, suspending research and research funding.

What the hell it had to do with this fake coup? Nothing, but a confrontation, provocation, a favorite tool of Turkish politics and not only Turkish.

So far attitude of Russians to this fake coup is strange by itself, especially after all those overtures of Erdogan to Putin and beginning of normalization of relation with Russia and Israel in last two months. I hope Kremlin will not be fooled by temporary spat between Erdogan and Obama and pasturing of both and will not consider this situation as anything like a real drift of Turkey out of western influence and abandoning NATO. Or most importantly it does not weaken Turkish resolve in their support for Islamic terrorists in Syria, at all.

What Russians may not be fully aware of and what we are witnessing or is actually barely reported in MSM is a birth of a true 21 century openly fascist state [underwritten by Islamic faith] with silence of proto-fascist west and the US somewhat annoyed by Sultan hallucination of grandeur tolerated only because he is a puny evil in comparison to greatest evil of Putin as DC neocons’ delusions have it. These are worshipers of lesser-evilism in Washington who keep Erdogan and his abhorrent regime alive, facing economic collapse.

We are witnessing or rather ignoring a birth of a new myth of global nation, a fascist Islamic state headquartered in Turkey with two million army and a NATO member, a great delusional dream of world Islamists, a precursor to the world’s ottoman caliphate to be, beyond even imagination of brutal but phony western excretion such as ISIL.

And so far there is no force in the world except for ordinary people willing to stop US Empire’s quest for world chaos and destruction. Syrian war as many suspect could be a fuse of global confrontation if it is not already and meanwhile collapse of law and order and descent into abyss of fascism under guise of radical Islamism, Christianity or extremist religion of money, greed and opulence represented by US and EU will continue unabated.

The call for peace is not an option anymore, it in imperative but flat screen TV political candidates or a class of plutocrats cannot and will not provide an alternative since they are heralds of the very chaos themselves, that’s what they are paid for or profit from ultimately.

The chaos is being deliberately spread all over the world, Europe, US, South America to Africa and Asia. Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and more and even Turkey are military/political quagmires and economic catastrophes.

There is no longer time to beg deadly US imperial power for peace. It is time to revolt for peace, for social order for humanity and time to demand human dignity, it is time to dispatch with the system of death, unplug from it and reject it. Let’s not let another innocent human being to be killed in our name for oligarchic profit.

We must remind all those stooges, apologists of this inhumane global reality of war and economic collapse as well as security apparatus that serves this horrific global imperial regime what all those street lampposts are all about.

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A Fissure within Russian Coalition Confirmed.

If there was not enough trouble as a result of botched Syrian ceasefire that resulted in strengthening of terrorists and rebels and weakening of position of Russian coalition, sadly mostly due to Putin disastrous dealing with the US regarding global geopolitical issues of new Cold War. Yes, Putin seems to submit to US extortion threats relating to NATO expansion and arms race and temporarily frozen Ukraine war with potentially grave consequence to the Syrian Nation but more importantly to the world peace as I posited in my previous post:

I wrote few months ago:

“Utter lack of interest, motivation or intention to achieve any true political solution, to end pain and suffering of Syrian people has been impudently demonstrated by the West set on unconditional overthrowing legal, multiple times elected Assad regime.

And that was augmented by Russian unwillingness to really push against the US for any sustainable solution, including pressure Turkey and NATO to abandon support for terrorists once Putin vulnerability to political extortion has been previously revealed in Ukraine and now in Syria. All those conditions are set for prolong bleeding of Syrian state and economy for next 10 to 15 years as long as western support for terrorists continues unabated.”

And now on the top of that Russian coalition in Syria unravels.

The original Russian coalition SAA, SNF, Hezbollah, Revolutionary guards, Iranian Army, Palestinian units, Iraqi Shia Militia and small tribal and local groups and elements of PYD (Kurds) fall apart due to three major reasons.

The first reason is withdrawal of most of Russian military aircraft from Syria, making effective close range air support to those fighting on the ground almost impossible. ISIL figured it out and often attacks after knowing that Russian air force is engaged somewhere else and unable to fight on two or more fronts at the same time as they could before.

The second is the ceasefire itself, negotiated between US and Russian only and arrogantly excluding any input from any members of Russian coalition.

The third is that the Russians withdrawal significantly diminished their role in the central command structure of entire Syrian war battlefield theater located near Damascus. By itself it was a devastating blow to the Syrian command that was for practical purposes run by the Russian generals, often teachers of Syrian top officers from Russian military academies, and was responsible for unprecedented massive assault of integrated Russian Air and Sea power and Syrian ground forces on terrorists positions and logistics in first months after Russian intervention.

Now Russians apparently handed over the command to Syrian generals and put 70% diminished Russian military power in a role of their contractor negotiating ever strike due to scarcity of resources available. This created conflict between other Russian allies such as Iran, Hezbollah and PYD that are unwilling to cede they entire local theater authority to Damascus, having to deal with their own sponsors and supporters.

That created even more chaos than it was before. In uncoordinated manner IRG units either initiate their military operations or are being ambushed by terrorists in Aleppo province while are unable to obtain Russian air support in time which often results in numerous unnecessary casualties and that includes recent deaths of several generals of IRG. The same is happening to botches advances of SAA to Raqqa where uncoordinated with Russian moves ended up with hundred of casualties and bitterness toward Russians who were unable to support them when ISIL counterattacked.

More and more lack of Russian air power capability deployed in Syria and a detrimental change in the command structure creates political conflicts within the coalition since Russians are seen as picking and choosing what request they honor causing conflicts among commanders on the ground who are used to counting on Russian air support, and are therefore ill prepared to fight without it and hence significantly increased loss of lives, territory and military hardware in last two months.

As a result, Russian coalition is losing initiative and ground in south Aleppo areas and other areas as well and as I predicted, the situation turns slowly into a quagmire with frontlines moving back and forth with no progress being made while casualties even Russian advisers mount.

Below there are some excerpts from a post on a Russian website that describes the issues that only make military situation more complicated and more dire with no end or peace in sight, exactly what US neocons have planed.

The big question is why? Why Putin fell for this phony ceasefire that allowed for rearming the terrorists? Why Putin and his brilliant strategy of Syrian intervention faltered? Unknown, but as I wrote before hard geopolitical reality of Russia confronting US imperial power is in the center of the problem not a fate of suffering Syrian people.

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NIGHT TERRORS: Brexit & Righteous Indignation of Twenty-One Mental Dwarfs and Sleeping Her Ugliness.

Sadly, I have to report that situation in Syria undoubtedly must be called a stalemate for reasons I mentioned on this blog many more times I care to remember. What we have in Syria now is a military and political game of three steps forward and two steps back or the other way around. In other words bleeding of ordinary Syrians continues, and there is no peace in sight while the only positive development is that massive Russian humanitarian assistance mission continues and definitely smaller number people are starving.

So let me address the insane US policy and politics surrounding Syrian war and its grave consequences that spilled finally into EU political realm via recent Brexit vote.

After their delusions of US bombing campaign against Assad army and Russian military positions in Syria were utterly repudiated by a last shred of sanity of DOD and CIA a bunch of oxymoronic “diplomats” turned their phony righteous indignation to the public and lamented to as always reliable Orwellian Ministry of Truth (MSM) that WWIII they crave is not happening soon enough.

Unlike of 2002 when almost 100% DOD, CIA and majority of sane US diplomat were arguing for not invading Iraq since there were no weapons of mass destruction or friendly crowds with flowers awaiting them there, no righteous indignation was allowed on the pages of MSM and instead “fabricated” government leaks coming from hacks in W.H. about doom and gloom of Hussein menace was being spewed its stench all oven formerly respectable media.

The professional intelligence community for such a deed of doing their civic duty to American people and speaking their conscience was rewarded by massive layoffs and destruction of DOS and DOD MENA expertise leaving those institution with almost nobody with diplomatic background versed in Arabic language, culture or Muslim religion, in a way finishing devastation that was happening during last years of Clinton era in late nineties.

For one, what the hell those pseudo-diplomats want? War? Are they really diplomats or neocon worshiper-extremist, puny chicken hawks who are addicted to blowing up the world for money?

I wonder where did those ladies go to finishing school for Diplomats that teach to provoke a war and destroy peace?

And what about this mentally disabled by Vietcong Kerry, who is voting for and against, supporting for and against, negotiating for and against and then he is lying for and against whatever Washington neocons happened to poop, no wonder that Dubya “The Cretin” defeated him in the American popularity contest of 2004.

Numerous statement of DOD generals confirm that the game has fundamentally changed after Russian demonstrated their combat capabilities in Syria and hence they no longer can be dismissed and that US at present time is not in control of Syrian war theater in any capacity with current level of military deployment in the region.

Also strained relations between Turkey and US and threat of Erdogan of pushing out the US military from Turkish military bases makes is close to impossible to launch anything like meaningful attack on Assad regime at this point.

Not to mention at least two S400 AMMS system deployed in Syria and  off shore. Even Netanyahu went to Moscow to be sure that S400 wouldn’t hit them since whole, Israel in the their range.

And hence what is all of this utter insanity for? Well, these are just sick neocon rants since no US general want to lose $10 billion of weapons at once on his shift . It is this reality of numerical cost of US uncontrollable, stupid moves that awaken many of pentagon and CIA people from their  torpor.

And all the Hollywood show of force in Europe, during drive-through or gangster-like rather drive-by of US military all over the central Europe hood amid mass condemnation by local people in Czech Republic, and Poland, spitting on the US soldiers, and shouting “Yankee go home”. And for what? To scare anyone or may be an enemy?

Just recently NATO showed its might by military drill supposedly reassuring “scared” population that 30 thousands of NATO troops will repel Russian aggression, needs be. What a laugh!

Let see, at this point Donbass rebels have 40-50 thousands war tested hard-core soldiers and tens of hundreds of tanks and artillery. Donbass rebels would have been mighty opponent against those puny NATO forces for Christ sake, not Russian army that is about two millions conservatively and can swell to 10 millions just in few months.

And another omitted 800 lb gorilla in the room ignored by invincible NATO propagandists, a close ally of Russia, namely Belarus, with a border located about 80 miles from the capital of Poland, Warsaw, have 250k highly trained military and hi-tech Russian equipped troops ready for fight in hours notice and another 2 millions in a matter of weeks.

Is this measly thirty thousands of troops suppose to bring confidence to some puny potato regimes of EU on Brussels payroll at the eastern flank of NATO? I don’t think so. It is nothing but Surrealistic, delusional notion, unless in Pentagon they became daily users of LSD and they are flying to Moscow by flipping their hands in the air.

Those neocon psychotics however are clear and present danger to themselves and their families if they are allowed continuing their insanity since certainly they are no danger to Russia or anybody else, armed at least with a baseball bat.

So what we need is immediate invasion of US army medical team and psychiatrist corp. into W.H. & DOS and get hospitalized all those delirious individuals before they completely soil themselves and spoil the air around them and inadvertently allow for fresh air in the corridors of power that would wipe them and their cronies out of the national political picture.

So is it right to ignore those venal, puny weasels of MIC oligarchy from DC? Well, there is always a risk of commission of something that could be a lightning rod of the tsunami of descent that is growing in the US and now UK and EU but we must remember that Hitler himself was dismissed as stupid wall painter, and he really was a frail little political nothing just five years before he became chancellor of the III Reich.

And now, since I mentioned UK, of course let me dissect what the Brexit vote was all about and why it was successful, so far for many groups, in unrelated ways, in the context of Syrian war instigated mass exodus of people from MENA countries into Europe, escaping their brutally destroyed countries by western interventions and hence severe consequences in political realm in most of the countries in EU we are observing now.

Of course number one reason for people voting Brexit was uncontrolled mass immigration, made more dramatic by the MENA Western instigated wars of last five years, that as a matter of statistical fact, stole already unable to be outsourced to Asia jobs and lowered standard of living of working people as mass immigration does to any country that allows for it, and it applies to most of Western Europe.

But are British justified in their hatred if it is hatred at all, of as much early, mass immigrants who were or thought they were escaping neoliberal destitution of their own countries, like Poland or Romania, as aristocratic English establishment that sold them out to global oligarchy way before latest wave of war refugees from MENA.

In the background of UK colonial hubris and old colonial immigration conflicts, this hatred was growing for at least a decade of autocratic EU rule as assaults and even murders against eastern European immigrants in whole UK were increasing although they were Christians, catholic or orthodox, but what this recent flood of refugees of Islamic religion from middle east states did was to cross the already very tenuous red line of British people tolerance of their economic pain. This people’s pain was not as much embraced but exploited by right-wing nationalists and fascist in the media.

I am against fascism as much as next guy but argument that Farage or fascism had anything to do with this Brexit vote is a sad testimony of dramatically dropping IQs of those who run western propaganda.

It was the brutal and deadly class war waged by global oligarchs against working people for decades that was responsible for the results of the vote.

The fascists as Hitler did in 1932, are riding a political tsunami of continuing Great Depression of XXI century only because true anti-fascist left has been eradicated by the very establishment that is lamenting about fascism now.

The fact is that elites and their young techies zombies living in a London bubble do not want to acknowledge or hear about.

British people, regardless of UKIP or other rhetoric, had no choice and by Brexit vote they said enough is enough since now it was not only about mainstream economy, jobs but it was all about immigrant culture, basic fundamental precepts of civilization and common law they see as defining what being British means for them, was violated so hard that it could not be tolerated no more. But that’s not why the Brexit vote was allowed or even allowed to show that pro-Brexit camp won. It was just a ploy to take care of another type of business.

The true insidious motivation for the Brexit referendum was hidden, namely that it is nothing but a UK banksters effort to extort concession from EU commission regulatory agencies and ECB/Bundesbank German banksters to exempt UK (London) based banks from more sensible regulation, curbing rampant speculation, naked short selling, insanity of hypothecation of the same collateral to the infinity, transparency to prevent fraud, impair money laundering, tax evasion, and equity markets/derivatives transaction tax that would have been imposed on banksters when EU banking union is consummated as a part of furthering of inevitable political consolidation of EU into a continent-wide super-state.

And article 50 of Lisbon treaty is the trigger, a threat the banksters now are using in ongoing secret negotiation with EU/Eurozone establishment, as long as it takes, months to years before Brexit officially commences or not.

The most importantly UK banksters demand an exemption from EU laws for City of London financial center possibly as apart of TTIP signing concessions. Both FED, ECB and Bundesbank oppose special rights for London City since Germany suppose to be local master of EU slaves owned by US (global) oligarchy.

While there is a split in banking elites i.e. ruling elites, visible by pound sterling dropping like a stone there is no side to be picked in this fight for British working people since one way or another they will be screwed by raise of corporate billionaire gangsters, and that’s the hidden truth. What they are negotiating is extermination of working people as usual.

However, the awakening among working people, the sense of togetherness and courage to oppose the establishment with success is priceless regardless of actuality of Brexit and in condition of elites’ split, at least temporarily, people have a chance to wreck this abhorrent regime, one piece at the time, the regime that is strong only because we believe that is invincible and omnipotent while in fact it is more fragile than house of cards. Supposedly millions of bots signed online petition for re-vote. That’s an open gate for revote if negotiation between UK and German banksters concludes successfully for London.

Note that the result of the vote was rigged this time as well while allowing for Brexit, but in fact vast majority over 65 % to 70% voted for leave but that result would have been more difficult to reverse in a new vote.

All elections are rigged as Walter Lipmann said those morons (citizen) would not be allowed to hurt themselves with their stupid voting.

Will Brexit and potential further disintegration of EU/Eurozone be a legacy of US lies and misadventures of US imperial hubris in MENA where hundred of thousands of people are dead, is that war a beginning of the end of the US imperial power or just end of the new beginning.

We should find out soon.

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STRANGE DAYS: Did Israelis Pivoted to Russia? Or the other way around.

More and more evidences confirm what is really already known that at this point neither Syrian/Russian offensive before the ceasefire or developments after that had much of detrimental effect on ISIL, ANF and other terrorists as well as so-called moderate rebels associated with and under overall command of Islamic State because of US allies resupplied the terrorists with weapons and materiel.

However an interesting phenomenon emerged that defies all the falls notions that ISIL is some group of fanatical nuts enjoying sport of beheading.

What media is just discovering I noticed months ago:

Let’s be clear, the western supported IS leadership is not a fanatical army of Allah, a Hollywood-like image US propaganda is trying to paint. Their detestable brutality is a production of psychological warfare innate to most terrorist movements, but in ISIS case amplified way beyond pale of any acceptable human conduct and hence somewhat unique. In truth, these are shrewd successful businessmen exploiting confused, desperate or naive Muslims to get rich and famous while breaking every canon of Muslim religion while at it, [impossible] to be distinguished from thieving bankers when they wear their Armani suits during their Washington D.C. visits.

The immorality is for them a badge of honor when blessed by the God speaking to them through their military victories in their existential struggle between good (them) and evil (the rest of us), following a Hegelian dialectics long time ago adopted by the types of Hitler, [only] as long as earthly money from their sponsors is coming.

And now such an attitude shows up. Facing similar problem to most world economies, IS economy is facing crash in the revenues up to 30%-50% due to Russian bombing, partially closing Iraq/Turkey border and that combined with similar revenue crash in ISIL/ANF sponsors’ income causing significant strain on IS finances augmented by massive theft and fraud perpetrated by certain pious student of Islam, a IS treasurer who split with Angels of Allah’s money and US bombing of IS central bank in Mosul some months ago and hence pious islamic leaders discovered price of money and beauty of high taxation.

So now that hard-core Sharia law worshipers, a law previously interpreted to the ridiculous letter of Quran become more “liberal” and understanding” of people’s sins. They almost adopted phrase  “to err is human” as long as you pay for it.

Rings a bell? Yes, what we dealing with is common Christian fiefdoms’ practice of selling indulgences (absolution) so far only a posteriori, after the crime but who knows. May be soon Danish cartoonists could draw Mohammad face for couple of thousands of dollars, without fearing zombie Allah believers blindly following fake fatwa from phony ISIL or other religious authorities funded by Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia. So now in IS if you steal instead of cutting your “hand that stole” it just takes a certain amount of money “from your hand that stole”. Just like here in the US.

And if you miss you daily prayers you are able to avoid inconvenient 50 lashes by paying 50$ cash, and when you curse Allah, you head instead of being removed from your torso will have opportunity to reveals where is the gold that they would cancel all your sins with.

Business is business Allah willing, and Allah is very willing to take your money. And if you are pious muslim reading this while strapping on a suicide bomb vest on orders of  those businessmen from IS think about it again since there are no 40 virgins and gold where you are going but a dirt and innocent dead.

Fantastic. The ISIL leaders are not stupid they learned a lot during their recent visit in Washington D.C. and Wall Street as well as in Saudi capital.

No. ISIL is not a bunch of fanatics but a well equipped hired army of US and allies created and sponsored mercenaries who do not give a shit about Islam or anything else but money they are paid to bring pain and suffering to people of Iraq and Syria and to dislodge Iraqi pro Iranian government and Assad regime who dared not to sell their people to neoliberal slavery, any more.

A very interesting part in all of this, is playing the most important ally of the US in the ME namely Israel. What actually role Israel plays is a mater of a lot of unnecessary confusion.

At first we must realize the fact that as any US ally in the ME Israel is sponsoring directly/indirectly of terrorists of ANF and ISIL and hundreds of other groups in many ways; from direct weapons purchasing and transport, to enabling financial transitions (slaves, currency, commodity and gold) in support of terrorists and in the end direct involvement of IDF military in the conflict inside Syria.

Israel continues illegally bombing critical SAA infrastructure often conducted in ways to effectively support terrorist side. Especially in the southwest Syria Israel actively is engaged in to protection of ANF by long-range artillery shelling of SAA positions and preventing Syrian air force from operating in the Golan Heights foothills bombing terrorist positions.

In a sane world such actions would be construed as direct aggression of Israel on Syria calling for UNSC condemnation and sanctions.

But do not hold your breath.

Russians are not only not bringing the charges to UNSC against Israel but refuse to use their S400 deployed air defense capabilities to prevent those act of aggression to happen in the first place, an aggression against Assad regimes they militarily supports. Hence there is truth in Lavrov statement that Russia is not an ally of Syria, just fighting terrorists there.

Instead, what we are witnessing are loud overtures between Putin and Netanyahu being heard, intergovernmental relations warm up, newfound friendship seem to blossom by returning a captured by Syrian Army  Israeli tank during 1980 aggression on Lebanon, condemned by USSR at that time.

Is this newfound friendship that allow Russian warplanes to cross into closed Israeli air space for up to one minute (eternity for Israel size) without even scrambling on F16 to intercept it.

Is Putin trying to exploit apparent split between Obama and Netanyahu if it even exists? Is this an effort to create anti-Erdogan coalition? Erdogan, who lent himself as an artillery support guy for his “Turkmen” terrorists fighting ISIL/ANF a little as well as US supported YPG and Russian supported SAA a lot.

Is this a case of Russia supporting “friend” who wants to openly overthrow another Russia’s “friend”, or is it a simple betrayal of Assad by Russians as I wrote in my last post.

In the context of US instigated and caused failure of desperate Russian diplomatic effort of peace talks is Geneva, new distancing of Putin from Assad can no longer be ignored and clearly demonstrated significant shift in Russian position regarding Syrian conflict.

The frustration among Russian diplomats surged what Lavrov under enormous pressure from criticism inside of Russia, of his more or less idiotic on the surface at least, statements and weird explanation of this phantom peace process, said recently that US is pressuring Russia to stop attacking ANF unless a puny and fictional “moderate rebels” are separated from them. A feat US military admittedly is unable to do themselves for months now.

Is Putin pushing such a nonsense and tells Lavrov to beg US to do what the agreement clearly states that “Moderates” must  separate themselves from terrorists and declare joining ceasefire to the US or Russian authorities otherwise they will be attacked.

It was always obvious for me and many others even in Russia that this agreement was a ploy to stop SAA/Russian military momentum by asking for time for “moderates to separate” which extended for many months after, only to resupply terrorists by their sponsors and still is not officially done for simple reason it was a lie in the first place. Most of so-called “moderate rebels” are small but integral part of whole unified terrorists command in Syria run by ISIL and ANF.

With regret but not that unexpectedly I must conclude that Russia slid into,  much more reasonable political position regarding terrorists and ISL and ANF than US, granted, but nonetheless she fell into the same US imperial attitude to Syrian conflict, judged in Moscow as insignificant outside of global geopolitical stage. Clear betrayal of Soviet-inherited anti-colonial attitudes Russians proudly sermonized over two decades.

We know what US and Israel want in Syria, as I wrote in my posts before.

But, what the hell Russians want in Syria now at this point. Are they so gullible to believe that a rotten compromise with US, short of complete surrender, is ever possible?

Do they believe that de-facto partition of Syria, the very ceasefire cemented, would provide a solution for stability in the ME?

I hope not because other way IQ must have dropped in Russia lately, even if we look at it from large geopolitical perspective.

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SHOCK! Did Russians Secretly Switch Sides?

Just three months ago such a question would have been seen as nonsense. Would Russian engage militarily in Syria just to push Assad from power one political way or another? Nonsense right? Not completely. Let’s examine facts.

As I reported before the original of February 2016 ceasefire agreement was achieved without, yes without any input from Russian so-called allies in Assad regime or Iranian regime while Americans entered into agreement without even consulting Saudis or Turkey at all.

Knowing well that these are the warring sides on the ground, in fact sides that are conducting substantially independent policies and military activities were shockingly excluded from the agreement.

As a matter of fact it was confirmed by the fact that neither Turkey with 50k army deployed on the Syrian border or Saudis with they air force deployed in Incirlik air base were aware or even a party to the negotiation, nor were they apriori consulted about their results.

I am not even talking about the smaller warring parties on the ground that were not consulted even told officially, not for days but for weeks in an era of satellite communication, fighting each other unaware what was going on. And more.

I am not even talking about fictional “moderate” rebels or tribal forces but forces under direct command and control of Russian and US/NATO as well as YPG a critical military force in the north, completely shut out of any consultations. Believe or not, officially even Israel was not initially consulted, a theocratic regime that got itself involved in Syrian war by attacking Assad military at Golan Heights to protect ANF and bombing Damascus numerous times with impunity from Russian S400 system that easily would have taken them out, while Russians warplanes multiple violation of Israeli airspace were allowed peacefully.

And as I posited the official so-called ceasefire suppose not be applied to 90% of frontlines in Syria while in fact complete stopped Russian bombing of ISIL and ANF positions for 4-5 days at least and then reduced 90% in later weeks and months, why?

Why after having overwhelmed military momentum Russians suddenly stopped and ordered Syrian to do so while Americans and allies escalated their support for terrorists and opened up disgusting propaganda of nonexistent hospitals bombings by Russians and Syrians spewed by a MI6/CIA outfit such as SOHR.

Was such a propaganda a part of agreement? Agreement that instead of naturally lowering the rhetoric escalated it? But instead we had dead-end “Assad must go” mantra returned with vengeance.

And other gems even surprisingly from Russian FM saying that “Russia is not an ally of Syrian government but just fighting terrorism in Syria which is a matter of a straight lie, since Syrian government has over 50-years close relations with Soviets and now with Russia starting from her support of anti-colonial movement in Syria in late 1940-tie.

What for such a lie? For whose consumption it was done? Russian public? As a preparation to 180 deg political turn or for the west that already ignored it as being too rational for “savage” Russians.

And now, all the gains against western sponsored terrorists that not only Syrians paid with their blood for but Russians as well, hard-fought and achieved with space of last 8 months are being slowly reversed as I warned myself before in my posts.

Now more and more apparent split between Russian and Iranian governments is visible since Russians are accused of stalling IRG offensive in East Aleppo and refused to cooperate in the battlefield while terrorists are uniting and getting stronger. And fruits of that are already visible and this type of short-sided appeasement that Russians seem to pursue will for sure cost many more Russian lives very soon.

This frustration is also spreading among Syrian population who are left to rot in a quagmire with no hope of prompt resolution they thought Russian intervention would bring. Actually it’s already happen.

Russian military base surrounding areas have been just assaulted by ISIL mortar, car bombings, strangely in area of most pro Assad population and millions of refugees who suffered terror under ANF and ISIL and actively cooperated with Assad regime to eradicate their supporters from the area, and hence made it relatively safe.

So what happened? Why Russian cannot feel safe anymore in Tartus and Cheimjnin or in entire liberated Latakia province that was swept by massive pro-Russian demonstrations just six months ago.

Are their expectations dashed by what is happening? The worse situation is in south and east Aleppo where SAA and allies lost the ground unable to obtain close air support since Russian air force that is effectively operating ten combat aircraft only. Accusation fly and morale slowly collapses.

A critical question arises about why this phantom “Swiss” truce business from the beginning. What peace/truce they were negotiating? Syrian? Iraqi? Or greater geopolitical truce between two thermonuclear powers already engaged in new arms race. Forgetting the puny ME problem, big boys were talking. In fact if Russians counted on that they failed miserably so far by the fact of deployment of NATO Anti Missile systems in Romania and Poland and establishment of new semi-permanent NATO military bases in Baltics and elsewhere in Europe and overall arms race escalating.

As I wrote in my last post, a quagmire is about to become reality, if it is not already happening, while US strategy of chaos and deliberate inflicting more pain and suffering on Syrian people continues. The war, besides phony cover-up called Syrian ceasefire still continues unabated.

No equitable, reasonable solution has been found or even seriously discussed. What’s more worrying is that even Russian media is drifting away for previous sharp focus on this horrible war and now presents a “gray lie” that any peace in Syria is neigh and hence implies Putin political success. Both sides know that it is nothing further from the truth.

We must ask:  when policy of appeasement of dying psychotic imperial aggressor becomes betrayal of long and reliable political friends?

So, did Russians secretly switch sides?

Judge for yourself.


A nice map of current situation.

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