What a difference a year makes. In fact the only difference in Syria is another 50-80 thousands dead and injured and another million Syrians in the wilderness of pain and physical and mental suffering.

One Black Man Said That America Is Largest Purveyor Of Terror And Violence In The World. Another Black Man Just Proved It.

As proven by latest Obama incoherent rants and adolescent temper tantrum after horrendous failure of his preferred candidate in the US elections who spent or rather wasted $1.2 billions mainly on a catastrophically misguided moves that alienated, angered and insulted US voters she called deplorables.

Hillary spent over $100 millions on political consultants who failed to tell her that she was the problem and that she and her political record aligned with establishment would be utterly rejected by Americans and that she had a choice to reverse her stand 180 degrees on most issues including utter rejection of Obama MENA legacy or she would be defeated.

Nobody told her that, money was too good as usual, and instead they concocted fake polls and claimed that her probability of winning was 98.4% In the age of total deceit she got what she paid for, a big and expensive lie.

Facing or rather refusing to face that harsh reality Obama could not resist destroying last shreds of his legacy even before he left office by looking for culprits of his gigantic failure as POTUS everywhere all over the world, in Russia, China among false news and vast rightwing conspiracy. He looked everywhere except in the mirror. But wait he has another three weeks to embarrass himself even more on the world stage and domestically while making narcissistic Trump into a “statesman”.

I am a rational person and harsh critic of so-called conspiracy theories and calling issues raised by their proponents and their findings as mostly inconclusive speculations but not because of a failure of independent researches to follow scientific rules of inquiry including those who work on issues like 9/11 and overthrowing of foreign/domestic governments by CIA and associated NGOs, but in most part US government and corporate conspiracies of deliberate, purposeful obfuscations and general lack of transparency in all those institutions, all aimed to suppress the facts and evidences that would shed a light on the events in questions and very likely point out suspected or guilty parties.

However I must say that Obama presidency unwittingly and unwillingly validated, via obtained legally or leaked and disclosed data, enormous amounts of conspiracy theories that could be characterized as US being number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism all over the world, and not because Obama second name Hussein but because of decrees, executive orders or bills he signed and because of policies he set in motion over last eight years, public, leaked or disclosed documents indicate or prove.

Now this undisputed and unquestioned truth is out thanks to Obama.

I am no psychic to predict the future and anybody who followed war in Lebanon knows that in ME there is not such a thing like predictability since those wars are all proxy wars and their outcomes depend heavily not what is going on on the battlefield by rather in capitals of their political and military sponsors.

However, we have witnessed such an impactful changes in UK, US and more likely to follow in France, Germany, Holland and elsewhere.

However how this will affect the Syrian war is unknown since it is unlikely that CIA through Saudis and GCC would stop funneling money and weapons to Islamic radicals under this or that banner anytime soon seeing its long term national interests in weakening Iran and its allies and that will not change.

Also new so-called ceasefire does not bring me much hope since it seems like previous agreement with the US, to result mostly in solidifying the fact of effective partition of Syria into some terrorists zones of Turkish and/or US influence which will not be accepted by Syrians, Assad and not by Iranians who are fully capable to defeat the rebels as soon as weapons supplied to them from the west cease flowing in.

It is a guess but optimistic, not likely, scenario is an achievement of a stable Syrian government control of its internationally recognized territory between 18-24 months if Trump’s word is worth anything and support for terrorists pro-Turkish as well as ISIL and ANF stops as he promised.

Only money speaks if Trump takes away the money for GCC regimes and Turkey things may change.

But if he truly follow Israeli line as a self-declared friend or rather a submissive Jewish slave the war will continue since it is in the interests of Israel to weaken its neighbors so they forget about annexation of Golan Heights, annexation of West bank into Israeli proper under apartheid regime ruled over Palestinians as the only possible outcome of a single state solution as even liar Kerry pointed out.

But in this journey into the future you will have to rely more on yourselves and the links to the sites listed below every of my blog entry I consider trustworthy, since I am forced [not necessarily by newly formed by Obama “Ministry of Truth”] to wind down my modest contribution to the understanding of horrifying reality of war, any war, as well its futility, senselessness and failure to resolve any problem or issue those who waged the war promised to resolve or mitigate.

War never solved anything however it often eliminated “problems” instead as it eliminated nations, eradicated cultures and razed humanity from peoples hearts.

But those truly important problems of societies and nations remained the same, before and after the war, only to be tackled by peaceful people and peaceful means or they are not solved at all.

In my blog I was trying to express the fact that any war is in part an act of desperation of those who willingly or not become a cannon fodder torn apart often by their family or neighbors and in part a calculated deliberate act of those who instigate it for power or profit by dividing people, denying human dignity and escalating injustice among people and by praising and promoting blatant acts of inhumanity fueling irrational blind rage.

It is because, as I tried to convey to readers in last 15 months, in any war there is no victor but dark death.

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Obama Legacy of Blood.

Finally Obama has earn his own legacy after reneging on 99% his promises eight years ago pretending to run as Black populists while he was running and more importantly ruling as a white wolf of Wall Street in black sheep skin.

If not for any other reason but to ultimately validate all the conspiracy theories that became conspiracy facts via disclosed by Wikileaks and whistle-blowers information proving despicable reign of terror and murder even of US citizen in the US and all over the world and massive illegal acts liken to those of organized crime syndicate by US federal security and financial agencies, mostly contradictory to repeated public statements and assurances of WH like “No boots on the Ground” in Syria lies, Obama in his last weeks at the helm of this Emporium of death called the US, doubled down on his own evil and inhumanity by openly allowing for supplying weapons to any lowlife in the suffering, war-torn Syria without any vetting or close examination of war crime records, extremist ideology or stated objectives as long as their acts are “ consistent” with US policy of fighting Assad regime or terrorism whichever is more convenient.

Now Obama officially, reported in NYT and WaPo and MSM, and openly supports, arms and bankrolls children beheading medieval barbarians, terrorists of ISIL, ANF, FSA and all others who have been organized by the West, Turkey and GCC to dislodge Assad regime. By that Obama authorized a crime for which any US citizen would have been convicted to many decades in prison for material support of terrorists on the US State Department list.

One cannot be more Orwellian than that and this moral and political schizophrenia is a number one legacy of Obama just behind a fact of his colossal failure as POTUS mostly due to implementing Bush 2.0 neocon-neolib policies and imperial aggression and outsourcing well-being of Americans from WH to Wall Street warmongers.

All of that in background of Obama and his stooges lamenting that Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front is being whacked by Syrian army in East Aleppo after they refused to surrender or evacuate with small arms and release 100k human shields, hostages it held for over four years, impudently calling for over 100 of US vassals at the UN to pass a stunt of UNGA not binding resolution to stop military operations in East Aleppo after last 10 months of negotiation between Russia and US to do exactly that, only unsuccessful because US sponsored and armed “rebels” refused to stop their military operations and agree to a ceasefire repeatedly, even after last almost a month-long unilateral ceasefire declared by SAA [Syrian Arab Army] and supported by Assad regime and Russia.

During last unilateral SAA ceasefire in October and November 2016 humanitarian situation became worse despite opening of several safe passage corridors for evacuation of the east Aleppo population and providing humanitarian assistance since UN flatly refused to do so while Russian or Syrian humanitarian help was not allowed to enter the East Aleppo city by rebels and their terrorist commanders, threatening attacks on the convoys.

Appalling, is the only word than could adequately describe Orwellian world of deceit manipulation accusations and blatant impudent lies that the unified in one deadly propaganda screech, western MSM, is spewing among world population for no other reason but to prepare new cannon fodder needed to realize neocon psychotic delusions of world domination and absolute power through nuclear WWIII with Russia and China which Syrian war is just a local proxy war reincarnation.

Yes, “The US is the larger purveyor of the violence in the world” said one black man after analyzing US domestic and foreign policies and after directly experiencing wrath of American racist and classist/elitist institutions of calcified US oligarchic regime, just few months before his own violent death. Barrack can sleep safely as long as he suppresses his conscience and allows evil of money to rule over him, effectively gagging him from uttering the truth MLK had courage to finally admit.

More of “US Ministry of Truth” whining about “fake news” they themselves massively proliferate.

if you talk to sewage creatures you only get more stinky and smelly as it happened to counterpunch.

More about black list of suppose Russian propaganda from Ukrainian Nazis!! And about neocon infected Nuclear Armageddon patients from insane asylum;

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WAPO Psychotic Warfare: Good Bombs, Bad Bombs and all the Misery because of Putin Trolls. (18+ Comedy)

I am upset, I am very, very upset and even ballistic. Last Thursday Wapo published a list of websites of Putin’s army who literary took over America if you believe the presstitudes; red flags with crossed hammer and sickle are being waved in American cities across the nation and all the retired commies coming our of woodwork.

Oops sorry I got handed over old uncle Joe script, I mean not Stalin Joe, but uncle Joe McCarthy script, hm, great patriot when sober and used sparingly or not at all.

I mean white/blue/red flags and orthodox cross and priests blessing Putin in a name of Father, Son and Holly spirit as well distilled spirits, as Russian religion requires.

Well somehow it sounds not the same I guess, may be because our American way of life is no longer threaten by communist polygamists since we eradicated them in 1970-ties from Utah, a cesspool of communists there and their communist wives pretending to be Mormons making us all feel impure. Or something like that incoherent utterance that would pass Wapo drunken editor low intellectual threshold anyway so why should I care in here.

Vlad what’s wrong with ye. Why am I not on the fucking list?

So I had to learn from Wapo, a cesspool of propaganda sewage posing as press and had to puke profusely while being nagged for money, that you have paid money the other guys, other websites behind my back.

So I had to learn, not straight from your mouth but from a stinky bold midget, a retarded billionaire asshole that you have been ideologically cheating on me with Alex Johns, and/or Bob Sheer from LA of all the places and with other 200 websites in the US and elsewhere as good friends from propoaproobsornot.shit website discovered scientifically and informed me in secret.

Is that why you never return my phone calls anymore and/or you disappeared from Snapchat forever. How could you? And you have been paying them, those other guys, and for what? Tell me!

So what do you want from me? I told you that they all do not like your slack bro, they don’t. Even those sexy journalists from RT/Sputnik you burn your money on.

I overheard once Larry King, he did not like your jacket either, I swear he did not and you made him a Russian spy for money. What about me? I loved your fucking oversized a little jacket really, and what? Where is my money, bro? In the mail? For last 15 months I writing this blog?

In case you didn’t notice, of course you did not, why am I kidding myself, I criticize American domestic and international policies and morons who run it every single day, even Sundays with double disdain, man, even on Holly Sunday, does this even mean anything for ye?

I have this blog to prove it, just read it except may be those six or eight posts that I was less generous to you as I called you a ruthless, cold oligarch who is appeasing his western friends to retain his 200 ft Yacht in Tuscany well-kept or that you sold out your people for dollars and Syrian people for world peace and when I insisted on revealing how many Syrian civilians and Russian soldiers died, killed because of your wrong decisions or recklessness, oops! But you know, I was upset those days coming out of hair salon; you know short hair, long bill stuff, no paycheck from Kremlin.

But let’s put all this shit behind us, just call me bro, let’s talk honestly like Kanye West talked to JayZ via YouTube on the stage in Sacramento, CA: “Bro, do not sent killers for me, bro, just call me, call me and get me fucking money you are promising me all my life”.

Vlad you know what I mean, just call me like it was in old days you remember, well actually I don’t remember either that you have ever called me or gave me a sign of life you bitch and never returned my phone calls I have never made.

Don’t tell me that I didn’t have right number, I got it from Wapo classified section meaning secret section under “Vlad P., seeks companion”, so do not back out on me now.

So far you gave me no money so I can’t get on this fucking Wapo list of your fucking paid trolls and start making real money as half of those on the list already are making by fundraising on this fact alone and on some fucking defense of a First Amendment or something, making millions. So where does it leave me Vlad? In cold, a cold war bro., with Russian polar bears? Think!

But now I gonna be calm, relaxed but if I won’t get your phone call by tomorrow I swear I will destroy entire Kremlin wall with my bare hand and a rented bulldozer. I know that you are not afraid like those Washington weasels who lie for living but I am different and I swear to God I’ll do it.

Now, after I got this off my chest, I can return to the reason driven unemotional Syrian war update where you are kicking ass of those motherfucker terrorists, their Washington, bitches and Ankara, Riyadh and Brussels eunuchs and remember you heard it from me first.

Just watch me next week I will be strolling in East Aleppo with a bag of shaved beards and hardcore terrorists’ wallets full of nearly expired Washington DC area Costco membership cards, watch me with your drones live, walking in East Aleppo and singing a song “I love Putin” from your last presidential campaign.

So how much would it be worth to ye if I were to do that? That would have been more that those 200 medial blogs ever did for you. In fact they did nothing for you but caring about their own puny nonexistent American democracy fucked up by the oligarchy and their political establishment who is riding gullible Americans like mules to their deaths. They don’t care about you Vlad, I do.

Ron Paul if furious. He is on the list. Has Ron not been paid enough by Vlad? Let’s find out:

This is this comedic ProPorn ot what site I want Putin to put me on:

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After Years Of Hard And Bloody War Finally A Regime Change: In Washington D.C.

After so many years of war, spent billions of dollars trying regime change all over the world including in Syria, finally it happened. All American made or US taxpayer donated to terrorists, explosives, bombs, modern missiles, guns and bullets after they cause inconceivable carnage, mayhem and death among innocent people of MENA finally all those weapons of death hit simultaneously one deserving target namely Hillary Clinton candidacy for POTUS in uncanny precision as many predicted and even more prayed for.

Is this a poetic justice that the very architect of the modern global regime change policy, [implemented by another murderer in chief] a global neocon, warmonger, thief, liar and racketeer died from her own hand when her breath of death unleashed over peaceful people of Middle East boomeranged with a little help of her old friend, Trump, himself proud narcissistic con man, swindler and flaccid clown of arrogance and women abuse. I guess it take one to defeat spouse of one.

In fact as far as Syrian affair are concerned it were politically uneventful two weeks except US sponsored terrorists again killed or maimed hundreds of men, women and children with no Western media coverage whatsoever even when UN officially blamed East Aleppo terrorists for them.

Assad, democratically elected president of Syria is still there, no regime change so far. The SAA and Russian coalition slowly recaptures territories of East Ghouta and Daara province and others they temporarily lost and effectively stopped desperate counterattacks by ANF in South Aleppo aimed to break east Aleppo siege for probably the last time.

In fact Putin’s move with his propaganda ploy [thanks to stupid ANF and moderate terrorists who on Washington orders attacked South Aleppo], to eliminate thousands of fighters and hundreds of heavy equipment while applied prolonged so-called humanitarian break and open safe corridors to East Aleppo [knowing well that ANF will not let their hostages out since this would mean their quick demise] to get the US propaganda off his back for a while and after Trump takes over the propaganda will definitely ease somewhat if not substantially but unfortunately, not the substance of it.

It is because as I wrote in my last post Trump had no campaign machine, he had no army of party apparatchiks who were on the ground organizing his campaign as well as no army of professionals experienced in running government devoted and loyal to him personally [ as he run his campaign on TV and tweeter as a placeholder for “Hell no, not another Clinton for president” ticket] and instead must rely on GOP establishment who will likely sabotage his efforts if he even makes them, in the fields that are contradictory to their own political believes and overall policies of the US ruling elite.

Trump as a reality TV host will attempt to control rhetoric that stemming from US policies but not their substance as early indication are about his choices about his cabinet in terms of defense and intelligence establishment that truly runs foreign policies of the US.

But even this is good and especially that rhetoric itself would certainly affect cockiness and delusions of the European and Asian vassals of the US that already started toning down their message and likely will take somewhat friendly attitude to Russia and China in coming year and on military front they may measurably even increase weapon trade with Russia and China just to dump American expensive and lower quality weapons.

There is another modest hope I would have. Namely that islamophobic Trump would be distrusting and reserved vs. Turkey and ECG countries at least by asking them to pay their share of expenses by the regimes who are run by Islamic extremists and that fact alone may force them to make a some sort of deal with regional powers like Russia which was impossible so far due to US insistence and by that may open true negotiations about future of Syria as well as Iraq with all critical sides including Kurds present at the table except for terrorists or fake moderates themselves who are just proxies for US so-called Anti-Assad coalition nothing more. He may, although it is a long shot, even strike a new deal with Iran and force it down the throat of Israeli political elites using US economic/financial leverage while lowering US monetary burden in keeping Israel alive.

Of course Trump will not do what needs to be done if we were to see a transition of the US imperial hegemony into peaceful multipolar global arrangement. It is beyond him and his little brain run by greed and profit, and he will not arrest war criminals like Obama, bunch of Bushes and a pair of Clintons and maybe Kissinger while he is still alive to make a first step toward bringing back any meritorious credibility of decaying US regime.

There is also a slight hope that may be he would, as a businessman, consider taxpayer money as kind of his own money and will stop outrageous, massive theft of national treasure under the guise of national security and defense if not for any other reason to just wanting to be himself a Commander in Thief to enrich himself as definitely he will do during and after his presidency.

Unfortunately, Trump’s domestic policies and programs will likely be nothing but further enabling of growth of Global/US oligarchy [may be except Silicon Valley billionaires who loathe him and in 99% supported Hillary] and their profits as a long-term plans of US ruling elite require while 99% of working people will continue to rot in hell but that is beyond the scope of this post.

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US ELECTIONS: A farcical Spectacle of Blood and Imperial Hubris.

Anyone who ever read even one of my posts knows that I am ardent critic of the US imperial power and its devastating impact of sovereign independent nations all over the world who refused or not sufficiently submit to be vassals of the US empire and not diligently enough exploit their people for profit of Global oligarchy.

Also everyone who ever read Syrian War Update knows that I try to focus only on important, critical or crucial developments on the world scene in relation to Syrian war leaving out all the distractions, propaganda or media noise.

The already 15 months long US electoral season was just that, a noise, nothing else and hence did not warrant my post specifically dedicated to it.

However since it is the last my blog post before November 8 I decided to say few words about it and explain my deliberate sweeping aside what utterances have been coming from so-called candidates to the so-called office of POTUS.

For starters it is a fact that nothing will change on November 9, whoever gets the four-year lease for 1600 Pennsylvania avenue mansion in Washington D.C. as far as global geopolitics is concerned what is the core of Syrian war as well as it would not affect in any significant way US imperial hubris that two prospective tenants to the W.H. are peddling in synch for two major reasons:

First, If Hillary gets in obviously nothing will change fundamentally since she is the very architect of the current bloody mess that is going on for a decade now and as for she is a true American, she will double down on her failure.

So Russians will continue to be demonized as a convenient villains and China will continue to be portrayed as menace to the free world and Assad must go mantra will continue to reverberate in hall of US imperial regime as usual while Hillary will keep begging Islamic terrorists to behave and behead those men, women and children who they are told to do so.

Her Wall Street buddies and MIC extremists whom she truly represents and loves dearly will push to continue insane imperial projects no matter what, shockingly believing that successful limited nuclear war is possible under fantastic anti-nuclear umbrella they believe they alone will be safe under while the rest of the nation and the world fries.

And those are most dangerous psychotic delusions or conniving plans straight from hell or from a psychiatric patient medical history, few still sane independent journalists and even some independent media are loudly warning about.

However it sounds crazy there is a good chance that with Hillary nukes will start flying and I am not saying it lightly.

So, why all this frantic rush of vilifying Russia and China right now?

All those who read any book about collapse of Roman Empire know. It is called last stage of demise, a terminal phase of massive militarization of people’s lives in the decaying Imperial regime and its sociopolitical system in its final state of disintegration, utilized by the ruling elite as a measure to justify dramatic collapse of standard of living of the people, an excuse based on national security interests, truly caused by deliberate collapse of mainstream economy and massive build up of MIC spending and political power of military, all underlaid by astronomical fraud and theft committed by Wall Street oligarchy and their minions in the sold out media.

Second, if by some miracle Trump is anointed for POTUS it will not make any damn difference for following reasons:

Trump candidacy was nothing but a placeholder for somebody, anybody worse than ghastly Hillary who is so repulsive as a person and character that often cause people to puke. A placeholder what disgusting cartoonish character like Trump fits well in and was the only thing, she advocated fiercely in primaries, that went for Hillary in this entire popularity contest called campaign. Tons of lipstick have been put on Clinton’s pigs and still people rejected her and Clinton’s mafia wholesale as abhorrent characters exceeding, by their utter lack of credibility and psychotic viciousness, even that of Trump himself.

In fact my gut feeling is telling me that if anybody tried to really count the votes Trump would have been a “winner” of this beauty contest, but traditionally this is not even done in the US [no independent auditing or monitoring is allowed under penalty of prison], why even bother, since the outcome will always be the same. The US emporium will continue unabated in perpetuity and all the policies will continue to aim solely to serve imperial interests defined by the ruling elite.

But it addition to the utter futility of participation in this electoral farce, in fact Trump campaign did not even try to win, and simple was a joke and insult to the last shred of intelligence of American voter.

In fact Trump has no grass-roots organization, no real campaign organization and instead a hostile Republicans who know that his stunt will cause likely loss of their high paid jobs since party leadership utterly rejected Trump and in minds of voters voting for the top of Republican ticket will likely reject hostile to Trump rest of it as a part of Trump antiestablishment revolution.

It is nothing but surrealistic to believe that anything run by Ivanka and his sons and co-opting old dying brain-damaged Reaganites can be called a anything like political campaign at all and Trump incoherent tweets really meant nothing toward such an end.

His so-far “success” is based on the fact that he was nothing but a “not Hillary again”, or no more the same imperial mafia rule, in other words the   “none of the above” vote, a missing alternative from teh ballots.

In fact much better would have been to put a choir “none of the above” on the ballot to outvote Hillary instead putting up this clown of ignorance Hillary herself supported from the beginning as her “old friend”.

But most important reason why the event of Trump presidency is a near impossible is because he would have faced nothing but hostile establishment, who would have squashed all of his more reasonable utterances like peace with Russia or stopping, slowing globalization etc., by actions of congress filled with hateful and angry Reps and Dems in unity, ready to impeach him if he does not conform to imperial policies.

Also Trump would face un-governable, mutinous the US Imperial military elite that repudiated Trump entirely except for lower ranks grunts, or surveillance and security apparatus leadership ready to kill him with pleasure.

The “President Trump” would not have had a real power to change wall paper in oval office, he would have been relegated to a TV personality POTUS in a surrealistic reality show, what US politics really is. In fact this would have been the very role and only role he is experienced in and talented enough to fulfill. We may have even become forced audience of the weekly extension of NETFLIX series “ House of Trump Cards “ taped in Hollywood replica of W.H.

Simply Trump will not be able to exercise any kind of influence over the deep state which will continue their deeds unaffected.

November 9 will be just another day and those who for the last time were standing in queue to voting booths a day before will be fucked up the same again as 150 millions Americans who retained their dignity, integrity and restrained themselves from participating in the pathetic, cruel farce, an insult to millions of victims of US imperial hubris in Syria and elsewhere.

But do not despair there is nothing that vodka can’t cure.

Here is a take on the US elections I would definitely agree with:

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The First Enemy And Victim Of War Is Truth. The Truth In Western Media Is Dying.

What do we hear? Putin and Assad both are killing little children, women with their civilians’ targeting guided missile that every time hit a civilian or a baby located in a civilian hospital, a hospital bombed daily as a White Helmets propaganda stooges who are paid for reporting/lying from safety of various Turkish cities hundreds of miles away from bombing, want us to believe.

All that while US cannot do wrong and has special guided missiles with a name and address of terrorist on it so no mistakes or war crimes are possible by infallible American weapons, only weapons in the world that bring morally justify death and destruction. Even children killed by US bombings apparently must have been up to something no good.

In the same time the moderate terrorist kills only murderous Assad henchmen when they launch barrel bombs via self-made rocked launchers with accuracy about 1000 ft as I reported here many times. This supposedly is the truth, only truth and nothing but the truth about Syrian War namely either Russia, a pariah among nations submits to benevolent goodness of American empire or WWIII is imminent.

Where have we heard it before? A standard prewar rhetoric deployed as a tool of psychological warfare. But against whom? Concocted or even non-existing enemy?

No, it is a psychological war waged by US ruling elite/MIC against their own people, their own people who must be quickly transformed from valued citizen, mothers fathers, children, families, our flesh and blood, into a corporate cannon fodder, ground into deadly weapons of war and loving it, being proud of the absurd slaughter under guise of commercial patriotism, for dollar a piece.

Eat Freedom Fries. Follow your corporate leader. Do your patriotic duty and die, you dog!

But that song was already played before, remember get the Russkies, commies, ungodly creatures who crawl the earth like cockroaches that had to be exterminated for purity of American commercialism, committing capital crime of choosing Pirogues and Kvas over Hamburger and Coke.

So die Russki die, die Yankee die as long of you wrap yourself in American flag and clutch to a Christian cross you are perfect patriotic shit to be blown up into pieces. Why? Because, we are exceptional we’re always right if not we better be dead.

American exceptionalism draws from suicidal proto-fascist notion of Armageddon, and ultimate battle between good and evil a Hegelian Philosophy of Right Hitler was ardent student of.

Yes, that’s the truth. Entire American ethos, a foundation deeply rooted within unfettered competition of greed and exploitation in commercial realm including commerce of war, murder, mayhem, is a radical, apocalyptic ideology that is being carved into young American minds, by entire range of state institutions, educational, cultural, political, economic, social, and taught within each family as a tactic of survival in the brutal world of talking animals with iPhones devouring each other domestically and/or abroad.

While many nations have been founded on war, Americans brought innovation to the warfare by introducing war waging activity not as a result of political conundrum of ruling elite who saw their own survival assured only via warfare but instead they decided on waging war solely as an extension of economic policy of plunder and exploitation, not an imperative but an option that ruling elite carefully considers via advanced calculation of economic benefit that may come to them regardless of carnage and death even when their own American/Western side is concerned. The civil war massacre (6ook dead, today it corresponds to about 12 millions) was a prime example of a war of transformation into modern industrial age and enabling monstrous profits associated with it, harvested from bloody fields by new Rubber Barons and industrial moguls.

And killing in next global war of choice has just started, not only causing death and suffering in MENA which is just a proxy conflict but killing of the truth, humanity and sanity that is dying everywhere and especially in the freedom of speech and freedom of press propagandizing West i.e. in western MSM and masses of following it sheeple.

In an Orwellian way, always present in US media, anti-Russian and anti-Chinese etc., rhetoric or discriminatory colorization, due to American superiority complex, turned into open racial/ethic/national origin hatred of “subhuman” nations, surrealistic fear and loathing of monstrous, unknown brain-eating enemy deserving condemnation and death, no facts or proof needed, only blatant lies of black repugnant propaganda, insane baseless accusations of crimes committed by accusers themselves, denying of physical laws and most basic and common reality, all wrapped into a strict class morality of western leaders and their thoughtless followers vs. whoever has been declared an enemy “du jour”, i.e. Russians , Chinese, Iranians etc., and tomorrow the world.

When class morality prevails, human morality dies and positive moral judgment is reserved only to membership of superior class while moral faults, moral deficiency or straight evil as a matter of dogma of goodness or holiness of western moral judges, constitutes a very fabric of an enemy. Regardless of facts or their behavior enemy cannot be judged good, reasonable, honest, compassionate etc., because such a behavior or attitude is rendered impossible even against reality that contradicts such judgment.

Along these lines suppression of western press into neocon/neolib mouth pieces devoid of a shred of fundamental integrity of thought, hunting down alternative blogs and shutting them down, massive coordinated trolling operations involving millions of troll mill and RoboTroll accounts to sway public opinion, harsh prosecution of whistleblowers and information leakers such as Wikileak or Snowden to discourage others from following the same path, starving economically and cutting of from banking system of independent publications and most of all curtailing and, in near future, shutting down of all so-called “enemy” sources of public information such as RT, CCTV, Press TV, Sputnik News or Xinhua English etc., as elements of pre-war deception on the top of already substantial hostility and harassment of those news outlets that have been widely reported in the US and UK.

Now legislatures in US, EU and Australia have been involved in gagging their own population as a cannon fodder preparation procedure.

And it has already started in UK:

The free press “loving” legislators will shut down free information access, not to enemy but to their own constituency who will be denied the truth and freedom of choice of the news source replaced by MSM daily propaganda pabulum of unreality, a necessary feed for new cannon fodder.

While WWIII propaganda preparations are ongoing, Syrian conflict deteriorates and transforms itself into a Global confrontation as I wrote before:

Syrian conflict rapidly is turning into hot military confrontation between elites of Russia, Iran and to a degree China and the elites of the West. So far all the players, are believing in their own propaganda, and as expected they are making the same deadly mistake, they see themselves as potential winners and/or beneficiaries of human pain and suffering in their oligarchs’ country club global cricket game of blood.
So will they do it? Will another generation of American grunts oblivious to their predecessors’ pleas for peace spill their blood and others for corporate profits?

Now at least Russian rhetoric came back to reality and not fantasy of possibility of any honest agreement with US which from the start Russian intervention was all about, hopelessness of talks with US that just want to topple Assad that’s it, with ISIL caliphate or without.

This is no longer about Syria, it is about last global confrontation of dying US empire, feeling that it is the last moment of their military advantage/superiority to subdue Russian and Chinese as emerging world powers. To wait means to lose global hegemony due to collapsing of US monetary and economic/military power.

The only scenario of confrontation is global war, nothing else so Russians/Syrian should keep fighting declare no fly zone for illegal NATO and allies airplanes take over the Turkish/Syrian border, nothing will happen what has not already been decided in Washington to happened namely MIC spending orgy, except of escalation propaganda of white helmets phony civilian casualties in MSM.

Last march SAA was about a year from completely defeating terrorists not we back to at least 18 months. If weapons/money supplies cut to terrorists.

The de-escalation of East West tensions is not about Syria or Ukraine is it is about global confrontation, nukes, and nuclear submarines old cold war stuff, back to square one, negotiate stop to nuke arms race.

Tying it to local conflicts is mistake that will only extend people suffering.

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MONTH TWELVE: What did Russians Accomplish? A return to Square One or not Exactly?

Twelve months past since beginning of Russian military intervention in Syrian War, based on an explicit invitation of legal, internationally recognized (UN) Syrian government in agreement with all precepts, letter and spirit of the international law and UN charter that allows for provision of soliciting international military support and involvement into internal sovereign state security operations aimed to restore law and order in the country threatened by non-state actors.

According to UN charter such a military/police operations are in sole discretion of the legal governments and that Geneva conventions do not apply to such a non-state actors involved in the conflict.
The lawful actions of law enforcement agencies in such a case are explicitly excluded from international jurisdiction and that includes war crime jurisprudence, codex and/or case-law and hence government actions are solely considered under local state laws including temporary emergency laws established to deal with the non-state actors disrupting social peace, law and order and vital national and state interests.
At this point I have to affirm that in legal terms in contrast to Russian, Iranian, [Hezbollah] and Iraqi governments which involvement was directly requested by Syrian government, run by multiple times elected leader, Bashir al-Assad, US, Turkey and their allies from NATO and GCC are in severe violation of the UN charter that declares aggression of one member of UN onto another a war crime and hence deserve international condemnation and secession of such actions immediately.
In fact any civilian casualties in Syria caused by so-called US allies are subject to UN war crime tribunals, while similar offences committed by Syrian army are under exclusive Syrian emergency law jurisdiction, which grants immunity to the military personnel following legal orders under international Jurisprudence, sovereign immunity clause, ironically invoked by Obama to shamelessly cover up Saudis heavy involvement in 9/11 disaster.
In other words US president, a Constitutional Law scholar, openly denies UN principle of sovereign immunity to some and defend this same principle for other, basing judgment solely on geopolitical considerations having nothing to do with law but political expediency and US direct interests.

After clarifying legal status of the war, let’s review what Russians accomplished during last six months.
The first six months of intervention was comprehensively discussed in March 2016 and is linked here:

So I will not focus of that period which in general can be characterized as six-months of military actions and massive delivery of military and humanitarian supplies and materiel and training to previously weaken SAA and development/introduction of new military formations/organizations loyal to the Assad regime into the war theater.
Unfortunately last six months of Russian involvement could be, in fairness, called reversal of the previous policies and actions practically stopping most of offensive actions even against groups not covered by early US-Russia ceasefire, dismantling unified command and control of Russian military alliance of Iranian army and IRG, Iraqi Shia militia, Afghan militia, Palestinians, YPG, PYD, Hezbollah, SAA + refurbished Syrian Air Force, and Syrian National Guard, Syrian Self Defense Force and tribal self-defense groups leading to some estrangement, political bickering and unilateral (later we learn premature) withdrawal of Russian military, Navy and Russian AirSpace forces under false pretense of a “phony” cease fire Russia was manipulated by US into, for sole purpose of bringing relief to ISIL/ANF and other terrorists groups on a brink of defeat in early March 2016 and by that allowing new weapon and personnel to be supplied to ISIL/ANF and other terrorists under pretense of supplying, in reality nonexistent but only on paper political creatures such as FSA with horrible consequences of more suffering of Syrian people.

From April, 2016 on, such as foolish political position that Russia took and forced Syrian government to follow was directly responsible for allowing to rebuild almost completely defeated terrorists’ military capabilities via US allies paid for supplies of weapons to ANF and ISIL as well such weakness contributed successful terrorists’ counterattacks and as a results by now regaining substantial part of previously lost to SAA territory.
Hence while in March, 2016 Assad regime enjoyed substantial territorial gains as we see below, in September 2016 the situation can be again described as a stalemate.
The only bright side here is that recently Russians openly denounced this sham of ceasefire they pretended to believe before and they seem to return to full military operations against terrorists regardless of western hysterical reactions proliferated by MSM.
Russians even restored the number and quality of the warplanes in their base in Latakia province, to the pre-ceasefire levels or even more.
What is disturbing that totally unnecessarily thousands of lives were sacrificed for the US-Russian global play of geopolitics and phony US diplomacy having nothing to do with Syrian war itself and was played out globally with horrifying consequences for Syrian civilians. This futile diplomatic game resulted in senseless extension of duration the war that could have been almost concluded by now if Russians continued their successful operations as in the first six months of their intervention.
As a matter of fact a desperate push of Russians to create unified East-West coalitions against all terrorists of all flavors has failed due to US intransigence and Washington vested interests in supporting abhorrent, murderous terrorists of ANF/ISIL/FSA and others as proxy military forces directed to fight against lawful Syrian government, headed by Assad and all the costs that has been paid in Syrian blood for long six months was for nothing.
What changed though is that US now openly declared itself a supporter of al-Qaeda terrorists (ANF) while still clandestinely supplies ISIL with money and weapons, marking however impossible Russian diplomatic efforts for peace, an utter failure.
As a consequence Putin gamble for pace, as presented in his UN GA speech last year in wider global geopolitical context turned out to be total disaster.
Unfortunately, Putin forgot that there is no taming what can’t be tamed namely psychotic delusions of Washington D.C. neocons about their grandeur as well that one cannot kill megalomaniac fantasies of imperial hubris without killing the emporium itself.
A sad, well-known and appreciated lesson by any Russian politician, Putin strives hard to deny.
If fact swift decisive actions, surprise and overwhelming defeat of all the terrorists is the only way for US neocons to wake up from their psychopathic torpor, squash their sick rants and open their eyes to the reality of multipolar world that requires accommodation of interests of world community.

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MARK THE DATE: Open, direct US led allies’ aggression against legitimate Syrian Government has begun.

Over last year there was a plethora of irrefutable signs and evidences [I reported them on this blog, too numerous to list here] of American troops creeping invasion, not just an intermittent air based incursions [that was common], but serious preparation of all out invasion of Syria relying on Turkish army and on supported, nurtured and organized proxy military forces in camps in Turkey and Jordan in a form of terrorist militias ISIL, ANF/JNS and FSA groups financed by US, [NATO], Turkey, Saudis and GCC countries under one unified US military command.

As latest episode of chasing US special forces out of Syria near Turkish border clearly demonstrated, the process is not smooth but slow elaborate, prone to embarrassing failures since it involves not only training countless desert thugs, mercenaries from abroad, bribing numerous terrorist commanders, but also selectively killing those few true rebels against Assad regime who oppose US intervention for political reasons.

But latest coordinated attack of US allies [likely from US/Qatar] on SAA positions in Deir-Ez-Zor with dozens of casualties while Russian S400 standing still [I guess by secret agreement] marks this date of open US aggression against Assad regime armed forces, which except for one incident in 2015 also at this location and also in coordination with ISIL, never happened before.

The unified command of pro-Syrian forces from Hezbollah, Iranians, Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqi Shia militias run by Russian generals has been proven enormously successful in 2015 bringing terrorist logistic, [fuel, money and weapons] to a collapse and causing huge material and human losses until the ill-fated phony ceasefire of February 2016 Russians signed giving card blanche to US to rearm terrorists and evacuate wounded to Turkey for R&R.

Again D.C. neocons stole victory from jaws of decisive defeat of US lunatic policies rendered by Russians. Why?

Why the February 2016 phony ceasefire and this recent phony ceasefire openly and admittedly criticized as not holding, while any idiot sweeping floors in Kremlin would have known that one needs two to tango and when US is set for brutal aggression on Syrian government dictated by geopolitics and delusions imperial hubris in their sick plans to establish religious fiefdoms liken to the US GCC protectorate but this time under Israeli administration [similar to the West Bank], no “peace tango” would ever possible.

Russians could have concluded this war by now and restored Assad to full control over his sovereign territory but decided not to do so even openly stated that they were not supporting Assad regime but just fighting terrorists in Syria. What a doublespeak in a face of elected and few times reelected Assad and Ba’ath party in elections recently even more democratic than in the US.

So why Putin was effectively buying this shit.

I think because ,as I wrote before, this is not about Syria and Assad anymore. It is about brewing global geopolitical confrontation in Europe and Asia and elsewhere. The bloody Syrian war serves only as a safety vent of those tensions and all the negotiations that Russians desperately involve themselves can only be attributed to desperately seeking a peaceful solution or appeasement to the US psychotic drive to absolute world domination as P.C.Roberts concurs while this would no longer be possible once hot global war have started.

In fact both sides by their actions prove that they do not believe that peaceful solution to a global conflict can be achieved and millions must die.

The Russian leadership resigned to it, because there is nobody sane in Washington left having any intention to stop the madness and instead they have to deal with bunch of erratic, delusional psychotics who lost touch with physical reality incessantly pushing for nuclear war.

The crazy D.C. neocons and western oligarchy obviously are not interested in peace, since facing collapse of their economic empire and fearing coming military demise, always associated with that, the global war now gives the best chance to defeat emerging world’s military powers before they gain absolute supremacy.

Acknowledgment of such a reality, shows up nowhere better than in skyrocketing military speeding of US, Russia and China over last five years of Syrian conflict. In fact Syrian war theater has become insignificant globally and short of some humanitarian support, it is hard to find any other reasonable explanation of direct US and Russian involvement and now even Chinese military involvement than testing grounds of new technologies and logistics of superpowers while ordinary Syrians are dying with no hope for peace.

We must ask what Syrian War has actually become. As I see it, it became nothing else but a proving grounds for Russian and US Military Industrial and Propaganda Complexes’ money extortion racket, run by pencil pushing bureaucrats.

Yes. The Syrian war from the beginning was not run by US generals who opposed it but by W.H. neocon bureaucrats and their MIC bosses. This same happened about six moths ago with the Russian side after rebels were practically defeated.

Russians demonstration of their global strategic force supposedly combat shoeless peasants in Syria and US build up in Iraq and Turkey but also in Eastern Europe, Japan, Korean peninsula and South East Asia all aimed to peddling another threat to their population and asking and getting hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth commitments for military spending with implicitly admitting that this is a preparation for global war.

With the terrorist threat as menacing and real as it is Obama’s approval of spending a Trillion $ for new nukes and as a response Russian $300 billions over next 5-10 years to upgrade overall forces including nuclear [both in violation of treaties and stated policies of disarmament] is nothing short than insanity and opens our eyes to the truth behind Syrian war and other CIA organized Arab springs phony events seeking nothing but a global confrontation.

The peaceful solution of conflict in Syria was presented by Russians already in 2012 when US refused to negotiate in good faith with Assad regime, enabling a democratic transition of power, and broke it by recruiting “rebels” and sponsoring terrorists of ISIL and al-Qaeda.

The military solution Russian had in their hands in February 2016 but they backed out themselves into a quagmire only because this is not why they came.

They came to defend their strategic military interests and to confront US global aggression in most benign way they found possible under guise of war against terrorism which while is a true reason for Russian intervention it is at the bottom of the list after Putin’s fateful UN speech, [aimed to expose US insidious moves and to warn about insane neocon drive towards US imperial domination and policies of chaos, destruction and death] did not have any measurable effects in emerging multipolar world, hence Putin acted.

After another six months of agony for Syrian people and another failure of new fake ceasefire and same old critical but unanswered questions I asked back then in February 2016:

  1. Why Russia supported UN Security Council Resolution 2254, adopted unanimously December 18, 2015   without clarifying legal status of NATO military operations in Syria under Syrian Law? On what legal basis US, French, British or Oman are bombing Syria?

  2. Why Russians or Iranians did not insist on clarification of legal basis under which Israel is bombing Syria and attacking Assad government in violation of UN charter?

  3. Why in UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians or Iranians did not insist on clarification of legal status of Turkish aggression in Syria including [military invasion and] shooting down lawfully operating Russian military airplane, shelling Syrian territory [and SAA positions, support for ISIL/ANF] or occupation of 1-2 mile wide sliver of Syrian land along border?

  4. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not call for withdrawal of unauthorized by Assad regime foreign military, including US troops from Syrian Kurdistan [and elsewhere]?

  5. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not insist on explicit prohibition of introduction of any unauthorized by Syrian government foreign military forces on Syrian territory as a matter of confirmation of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity as UN charter requires.

  6. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Ceasefire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not insist that no ceasefire will be in effect for all those yet undefined “ moderate opposition groups” who have in their ranks foreign mercenaries, non-Syrian citizen, and why expulsion of such has not been required as a precondition to cease-fire.

  7. Why Russians and/or Iranians did not insist on finalizing a list of terrorist organizations excluded from the Ceasefire Agreement before any ceasefire implementation may begin since this political/technical issue [identification and separation of terrorist from moderates] makes the Agreement unenforceable.

  8. Why Russians and/or Syrians did not insist on inclusion of Syrian Kurds in the negotiation, a vital force fighting terrorists.

  9. Should we understand that by signing the UNSCR 2254 and the Ceasefire Agreement Russia legalized NATO aggression against legal Assad government if not why NATO aggression was not prohibited in the agreement although illegality of any aggression is a vital part of UN charter?


If this conclusion is true then the agreement is an illegal act, against UN charter and international law since the only legal representative government of Syria is the representative of Assad regime and the UNCR 2254 is not aimed against Assad regime and hence UNSC cannot infringe on Syrian sovereignty.

In fact quick read of the “agreement” make me realize that it is a meaningless, unenforceable on the ground in Syria, piece of paper that actually allows SAA to move against ISIL and seal Turkish border North of Aleppo but also allows the west preparation for plan B i.e invasion of Syria. However, what it would surely do is to it provide fertile ground for western accusation of Russian/Syrians breaking the agreement we are so familiar with.

It is clear that nonchalant attitude of Russian and utter intransigence of the US who even did not insist on identifying of all terrorists before any cessation of hostilities and failed to bring to the table real players in the conflict as Syrians, Iran, Israel, Iraq Turkey, Saudis and Kurds makes all those efforts nothing but a theater of absurd that needs to be dismissed and true global confrontation among superpowers that is going on in Syria revealed to the world. But do not count on MSM.

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New US-Russia-Iran-Turkey Coalition Or Just Smoke And Mirrors?

So now everything is clear now, fog of war and lies has rescinded and naked truth was revealed and for many observers of the Syrian conflict it is apparently not a nice picture. Or is it?

First, in case you wondered what the hell was the US-Iran deal all about since Iran had no nukes to give up? As recently revealed that it was all about privatization of Iranian people’s national treasure namely oil reserves for frozen Shah money (ransom money) and the rest payable upon introduction of western oil giants into Iran. This whole deal was nothing but an attempt to put Iranian clerics on American leash. Did it work? Well time will tell but there are signs that somewhat it did.

Recent deal with Turkey and Iraq (and Russia???) about eradication of PKK was a supplement to it that and for all practical reasons seals fate of Syria as a unified country, namely Syria has been effectively partitioned into ethnic enclaves run but specific international sponsors [in case of Syrian Kurds it will be US like in Iraq where US sponsored Barzani mafia rules Iraqi Kurdistan], and just like it was in Lebanon in 1990-ties, while an illusion of unity government pretending to rule from Damascus after Assad is gone will be maintained.

I must say that gullibility of such a move of usual suspects facing US imperial evil is astonishing even by low standards rotten brains of Iranian clerics, sick Sultan of Ankara, or on some other days sane Putin. Or is it all hoax?

Second, As anyone who reads Syrian War Update and other direct sources knows that Russia in last months since the phony ceasefire, de facto, under unrelated geopolitical pressure, switched the political sides and reluctantly joined the US coalition [w/ Israel] via more or less abandoning the Assad regime politically if not entirely militarily yet, blackmailing desperate Assad to go along with anything including things that will soon lead to his demise as “all Syria” leader now enjoying 55% of popularity and having won two elections since 2011.

But none of that matters at all. It doesn’t matter that Assad has, more support than many top EU and US so-called democratic leaders, not to mention huge popularity of such “dictators” as Putin or Erdogan.

Does democracy requires majority support although it is not sufficient? Not in the west.

Sadly, in the same time many Russia’s apologists concoct fantastic scenarios how under Putin pressure, Erdogan, who after just invading Jarabulus area with 100 tanks and artillery an already loosing at least thirty soldiers fighting.. guess who? YPG Kurds armed with TOW from the US, allowing ISIL to withdraw largely unscathed, would reconcile with Assad who in turn would clam down on Kurds after he is helped by Turks to eliminate ISIL.

All that while US army directly and “independently” from Turkish army is raining MLRS over some abandoned ISIL Turkish border positions for PR.

Would Russians ever believe such a fantastic scenario? Highly unlikely.

Much more likely they are just interested in their own short sided goals in Syria with Assad or without him like in the period between 2011 and 2014, while watching closely their seriously threatened by US global interests, and believe me, if Russians buy again US-Turkish lies they will be fucked again like in was in Ukraine and Eastern Europe ridiculously whipped up in anti-Russian hysteria for war which made Russians pay, now so far monetarily [beefing up the military budged] not with their blood yet. And in the same way it goes for apparent disastrous ceasefire in February 2016 supposedly to prevent Turkish invasion. It did not.

Sadly today Russia, by acquiescing, if not supporting naked aggression of Turkey in Syria, no UN resolution, or open condemnations of that blatant illegal act, lost significant moral capital of her engagement in Syria what was her primary strength in this conflict as pointed out by Putin’s excellent UN speech in 2015 as only voice left for international law and order, and possibly stooped to a level of just another political toy in the US imperial hands.

What’s happening on the ground in Syria [loss of military strategic initiative since this phony ceasefire] and in wider geopolitical realm of escalation of global confrontation in Europe and Asia cannot be characterized in any other way as another Putin political and propaganda defeat.

And no illusion of a Turkish pivot to the East as a Russian “brilliant” move to draw Turkey out of US imperial hands, even peddled by some independent blogs can change that.

The Turkish coup was not instigated by Americans otherwise Erdogan would have been dead, it was his own political consolidation ploy to show he will not be dislodged and that he is ready to be an US killer again and will kill anyone he pleases friend and foes ‘du jour’ as any good US attack dog would do. If Putin believes that he can make a deal with the US or Turkey not from position of overwhelming power he is an idiot. I am sorry.

Such worries of loosing very important legal and moral superiority in the Syrian War have been expressed here on this blog six months ago:

“Vlad, they will not lift the sanction and forget about sailing on your yacht in Tuscany anytime soon, you are better than that, just keep, steady, do not let Russian superior political, military, legal and moral position to be tarnished by some half backed political maneuvers.

Do not even fake making deal with those medieval gangsters, it won’t work, western propaganda won’t ease, that’s the fact. Turkey won’t be controlled by the US, since she is already doing US bidding unless corrected by Russian forces on the ground and in the air. Politics of appeasement won’t work, as history teaches us, only steady gravitas and determination will do the job.

Vlad, you pumped natural gas to Kiev fascist regime for free in winter 2014/2015 for humanitarian reasons and transit to your western friends who spat in your face while they were slaughtering your kin in Donbass. And to add insult to injury Kiev regime never paid for it and now defaulted of your eurobonds with no consequences.

You do not have to be too friendly to US western stooges, who want you and your “friend” Assad dead.”

And one more thing, some voices start blaming YPG/PYD of being manipulated into their affair with US and just now betrayed, worsening their already desperate political position.

While Kurds are divided and definitely have to blame themselves for many political problems they face, in this case it is such an appalling and very unjust attitude to Kurds propagated even by so-called journalists or bloggers , that is simply factually wrong and politically baseless.

No. The Kurds, PYD, YPG are not the problem in Syria and they have never really been, since per old agreement with Turkey, Assad granted them controlled autonomy and in 2012 expanded the autonomy broadly [practically for a first time allowing them to rule themselves and Assad explicitly put them in charge of defending themselves from ANF and later ISIL], by withdrawing from Hasakah province massive SAA personnel and equipment to fight terrorists elsewhere while leaving practically a small detachments of a SAA protection force for Arab population of Hasakah province on their requests.

There was no fighting there between Kurds and SAA from 2011 until now as I recall. It was that way before the YPG/PYD leadership was corrupted/bribed by the US as Iraqi Barzani Clan was almost three decades ago, mostly with weapons, when they were the only force to effectively resist assaults of US terrorist proxies [ISIL+old converted moderates] while SAA was disintegrating and Assad survival was in question.

Kurds did not revolt against legitimate government of Syria, they did not become traitors of the Syrian secular state, and in anytime during the war until their incoherent utterances for western press about Rojava or something, they did their job of protection Kurds ethnic people from ISIL savages. Of course as all sides that entered the war, Kurds also have their although small share of atrocities against Arabs and Yazidis, mostly via neglect or exposing them to ISIL while saving ethnic Kurds which is called ethnic cleansing and discrimination and they must be hold responsible after the war, so Assad regime, Russia, Iran as well as whole murderous US coalition of evil including NATO.

Having said that Kurds have become overall victims of their corrupted leadership, vicious geopolitics deaf to Kurdish pleas to save them from being exterminated by Turkish regime, once again, Kurd fell for fake, switching alliances and false declarations of western support and empty gestures from Russians and even Iranians.

The fact is that Syrian Kurds did not break any international or internal state laws, and blaming them for the self-defense situation they have been forced into [not trying to realize some ridiculous dreams of independent state at this point] while ignoring true conniving culprit i.e. global geopolitics of lies and deceit and dealings with US imperial evil, is preposterous at minimum and what’s worse devoid of any merit.

The complex political situation of Kurds has been somewhat addressee in previous post:

“As they successfully did with KRG and Peshmerga, a Barzani Clan Militia in Iraq, the US became interested in taking over YPG and Syrian Kurdish leadership of PYD, in an attempt to corrupt/control them as well in order to calm down of some of Turkish well-founded fears about highly trained YPG under command of PYD sister party of PKK at Turkish borders.

Facing with annihilation just 18 months ago, YPG temporary and seemingly accepted the US air support in fighting ISIL, and tolerate some US boots on the ground, in Kurdish areas but this marriage of convenience cannot last and is politically so fragile that could be broken on a moment notice. And as soon as ISIL is substantially weaken or defeated, US Special Forces, illegally operating on Syrian soil, will quickly be forced out under any pretext of Syrian national sovereignty or something else.

Back then, in 1990-ties US provided the only possible protection against still strong Saddam Hussein army for the Iraqi-Kurdish forces under CIA control while now in Syria, Assad is much weaker and already conceded strong Kurdish autonomy and local self-rule, facing the fact of infeasibility of enforcement of his political reign over Kurds for many years after the war.

However, Assad demanded Syrian territorial integrity, and Damascus veto in the Syrian defense and international relations being respected by Kurds. Both sides are considering Turkey as being common enemy and a threat to their particular interests and both would do anything possible to find a compromise, with Turkey on a losing side. They have no illusions that, for global geopolitical reasons, the US ultimately will support Turkey and hence the PYD political/military embrace of US is treated as temporary and tactical measure.”


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Fog of Diplomatic Chaos and Serious Terrorists’ Counter Offensive. What to Make of it?

While Geneva talks were doomed from the start since there were wrong players (terrorists) or not all players at the table with notable absence of YPG and on the top of it we have massive reorientation of rhetoric of post coup Turkey and Erdogan “fake” Syrian peace offensive officially bought by Russia more for propaganda reason than as a genuine change in Turkish policies which are staunchly pro-western only because there is money there. So we hear “suppose” return to normalization between Turkey and Russia.

Nonsense, it is both sides’ political ploy to be seen distancing themselves from US position and especially Russia wants Erdogan to say that it is the US that is an enemy of MENA political order which would be much more kindly transmitted to the western audience conditioned as attack dogs against Russians no matter what. So US overtures like “we’re still friends” after new Turkish PM says they are not friends etc., numerous times.

And here we come to true reason for staged Turkish coup, namely, now an open fact that US wants to partition Syria into some fiefdoms administered from tel-Aviv which means creation of Kurdish statelets in Syria and even in Iraq under US protectorate and that what makes Erdogan furious even if he was one of instigators and accomplices of this US organized and executed proxy war against Assad.

Many would point out that Erdogan supported ANF and Islamic State from 2011 on so why no he complains about possible partition and disintegration of Syria. In fact he himself applying skillfully a “democratic” charade to take power for his Islamic brotherhood comrades envisioned the same fate for Syria namely a “democratic elections (when Assad is gone), new central government denominated by Islamic brotherhood (majority of Sunnis in Syria) emerges and while officially Syria as a state will continue, a close political alliance between Ankara and Damascus would be forged and spread a pan Arabic movement similarly to Arab Ba’ath party secularist movement emerged 60 years ago, but this time it would be religions movement under guise of a “benign” Sultan of Ankara and new Ottoman empire 2.0.

So here is the existential conflict between Turks and US and why US is pushing it so openly by directly warming to and supporting with its military power, YPG/PYD a Syrian reincarnation of PKK is a mystery or just monument to US stupidity or more likely deliberate sowing of more chaos.

But make no mistake Turkey is done it for leverage, and they do not intend to leave western connections or NATO while facing all conflicted MENA or Russia that is really unable to remove western ties from her economy and even political connotation of their oligarchic class.

So let not get carry away with “friendship” between Turkey and Russians, since it is more or less tactical agreement to build up a domestic political propaganda positions as “independent/opposing from US hegemonic ambitions” as well as conceal a new east-west arm race on global scale.

Also while it is good to finally hear that China officially took Syrian side of the conflict while before mostly was engaged in cooperation with Russians in their efforts in Syria. Of course it is not a change of course which is still to fight for certain respect, equal standing with the US but a response to verbal aggression and even military maneuvering in south China sea.

Only in this context we have sudden agreement between Turkey and Iran and surprisingly Russians which amounts to join fighting of PKK and their Syrian reincarnations YPG/PYD on all territories which translated in Russians abandoning Kurds and already resulted in fighting in Hasaka between PYD militia and SAA and SAAF attacking Kurds position for a first time since the war began [with some casualties], now considered as US proxies (like terrorists) not as neutral players acting before upon direct agreement with Assad regime to counteract the ISIL terror.

In such a geopolitical situation, changing alliances[ diplomatic thaw with Israel and Turkey] as an imbecile would have predicted five years ago but not US state dept, as I pointed out numerous times before since this phony ceasefire that amounted to nothing, a perspective of peaceful solution to the conflict is getting more and more distant and unachievable, as Lebanon conflict should teach us, may last 40 years on and off of continuing war and carnage and death ending up in stalemate and no viable solution for peace.

Is this what’s coming to Syria? Is my prediction of quagmire due to missed opportunity of February, 2016 real? Was this perhaps the only chance to destroy terrorists capability for war and end the strive? Unfortunately, it is what it looks like. And that make all the new deaths including children mostly killed, by terrorists but in some part by Assad regime and that including Russia truly senseless since the politics of war as it deteriorated in recent months, led to nowhere, and all the pain and suffering was clearly in vain, but that’s the story of all wars, all carnage fueled by money, greed and ambition having nothing to do with state goals and intentions. War is hell and hellishly manipulated for propaganda purposes images attest to that.

Also as far as recent media-wise developments are concerned, while US government tone became somewhat ambiguous, the MSM anti-Russian propaganda rhetoric reach zenith, in the context of electorate hysteria about Trump peace with Russian utterances, with assigning most of Syrian crimes committed but US friendly terrorist allies to Russia and Assad regime, who guess what, still must go even if in rennet weeks the US and Turkey admitted stabilizing effect of Assad on the war.

Finally Russian Federation officially disclosed combat deaths since 2015:

1.Fedor Zhuravlev

2.Oleg Peshkov

3.Alexander Pozynich

4.Ivan Cheremisin

5.Alexander Prokhorenko

6,7,Okladnikov Andrei and Victor Pankov

8.Anton Erygin

9.Andrew Timoshenkov

10.Michael Shirokopoyas

11,12,Ryafagat Khabibulin and Evgeny Dolgin

13.Nikita Shevchenko

14.Vadim Kostenko. Non-combat loss: suicide on the base.

The full list of official Russian casualties although it is likely at least twenty to fifty more than listed:

In fact the number could reach fifty if we count all those who were injured and died within days outside the immediate combat area, in Syria or back in Russia after week or months of medical treatment. Also there are estimated another twenty or more deaths of Russian soldiers or contractors on clandestine missions or due to friendly fire, all so far unconfirmed. A RF disclosure is a step in right direction as I have been advocating from late 2015 we need more regular updates.


A human and other costs of war must not be hidden to public; the pressure to end the war must persist against interests of abhorrent merchants of death.

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Little Syrian Stalingrad and US Word Game.

While somewhat buried in the headlines Syrian war not only continues but substantially escalated from March low and sorry to say much of the escalation comes from refreshed and re-supplied by US alliance terrorists as I was writing about for last several months, thousands of new civilians and military casualties on both sides and all frontlines seems to move daily on tactical levels while strategically situation can be characterized as quasi-stalemate and that includes the situation in Aleppo where frontlines are moving constantly and after SAA advanced recently similarity painful set backs occurs as I documented he re as well.

Some coined that situation in Aleppo as a little Stalingrad as we see although on much smaller scale with shared characteristic two factors: wider no man land changing hands regularly as well as strategic importance and meaning of potential victory or defeat in Aleppo which would definitely switch military and political momentum. One thing is for sure, Syrian people will lose again because that in West Aleppo there are 1.5 million of civilians now attacked by “moderate” beheaders even more fiercely than before.

As MoA reports SAA instigate siege of East Aleppo turned just recently into a siege of West Aleppo by ANF terrorists and over a millions people were cut off from supplies from Damascus:

The Jihadis retreated after their first three attacks but renewed their efforts with fresh troops on the next day. This time they concentrated on one focal point. Another frontal assault throughout Friday failed, but a fifth major strike followed in the darkness of Friday night. A total of five vehicle borne suicide bombs broke the defense line of the Syrian government forces and Jihadi forces stormed into the wide area of the Artillery Academy.

I must give credit to author who does excellent reporting especially reporting for lies of MSM about Syrian war but his political guts are somewhat bias toward Russians, which skews his opinions about the situation which Aleppo situation is an example.

One cannot understand what’s going on in Aleppo and elsewhere without acknowledging Russian blunder or conscious calculated decision in February, 2016 to go with this fake ceasefire, what a kindergartener would easily conclude was aimed from US side, to arm rebels in new weaponry and increase their ranks.

In any way it would have been called blunder, especially that the ceasefire broke Russian coalition military momentum, a push toward to Turkish border to cut supplies there, as would dictate any sound military strategy, Russian or not, seen as critical for victory.

That did not happen, Syria did not regain sovereignty of their border, and a critical momentum was lost. Later we found out that even possible wider geopolitical game of may be preventing Turkish invasion, that would never happen for other internal reason, as we know now as well as eastern NATO expansion that actually happened, none of that open hostility beyond propaganda itself against Russian strategic geopolitical interest were avoided. So what this ceasefire was all about I repeatedly ask on this blog? I hesitate to say that but I do not see any Russian reason for it but humanitarian mission of help to besieged Syrians in all the enclaves surrounded cut off from supplies.

Now the strategic situation is a classical stalemate since strengthen Assad was loaded with new weapons and air force upgraded significantly and trained, but for Russians I am sorry to say it looks like a quagmire exactly a result D.C. neocons were counting on.
While even Putin started to make noises that US attitude is disingenuous, not really seeking peace, which any kindergartener would know by now, latest US “offensive of peace” was a lexical one.

Instead of attacking terrorists or just stop giving them money, weapons and supports we have learned from murderous US administration a Orwellian war propaganda instead.

Yes Orwellian, not Orwellianesque but straight 1984 style Orwellian bullshit namely renaming enemy so they could be a considered/reclassified as friends openly for purposes of more support, this time officially “legal” support as well as for MSM propaganda purposes son attacks on Assad and Russian could be intensified.

And hence it has been proclaimed from the Hill that old good al-Qaeda in Syria or Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization has been relabeled supposedly by themselves as Jabhat ash-Sham or whatever and nicely quit Al-Qaeda worldwide affiliates and hence all became moderate democracy loving, charity organization with guns and long knives, if you believe MSM lies.

No propaganda stooges asked if the same murderous commanders will continue under new name and the same troops will continue to fight who, as US documents indicate, committed international war crimes on civilians, crimes that have no statutory limits for pursuing as a legal matter or that in their ranks there are many US trained and equipped groups that joined the ANF for money and that effectively made US supporter of terrorists, war criminals, which you and me would cost a prison term if we gave a weapon to somebody who gave it to terrorists especially that there was not a case of US sovereign immunity since official stand of US was against ANF labeled by US and UN as terrorists.

War spurs extreme criminality and US and others are deeply engaged in the Syrian war and conditions of chaos it created. Will this chaos engulf Russians intervention as well? Will Russian play the US deceitful game drawing Russians into a quandary?

A mini-Vietnam or mini-Afghanistan quagmire calling for a decision to pullout or to escalate. As we know US never stops or withdraws unless soundly defeated so they escalated with their proxy war against Russia and Russians hesitated.

But this recent Artillery academy setback is not an isolated incident over last three months SAA ceded territory of al-Eis, al-Hader, and Touman south/south-west Aleppo area, and this temporary bridge of siege at the Academy is one of many for which no SAA answer was found so far.

A partial answer to that is the lack of Russian air capabilities after mostly withdrawal from Syria in March, an particularity I talking not about assault against strategic logistics bases and troop movement bombings which continues although with less intensity but a direct close range air support for offensive and defensive operations, directed until February 2016 by Russian liaison officers on the ground augmented by SAA intelligence.

So while more Syrian precision bombing occurs, SAA , Iranians and Hezbollah are left to fend themselves with some attack helicopter support that are vulnerable to new AA missiles supplied to terrorists. And that was cause of increased military casualties among Iranians and clear political snag in the Russian Iranian relations as I have reported on recently.

About 18 months ago Assad fate was uncertain now he, in current state of fighting forces, will not be militarily dislodged due to Russian modernization and weapons supplies, the same weapons they refused to supplied after 2011 even when they were paid in full in 2008.

Would the Syrian war be over if Russian helped Assad as they were obliged by treaties back in 2011?

I may say that it would have been likely outcome and very likely we would not have about 200 thousands of civilians casualties that for sure.

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Murder in Nice, Coup d’Sultan or Genie out of the Imperial Bottle.

So we have another tragedy, pinned of course on ISIL. Eighty four people, ironically, celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, southern France, a day of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity have been massacred, ran over by a big rental truck, by a Frenchman (Tunisian origin) divorced, drunkard, practicing atheist a petty criminal that stooped onto reality of shadow/black economy to feed his children and his vices, mostly gambling and prostitution, hardly a picture of devoted pious jihadist ISIL is presenting itself to be and what western propaganda is buying namely an an utter lie

If he ever was radicalized, although it is doubtful, it was only because of his rage but not as much directed toward French murderous policies in MENA but perhaps due to his alienation from collapsing French society and economy that became unbearable and feeling marginalized he desperately wanted his life to have some meaning, however, terrible and delusional, not uncommon motivation of all people ended up committing violent acts, political or not.

But nobody is really interested in that side of the story in the French society that deteriorated to the level of America when such orgies of rage are quite often, while as a response to the carnage in Niece French government followed absurdly illogical logic of the US by killing innocent civilians as they just did at Manjib, Syria as senseless expression of bold thuggish fury executed by the so-called civilized states.

It just reminded me a case over a decade ago, of a 85 y.o. retiree angry about his inhumane medical treatment plowed through people attending a food market on a closed street in California, with several dead and dozens injured including children. Back then, after 9/11, nobody advocated bombing of a random retirement housing locations, or killing a residents of DC unrelated to the incident, nobody advocated lunacy and psychotic behavior or a war, as morally bankrupt, psychotic ruling elite advocates today.

This same abhorrent elite who finances the terrorists in Syria and elsewhere as seen on below image, dares to tell French that they do everything they can to keep them safe, an incoherent psycho talk or worse that hamburgerized French, like American sheeple are expected to blindly follow.

Just after previous still unresolved and dubious terrorist attack in Paris last year I asked French, European people, how would they respond to the atrocities of western instigated war that hit them.

What’s more important is how [France] Europe responds to this act of terror against ordinary people. [Will they respond] with blind brutality and lust for uncontrollable revenge, liken to medieval elite cultures of neo-feudal realm, .. breaking through a veneer of western modern civilization, showing off values akin to those of Islamic terrorists. Or a country who gave us Voltaire and Rousseau, will use this opportunity to come back to the values of enlightenment, true values of liberty, equality and brotherhood [in] internal and external relations and look in the mirror to see for what monster it became.

We have our answer now, loud and clear. Naked senseless brutality from the autocratic oligarchic state to save their own sorry asses and their power, no matter how dire consequences of their citizen they despise may be.

Why is it possible, such a blatant criminality of the so-called democratic state? It is in most part because of black propaganda curtain that descended over the West.

Here is an inverted Churchill’s warning of cold war 1.0 which adequately describe the suppression liberties in Europe today, making the mayhem possible:

From majestic fiords of Norways polar circle to golden beaches of Island of Cyprus a Black Propaganda curtain has descended over Europe. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Western and Central Europe. Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Geneva, Dublin, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens and Nicosia; all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the American sphere of oppression, and all are subject, in one form or another, not only to brutal American power but to a very high and in some cases increasing measure of direct totalitarian control from Washington D.C.

In the context of Europe strange relations with terrorists’ supporting Erdogan regime in Turkey and a wave of purposefully unleashed refugees from MENA, mostly western intelligence collaborators or direct intelligence assets and their families formerly embedded into terrorist organizations like ISIL ANF and many others fake “moderate terrorists” groups US is openly catering to, it is interesting to examine what strange events in Turkey are taking place wrongly called an attempted coup d’etat.

But before I put forward my take on the current events it is interesting to recall my opinion from over a half a year ago when discussing a role of Erdogan, the Sultan to be of new Ottoman Empire he dreamt up out of his delusional dreams. As I, not quite prophetically but rather realistically wrote:

The Sultan of Ankara after figuring out last June that he is not loved by all the subjects in Turkey (yet), did not make the same mistake last month, believing in his imperial hubris and simply rigged elections old fashion way, by killing, arresting and/or intimidating his political opponents from right, left to Kurds with knives, guns, bombs and insults, was finally able to sit on his throne. A perfect candidate to join EU fascists. What’s most interesting however, is that he went after pro-American secular neoliberal political parties as much as after communists.

So what are his plans at home and in Syria?

At home he plans to torture his subjects with elections/referendums until they love/submit to him as an unchallenged emperor of the Ottoman Empire, which he promised to resurrect. A political blueprint copied directly from Hitler who finally had approval from most of the nation after six tries and all the opposition dead, exiled or imprisoned in political re-education camps. However, with all that surrealism, it actually makes sense in the context of the preprogrammed chaos in the Middle East we are witnessing now.

I order to achieve Turkish imperial objective, all those artificial post-colonial states would have to be slowly dissolved by promoting separation of ethnic, religious, cultural enclaves in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and partially post-Saudi Arabia into statelets (Christians, Alawites, Turkmen, Kurds, local Sunnis, Shia, Yazidis etc., under a Turkish empire tolerant and enlightened protectorate.


Erdogan had a plan long time before this event to usurp power and it is only due to CNN Turk spectacle that western media at least initially bought this false mantra that people saved democracy in Turkey, now they seems to sing to slightly different tune and began to backpedal.

So let clear it up. As it is a common knowledge now there is no democracy in Turkey none whatsoever and frankly never was, there are elections but no democracy so were elections every four years in Soviet Union and Eastern bloc and there was no democracy to speak of.

Turkey is run by several political/paramilitary mafias, Erdogan AK party, Gulen movement, HDP/PKK Kurds and others like fascists and communists all political activists with weapon stashes and support in highest echelons of power, similar to Lebanon militias that fought 15 year war 1975-1990. There is a sliver of truly democratic political parties, insignificant, marginalized by those mafia wars.

Now AKP has dominated this mafia war an and trying to completely eradicate the rest of opposition to establish a resurrected Ottoman Empire, a mild version of a Islamic state, hoping for territorial gain in Syria after the exterminate or subdue Kurds.

So who were those defenders of Turkish democracy?

Nothing but a political mafia paramilitary with concealed weapons who were actually waiting for soldiers to arrive on absurd meaningless strategically positions in Ankara and Istanbul before calling their fellow party members to perform a show of people power.

After promptly HDP joined condemnation of the coup, smelling a rat, also HDP mafia operatives went in the streets to save nonexistent democracy which they should now well does not exists by witnessing razing to the ground of their entire cities in South East Turkey.

Also Gulen movement quickly expressed support for “democracy”  after figuring out what was going on and went in the streets just not to be accused as accomplice to the coup, and hence whole “kum bah yah” of useful idiots rejecting fascism which Erdogan actually imposed 24 hours later and sent order to arrest, prosecutors, judges, civil servants, politicians, journalists, policemen, military officers and soldiers even thousand miles away from Ankara as well as demanded that people the “democracy guardians” clear the streets or be shot to death. Only AKP organized rallies are allowed.

He closed Incirlik base and airspace and shut off the power to it, clearly unnecessary move to shut down US base and nuke because of this phony coup unless it was to help ISIL since no NATO military aircraft may leave the base for Syria, and as I write the base is still closed while electrical power was restored. What worse is that this act is a symbolic direct challenge of Erdogan who is disliked in Washington, to NATO and to Obama personally?

The victims of all of this were innocent bystanders and soldiers who were betrayed by their commanders who lied to them that they are going for city combat exercise and later cowardly proclaim support for Erdogan, and sent to soldiers to slaughter by well prepared and waiting AK security forces around parliament and presidential palace. The soldiers were not even told a pep talk about defending their fatherland from foreign and domestic enemies, as they were routinely told on every coup occasion since 1961.

It is nothing but a big false flag/black op counting on a cadre of paid assassins and bunch of useful idiots in Turkey and elsewhere to perpetuate lies about defending democracy.

There is no doubt now, no doubt at all, that was a fake coup, not a CIA operation as all the previous Turkish coups have been simply judging bey US response, a surprise, unscripted response calling calm and rule of law, instead of staunch scripted condemnation of one side or another they reserve for Russian accused of bombing in Syrian Towns 15 minutes after bomb fell.
And most of the coups in Turkey and elsewhere were prepared by months and months of massive instigation of civil unrest and economic crisis with active participation of the propaganda inside and from western media allowing for narrative of military intervention for “good” and stability of the nation to prevent population from actively opposing it. Who is against the nation? Nobody. Never a coup succeeded if it had an open political agenda since it divides people.

None of this was happening. In 1971 CIA-staged coup Turkish army overthrew leftist political movements that were anti-NATO with full preparation and support from western media and also after economic crisis was instigated.

There was one coup d’etat but not in Turkey but Greece in late 1940-ties staged by predecessor of CIA with active contribution from British invasion force to restore to power fascist regime that cooperated with Hitler, previously overthrown by leftist pro-Tito/pro-Soviet political/military movements at the end during the WWII, that succeeded with Greek people politically divided and it resulted with ultimately thousands of dead and hundreds of thousands arrested, and guerilla war for several years, not a clean  almost bloodless coup and at the end a pro-western socialist government.

CIA- instigated Coup d’etat in Chile 1973 or in Poland in 1981 for example started with western instigated economic crisis and overnight arrests of about 30 thousands of opposition including most leaders (president killed in Chile) before Army was deployed on the streets, prepared press statement and an identified national salvation committee that took power.

None of that we have now in Turkey but instead Erdogan ploy to cleanse the Army and civic institutions from political opponents to pave his way into his autocratic rule in delusional Ottoman Empire.

He crossed all the lines of sanity in his terror and revenge against his old political enemies, arresting not only lawyers, judges, prosecutors or political opposition but even kindergarten teachers, medical doctors and hospitals, university teaching staff, suspending research and research funding.

What the hell it had to do with this fake coup? Nothing, but a confrontation, provocation, a favorite tool of Turkish politics and not only Turkish.

So far attitude of Russians to this fake coup is strange by itself, especially after all those overtures of Erdogan to Putin and beginning of normalization of relation with Russia and Israel in last two months. I hope Kremlin will not be fooled by temporary spat between Erdogan and Obama and pasturing of both and will not consider this situation as anything like a real drift of Turkey out of western influence and abandoning NATO. Or most importantly it does not weaken Turkish resolve in their support for Islamic terrorists in Syria, at all.

What Russians may not be fully aware of and what we are witnessing or is actually barely reported in MSM is a birth of a true 21 century openly fascist state [underwritten by Islamic faith] with silence of proto-fascist west and the US somewhat annoyed by Sultan hallucination of grandeur tolerated only because he is a puny evil in comparison to greatest evil of Putin as DC neocons’ delusions have it. These are worshipers of lesser-evilism in Washington who keep Erdogan and his abhorrent regime alive, facing economic collapse.

We are witnessing or rather ignoring a birth of a new myth of global nation, a fascist Islamic state headquartered in Turkey with two million army and a NATO member, a great delusional dream of world Islamists, a precursor to the world’s ottoman caliphate to be, beyond even imagination of brutal but phony western excretion such as ISIL.

And so far there is no force in the world except for ordinary people willing to stop US Empire’s quest for world chaos and destruction. Syrian war as many suspect could be a fuse of global confrontation if it is not already and meanwhile collapse of law and order and descent into abyss of fascism under guise of radical Islamism, Christianity or extremist religion of money, greed and opulence represented by US and EU will continue unabated.

The call for peace is not an option anymore, it in imperative but flat screen TV political candidates or a class of plutocrats cannot and will not provide an alternative since they are heralds of the very chaos themselves, that’s what they are paid for or profit from ultimately.

The chaos is being deliberately spread all over the world, Europe, US, South America to Africa and Asia. Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and more and even Turkey are military/political quagmires and economic catastrophes.

There is no longer time to beg deadly US imperial power for peace. It is time to revolt for peace, for social order for humanity and time to demand human dignity, it is time to dispatch with the system of death, unplug from it and reject it. Let’s not let another innocent human being to be killed in our name for oligarchic profit.

We must remind all those stooges, apologists of this inhumane global reality of war and economic collapse as well as security apparatus that serves this horrific global imperial regime what all those street lampposts are all about.

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A Fissure within Russian Coalition Confirmed.

If there was not enough trouble as a result of botched Syrian ceasefire that resulted in strengthening of terrorists and rebels and weakening of position of Russian coalition, sadly mostly due to Putin disastrous dealing with the US regarding global geopolitical issues of new Cold War. Yes, Putin seems to submit to US extortion threats relating to NATO expansion and arms race and temporarily frozen Ukraine war with potentially grave consequence to the Syrian Nation but more importantly to the world peace as I posited in my previous post:

I wrote few months ago:

“Utter lack of interest, motivation or intention to achieve any true political solution, to end pain and suffering of Syrian people has been impudently demonstrated by the West set on unconditional overthrowing legal, multiple times elected Assad regime.

And that was augmented by Russian unwillingness to really push against the US for any sustainable solution, including pressure Turkey and NATO to abandon support for terrorists once Putin vulnerability to political extortion has been previously revealed in Ukraine and now in Syria. All those conditions are set for prolong bleeding of Syrian state and economy for next 10 to 15 years as long as western support for terrorists continues unabated.”

And now on the top of that Russian coalition in Syria unravels.

The original Russian coalition SAA, SNF, Hezbollah, Revolutionary guards, Iranian Army, Palestinian units, Iraqi Shia Militia and small tribal and local groups and elements of PYD (Kurds) fall apart due to three major reasons.

The first reason is withdrawal of most of Russian military aircraft from Syria, making effective close range air support to those fighting on the ground almost impossible. ISIL figured it out and often attacks after knowing that Russian air force is engaged somewhere else and unable to fight on two or more fronts at the same time as they could before.

The second is the ceasefire itself, negotiated between US and Russian only and arrogantly excluding any input from any members of Russian coalition.

The third is that the Russians withdrawal significantly diminished their role in the central command structure of entire Syrian war battlefield theater located near Damascus. By itself it was a devastating blow to the Syrian command that was for practical purposes run by the Russian generals, often teachers of Syrian top officers from Russian military academies, and was responsible for unprecedented massive assault of integrated Russian Air and Sea power and Syrian ground forces on terrorists positions and logistics in first months after Russian intervention.

Now Russians apparently handed over the command to Syrian generals and put 70% diminished Russian military power in a role of their contractor negotiating ever strike due to scarcity of resources available. This created conflict between other Russian allies such as Iran, Hezbollah and PYD that are unwilling to cede they entire local theater authority to Damascus, having to deal with their own sponsors and supporters.

That created even more chaos than it was before. In uncoordinated manner IRG units either initiate their military operations or are being ambushed by terrorists in Aleppo province while are unable to obtain Russian air support in time which often results in numerous unnecessary casualties and that includes recent deaths of several generals of IRG. The same is happening to botches advances of SAA to Raqqa where uncoordinated with Russian moves ended up with hundred of casualties and bitterness toward Russians who were unable to support them when ISIL counterattacked.

More and more lack of Russian air power capability deployed in Syria and a detrimental change in the command structure creates political conflicts within the coalition since Russians are seen as picking and choosing what request they honor causing conflicts among commanders on the ground who are used to counting on Russian air support, and are therefore ill prepared to fight without it and hence significantly increased loss of lives, territory and military hardware in last two months.

As a result, Russian coalition is losing initiative and ground in south Aleppo areas and other areas as well and as I predicted, the situation turns slowly into a quagmire with frontlines moving back and forth with no progress being made while casualties even Russian advisers mount.

Below there are some excerpts from a post on a Russian website that describes the issues that only make military situation more complicated and more dire with no end or peace in sight, exactly what US neocons have planed.

The big question is why? Why Putin fell for this phony ceasefire that allowed for rearming the terrorists? Why Putin and his brilliant strategy of Syrian intervention faltered? Unknown, but as I wrote before hard geopolitical reality of Russia confronting US imperial power is in the center of the problem not a fate of suffering Syrian people.

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NIGHT TERRORS: Brexit & Righteous Indignation of Twenty-One Mental Dwarfs and Sleeping Her Ugliness.

Sadly, I have to report that situation in Syria undoubtedly must be called a stalemate for reasons I mentioned on this blog many more times I care to remember. What we have in Syria now is a military and political game of three steps forward and two steps back or the other way around. In other words bleeding of ordinary Syrians continues, and there is no peace in sight while the only positive development is that massive Russian humanitarian assistance mission continues and definitely smaller number people are starving.

So let me address the insane US policy and politics surrounding Syrian war and its grave consequences that spilled finally into EU political realm via recent Brexit vote.

After their delusions of US bombing campaign against Assad army and Russian military positions in Syria were utterly repudiated by a last shred of sanity of DOD and CIA a bunch of oxymoronic “diplomats” turned their phony righteous indignation to the public and lamented to as always reliable Orwellian Ministry of Truth (MSM) that WWIII they crave is not happening soon enough.

Unlike of 2002 when almost 100% DOD, CIA and majority of sane US diplomat were arguing for not invading Iraq since there were no weapons of mass destruction or friendly crowds with flowers awaiting them there, no righteous indignation was allowed on the pages of MSM and instead “fabricated” government leaks coming from hacks in W.H. about doom and gloom of Hussein menace was being spewed its stench all oven formerly respectable media.

The professional intelligence community for such a deed of doing their civic duty to American people and speaking their conscience was rewarded by massive layoffs and destruction of DOS and DOD MENA expertise leaving those institution with almost nobody with diplomatic background versed in Arabic language, culture or Muslim religion, in a way finishing devastation that was happening during last years of Clinton era in late nineties.

For one, what the hell those pseudo-diplomats want? War? Are they really diplomats or neocon worshiper-extremist, puny chicken hawks who are addicted to blowing up the world for money?

I wonder where did those ladies go to finishing school for Diplomats that teach to provoke a war and destroy peace?

And what about this mentally disabled by Vietcong Kerry, who is voting for and against, supporting for and against, negotiating for and against and then he is lying for and against whatever Washington neocons happened to poop, no wonder that Dubya “The Cretin” defeated him in the American popularity contest of 2004.

Numerous statement of DOD generals confirm that the game has fundamentally changed after Russian demonstrated their combat capabilities in Syria and hence they no longer can be dismissed and that US at present time is not in control of Syrian war theater in any capacity with current level of military deployment in the region.

Also strained relations between Turkey and US and threat of Erdogan of pushing out the US military from Turkish military bases makes is close to impossible to launch anything like meaningful attack on Assad regime at this point.

Not to mention at least two S400 AMMS system deployed in Syria and  off shore. Even Netanyahu went to Moscow to be sure that S400 wouldn’t hit them since whole, Israel in the their range.

And hence what is all of this utter insanity for? Well, these are just sick neocon rants since no US general want to lose $10 billion of weapons at once on his shift . It is this reality of numerical cost of US uncontrollable, stupid moves that awaken many of pentagon and CIA people from their  torpor.

And all the Hollywood show of force in Europe, during drive-through or gangster-like rather drive-by of US military all over the central Europe hood amid mass condemnation by local people in Czech Republic, and Poland, spitting on the US soldiers, and shouting “Yankee go home”. And for what? To scare anyone or may be an enemy?

Just recently NATO showed its might by military drill supposedly reassuring “scared” population that 30 thousands of NATO troops will repel Russian aggression, needs be. What a laugh!

Let see, at this point Donbass rebels have 40-50 thousands war tested hard-core soldiers and tens of hundreds of tanks and artillery. Donbass rebels would have been mighty opponent against those puny NATO forces for Christ sake, not Russian army that is about two millions conservatively and can swell to 10 millions just in few months.

And another omitted 800 lb gorilla in the room ignored by invincible NATO propagandists, a close ally of Russia, namely Belarus, with a border located about 80 miles from the capital of Poland, Warsaw, have 250k highly trained military and hi-tech Russian equipped troops ready for fight in hours notice and another 2 millions in a matter of weeks.

Is this measly thirty thousands of troops suppose to bring confidence to some puny potato regimes of EU on Brussels payroll at the eastern flank of NATO? I don’t think so. It is nothing but Surrealistic, delusional notion, unless in Pentagon they became daily users of LSD and they are flying to Moscow by flipping their hands in the air.

Those neocon psychotics however are clear and present danger to themselves and their families if they are allowed continuing their insanity since certainly they are no danger to Russia or anybody else, armed at least with a baseball bat.

So what we need is immediate invasion of US army medical team and psychiatrist corp. into W.H. & DOS and get hospitalized all those delirious individuals before they completely soil themselves and spoil the air around them and inadvertently allow for fresh air in the corridors of power that would wipe them and their cronies out of the national political picture.

So is it right to ignore those venal, puny weasels of MIC oligarchy from DC? Well, there is always a risk of commission of something that could be a lightning rod of the tsunami of descent that is growing in the US and now UK and EU but we must remember that Hitler himself was dismissed as stupid wall painter, and he really was a frail little political nothing just five years before he became chancellor of the III Reich.

And now, since I mentioned UK, of course let me dissect what the Brexit vote was all about and why it was successful, so far for many groups, in unrelated ways, in the context of Syrian war instigated mass exodus of people from MENA countries into Europe, escaping their brutally destroyed countries by western interventions and hence severe consequences in political realm in most of the countries in EU we are observing now.

Of course number one reason for people voting Brexit was uncontrolled mass immigration, made more dramatic by the MENA Western instigated wars of last five years, that as a matter of statistical fact, stole already unable to be outsourced to Asia jobs and lowered standard of living of working people as mass immigration does to any country that allows for it, and it applies to most of Western Europe.

But are British justified in their hatred if it is hatred at all, of as much early, mass immigrants who were or thought they were escaping neoliberal destitution of their own countries, like Poland or Romania, as aristocratic English establishment that sold them out to global oligarchy way before latest wave of war refugees from MENA.

In the background of UK colonial hubris and old colonial immigration conflicts, this hatred was growing for at least a decade of autocratic EU rule as assaults and even murders against eastern European immigrants in whole UK were increasing although they were Christians, catholic or orthodox, but what this recent flood of refugees of Islamic religion from middle east states did was to cross the already very tenuous red line of British people tolerance of their economic pain. This people’s pain was not as much embraced but exploited by right-wing nationalists and fascist in the media.

I am against fascism as much as next guy but argument that Farage or fascism had anything to do with this Brexit vote is a sad testimony of dramatically dropping IQs of those who run western propaganda.

It was the brutal and deadly class war waged by global oligarchs against working people for decades that was responsible for the results of the vote.

The fascists as Hitler did in 1932, are riding a political tsunami of continuing Great Depression of XXI century only because true anti-fascist left has been eradicated by the very establishment that is lamenting about fascism now.

The fact is that elites and their young techies zombies living in a London bubble do not want to acknowledge or hear about.

British people, regardless of UKIP or other rhetoric, had no choice and by Brexit vote they said enough is enough since now it was not only about mainstream economy, jobs but it was all about immigrant culture, basic fundamental precepts of civilization and common law they see as defining what being British means for them, was violated so hard that it could not be tolerated no more. But that’s not why the Brexit vote was allowed or even allowed to show that pro-Brexit camp won. It was just a ploy to take care of another type of business.

The true insidious motivation for the Brexit referendum was hidden, namely that it is nothing but a UK banksters effort to extort concession from EU commission regulatory agencies and ECB/Bundesbank German banksters to exempt UK (London) based banks from more sensible regulation, curbing rampant speculation, naked short selling, insanity of hypothecation of the same collateral to the infinity, transparency to prevent fraud, impair money laundering, tax evasion, and equity markets/derivatives transaction tax that would have been imposed on banksters when EU banking union is consummated as a part of furthering of inevitable political consolidation of EU into a continent-wide super-state.

And article 50 of Lisbon treaty is the trigger, a threat the banksters now are using in ongoing secret negotiation with EU/Eurozone establishment, as long as it takes, months to years before Brexit officially commences or not.

The most importantly UK banksters demand an exemption from EU laws for City of London financial center possibly as apart of TTIP signing concessions. Both FED, ECB and Bundesbank oppose special rights for London City since Germany suppose to be local master of EU slaves owned by US (global) oligarchy.

While there is a split in banking elites i.e. ruling elites, visible by pound sterling dropping like a stone there is no side to be picked in this fight for British working people since one way or another they will be screwed by raise of corporate billionaire gangsters, and that’s the hidden truth. What they are negotiating is extermination of working people as usual.

However, the awakening among working people, the sense of togetherness and courage to oppose the establishment with success is priceless regardless of actuality of Brexit and in condition of elites’ split, at least temporarily, people have a chance to wreck this abhorrent regime, one piece at the time, the regime that is strong only because we believe that is invincible and omnipotent while in fact it is more fragile than house of cards. Supposedly millions of bots signed online petition for re-vote. That’s an open gate for revote if negotiation between UK and German banksters concludes successfully for London.

Note that the result of the vote was rigged this time as well while allowing for Brexit, but in fact vast majority over 65 % to 70% voted for leave but that result would have been more difficult to reverse in a new vote.

All elections are rigged as Walter Lipmann said those morons (citizen) would not be allowed to hurt themselves with their stupid voting.

Will Brexit and potential further disintegration of EU/Eurozone be a legacy of US lies and misadventures of US imperial hubris in MENA where hundred of thousands of people are dead, is that war a beginning of the end of the US imperial power or just end of the new beginning.

We should find out soon.

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STRANGE DAYS: Did Israelis Pivoted to Russia? Or the other way around.

More and more evidences confirm what is really already known that at this point neither Syrian/Russian offensive before the ceasefire or developments after that had much of detrimental effect on ISIL, ANF and other terrorists as well as so-called moderate rebels associated with and under overall command of Islamic State because of US allies resupplied the terrorists with weapons and materiel.

However an interesting phenomenon emerged that defies all the falls notions that ISIL is some group of fanatical nuts enjoying sport of beheading.

What media is just discovering I noticed months ago:

Let’s be clear, the western supported IS leadership is not a fanatical army of Allah, a Hollywood-like image US propaganda is trying to paint. Their detestable brutality is a production of psychological warfare innate to most terrorist movements, but in ISIS case amplified way beyond pale of any acceptable human conduct and hence somewhat unique. In truth, these are shrewd successful businessmen exploiting confused, desperate or naive Muslims to get rich and famous while breaking every canon of Muslim religion while at it, [impossible] to be distinguished from thieving bankers when they wear their Armani suits during their Washington D.C. visits.

The immorality is for them a badge of honor when blessed by the God speaking to them through their military victories in their existential struggle between good (them) and evil (the rest of us), following a Hegelian dialectics long time ago adopted by the types of Hitler, [only] as long as earthly money from their sponsors is coming.

And now such an attitude shows up. Facing similar problem to most world economies, IS economy is facing crash in the revenues up to 30%-50% due to Russian bombing, partially closing Iraq/Turkey border and that combined with similar revenue crash in ISIL/ANF sponsors’ income causing significant strain on IS finances augmented by massive theft and fraud perpetrated by certain pious student of Islam, a IS treasurer who split with Angels of Allah’s money and US bombing of IS central bank in Mosul some months ago and hence pious islamic leaders discovered price of money and beauty of high taxation.

So now that hard-core Sharia law worshipers, a law previously interpreted to the ridiculous letter of Quran become more “liberal” and understanding” of people’s sins. They almost adopted phrase  “to err is human” as long as you pay for it.

Rings a bell? Yes, what we dealing with is common Christian fiefdoms’ practice of selling indulgences (absolution) so far only a posteriori, after the crime but who knows. May be soon Danish cartoonists could draw Mohammad face for couple of thousands of dollars, without fearing zombie Allah believers blindly following fake fatwa from phony ISIL or other religious authorities funded by Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia. So now in IS if you steal instead of cutting your “hand that stole” it just takes a certain amount of money “from your hand that stole”. Just like here in the US.

And if you miss you daily prayers you are able to avoid inconvenient 50 lashes by paying 50$ cash, and when you curse Allah, you head instead of being removed from your torso will have opportunity to reveals where is the gold that they would cancel all your sins with.

Business is business Allah willing, and Allah is very willing to take your money. And if you are pious muslim reading this while strapping on a suicide bomb vest on orders of  those businessmen from IS think about it again since there are no 40 virgins and gold where you are going but a dirt and innocent dead.

Fantastic. The ISIL leaders are not stupid they learned a lot during their recent visit in Washington D.C. and Wall Street as well as in Saudi capital.

No. ISIL is not a bunch of fanatics but a well equipped hired army of US and allies created and sponsored mercenaries who do not give a shit about Islam or anything else but money they are paid to bring pain and suffering to people of Iraq and Syria and to dislodge Iraqi pro Iranian government and Assad regime who dared not to sell their people to neoliberal slavery, any more.

A very interesting part in all of this, is playing the most important ally of the US in the ME namely Israel. What actually role Israel plays is a mater of a lot of unnecessary confusion.

At first we must realize the fact that as any US ally in the ME Israel is sponsoring directly/indirectly of terrorists of ANF and ISIL and hundreds of other groups in many ways; from direct weapons purchasing and transport, to enabling financial transitions (slaves, currency, commodity and gold) in support of terrorists and in the end direct involvement of IDF military in the conflict inside Syria.

Israel continues illegally bombing critical SAA infrastructure often conducted in ways to effectively support terrorist side. Especially in the southwest Syria Israel actively is engaged in to protection of ANF by long-range artillery shelling of SAA positions and preventing Syrian air force from operating in the Golan Heights foothills bombing terrorist positions.

In a sane world such actions would be construed as direct aggression of Israel on Syria calling for UNSC condemnation and sanctions.

But do not hold your breath.

Russians are not only not bringing the charges to UNSC against Israel but refuse to use their S400 deployed air defense capabilities to prevent those act of aggression to happen in the first place, an aggression against Assad regimes they militarily supports. Hence there is truth in Lavrov statement that Russia is not an ally of Syria, just fighting terrorists there.

Instead, what we are witnessing are loud overtures between Putin and Netanyahu being heard, intergovernmental relations warm up, newfound friendship seem to blossom by returning a captured by Syrian Army  Israeli tank during 1980 aggression on Lebanon, condemned by USSR at that time.

Is this newfound friendship that allow Russian warplanes to cross into closed Israeli air space for up to one minute (eternity for Israel size) without even scrambling on F16 to intercept it.

Is Putin trying to exploit apparent split between Obama and Netanyahu if it even exists? Is this an effort to create anti-Erdogan coalition? Erdogan, who lent himself as an artillery support guy for his “Turkmen” terrorists fighting ISIL/ANF a little as well as US supported YPG and Russian supported SAA a lot.

Is this a case of Russia supporting “friend” who wants to openly overthrow another Russia’s “friend”, or is it a simple betrayal of Assad by Russians as I wrote in my last post.

In the context of US instigated and caused failure of desperate Russian diplomatic effort of peace talks is Geneva, new distancing of Putin from Assad can no longer be ignored and clearly demonstrated significant shift in Russian position regarding Syrian conflict.

The frustration among Russian diplomats surged what Lavrov under enormous pressure from criticism inside of Russia, of his more or less idiotic on the surface at least, statements and weird explanation of this phantom peace process, said recently that US is pressuring Russia to stop attacking ANF unless a puny and fictional “moderate rebels” are separated from them. A feat US military admittedly is unable to do themselves for months now.

Is Putin pushing such a nonsense and tells Lavrov to beg US to do what the agreement clearly states that “Moderates” must  separate themselves from terrorists and declare joining ceasefire to the US or Russian authorities otherwise they will be attacked.

It was always obvious for me and many others even in Russia that this agreement was a ploy to stop SAA/Russian military momentum by asking for time for “moderates to separate” which extended for many months after, only to resupply terrorists by their sponsors and still is not officially done for simple reason it was a lie in the first place. Most of so-called “moderate rebels” are small but integral part of whole unified terrorists command in Syria run by ISIL and ANF.

With regret but not that unexpectedly I must conclude that Russia slid into,  much more reasonable political position regarding terrorists and ISL and ANF than US, granted, but nonetheless she fell into the same US imperial attitude to Syrian conflict, judged in Moscow as insignificant outside of global geopolitical stage. Clear betrayal of Soviet-inherited anti-colonial attitudes Russians proudly sermonized over two decades.

We know what US and Israel want in Syria, as I wrote in my posts before.

But, what the hell Russians want in Syria now at this point. Are they so gullible to believe that a rotten compromise with US, short of complete surrender, is ever possible?

Do they believe that de-facto partition of Syria, the very ceasefire cemented, would provide a solution for stability in the ME?

I hope not because other way IQ must have dropped in Russia lately, even if we look at it from large geopolitical perspective.

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SHOCK! Did Russians Secretly Switch Sides?

Just three months ago such a question would have been seen as nonsense. Would Russian engage militarily in Syria just to push Assad from power one political way or another? Nonsense right? Not completely. Let’s examine facts.

As I reported before the original of February 2016 ceasefire agreement was achieved without, yes without any input from Russian so-called allies in Assad regime or Iranian regime while Americans entered into agreement without even consulting Saudis or Turkey at all.

Knowing well that these are the warring sides on the ground, in fact sides that are conducting substantially independent policies and military activities were shockingly excluded from the agreement.

As a matter of fact it was confirmed by the fact that neither Turkey with 50k army deployed on the Syrian border or Saudis with they air force deployed in Incirlik air base were aware or even a party to the negotiation, nor were they apriori consulted about their results.

I am not even talking about the smaller warring parties on the ground that were not consulted even told officially, not for days but for weeks in an era of satellite communication, fighting each other unaware what was going on. And more.

I am not even talking about fictional “moderate” rebels or tribal forces but forces under direct command and control of Russian and US/NATO as well as YPG a critical military force in the north, completely shut out of any consultations. Believe or not, officially even Israel was not initially consulted, a theocratic regime that got itself involved in Syrian war by attacking Assad military at Golan Heights to protect ANF and bombing Damascus numerous times with impunity from Russian S400 system that easily would have taken them out, while Russians warplanes multiple violation of Israeli airspace were allowed peacefully.

And as I posited the official so-called ceasefire suppose not be applied to 90% of frontlines in Syria while in fact complete stopped Russian bombing of ISIL and ANF positions for 4-5 days at least and then reduced 90% in later weeks and months, why?

Why after having overwhelmed military momentum Russians suddenly stopped and ordered Syrian to do so while Americans and allies escalated their support for terrorists and opened up disgusting propaganda of nonexistent hospitals bombings by Russians and Syrians spewed by a MI6/CIA outfit such as SOHR.

Was such a propaganda a part of agreement? Agreement that instead of naturally lowering the rhetoric escalated it? But instead we had dead-end “Assad must go” mantra returned with vengeance.

And other gems even surprisingly from Russian FM saying that “Russia is not an ally of Syrian government but just fighting terrorism in Syria which is a matter of a straight lie, since Syrian government has over 50-years close relations with Soviets and now with Russia starting from her support of anti-colonial movement in Syria in late 1940-tie.

What for such a lie? For whose consumption it was done? Russian public? As a preparation to 180 deg political turn or for the west that already ignored it as being too rational for “savage” Russians.

And now, all the gains against western sponsored terrorists that not only Syrians paid with their blood for but Russians as well, hard-fought and achieved with space of last 8 months are being slowly reversed as I warned myself before in my posts.

Now more and more apparent split between Russian and Iranian governments is visible since Russians are accused of stalling IRG offensive in East Aleppo and refused to cooperate in the battlefield while terrorists are uniting and getting stronger. And fruits of that are already visible and this type of short-sided appeasement that Russians seem to pursue will for sure cost many more Russian lives very soon.

This frustration is also spreading among Syrian population who are left to rot in a quagmire with no hope of prompt resolution they thought Russian intervention would bring. Actually it’s already happen.

Russian military base surrounding areas have been just assaulted by ISIL mortar, car bombings, strangely in area of most pro Assad population and millions of refugees who suffered terror under ANF and ISIL and actively cooperated with Assad regime to eradicate their supporters from the area, and hence made it relatively safe.

So what happened? Why Russian cannot feel safe anymore in Tartus and Cheimjnin or in entire liberated Latakia province that was swept by massive pro-Russian demonstrations just six months ago.

Are their expectations dashed by what is happening? The worse situation is in south and east Aleppo where SAA and allies lost the ground unable to obtain close air support since Russian air force that is effectively operating ten combat aircraft only. Accusation fly and morale slowly collapses.

A critical question arises about why this phantom “Swiss” truce business from the beginning. What peace/truce they were negotiating? Syrian? Iraqi? Or greater geopolitical truce between two thermonuclear powers already engaged in new arms race. Forgetting the puny ME problem, big boys were talking. In fact if Russians counted on that they failed miserably so far by the fact of deployment of NATO Anti Missile systems in Romania and Poland and establishment of new semi-permanent NATO military bases in Baltics and elsewhere in Europe and overall arms race escalating.

As I wrote in my last post, a quagmire is about to become reality, if it is not already happening, while US strategy of chaos and deliberate inflicting more pain and suffering on Syrian people continues. The war, besides phony cover-up called Syrian ceasefire still continues unabated.

No equitable, reasonable solution has been found or even seriously discussed. What’s more worrying is that even Russian media is drifting away for previous sharp focus on this horrible war and now presents a “gray lie” that any peace in Syria is neigh and hence implies Putin political success. Both sides know that it is nothing further from the truth.

We must ask:  when policy of appeasement of dying psychotic imperial aggressor becomes betrayal of long and reliable political friends?

So, did Russians secretly switch sides?

Judge for yourself.


A nice map of current situation.

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Military fighting resumed on all fronts and diplomatic Kerry-Lavrov sideshow featuring “who is a terrorist” contest continues in Geneva while true negotiations are happening along Riyadh -tel-Aviv-Moscow-Tehran axis. But what are they negotiating about?

While I was off, another two weeks passed with no important political changes to report except some never uttered before delirious gems of nonsense from Lavrov, I quote: Syria is not our ally, we are only fighting terrorists with them”. What the fuck is that?

As usual, politicians are lying, people are dying, just everyday reality of any senseless war causing useless deaths and needless pain and suffering and this time also more deaths innocent children, see below.

The war is a madhouse and among thousands of others, this is most compelling reason to become a pacifist.

Peace talks are dead, however no buried yet, for media presstitudes may enjoy it’s decomposing stinking for little longer.

And in the midst of all of that dead silence punctuated by surrealistic “insane” calls reverberating in halls of a mental institution called US geopolitical establishment i.e. neocons: “Assad Must go..” and interchanged with Kerry’s insane utterances “Putin, cease your fire against those friendly neighborhood terrorists excluded from the ceasefire”.

Meanwhile, frantically, more or less beyond any interest of MSM negotiation are going on in capitals of ME supposedly about collapsing of oil prices but may be it is also about US instigated ME geopolitical mess. Unfortunately, lately Russia also contributed to it, as I mentioned on this blog before.

While Assad regime has been strengthened by Russians, since so-called ceasefire in February, SAA has suffered from numerous serious setbacks lately such as loosing critical, strategic positions in El-Tais and now strategic position Khan Touman in southern of Aleppo where SAA was pushed back by FSA disguised ANF terrorists, mostly due to refusal of meaningful Russian Air support.

A rare good news is that USA supposedly suspended activities of 11 American NGO operating in Turkey, supported by US, officially “helping refugees” from Syria but de facto there were conduit for US financed arms and money for rebels including terrorists of ANF and ISIL, clear diversion from Erdogan policies of his terrorist support, while US policies of US supported terrorists continue.

We must ask again, so what this ceasefire accomplished for Russians or Syrian people? Nothing really meaningful or lasting.

So what this ceasefire accomplished for terrorists and their supporters? Everything. So WTF it was all about?

Here is what I prophetically wrote just 9 days after official ceasefire began:

While we all know well why American axis of evil wants SAA+Syrian national defense units, most tribal militia including Christian, Alawite, militia, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iraqi Shia militia, Kurds and Palestinian units, to stop what they are doing since it is all apparent now that “our friendly” bearded boys of ISIL and ANF are being mercilessly whacked, and loudly cry to their stared and stripped monster mama for relief.

The unlimited cease-fire is already turning in a two-week vacation for terrorists in Turkish sea resorts, you know, R$R, lock & reload after a bad day in the office..

We know that US did not give up of the invasion and dividing Syria into medieval Wahhabi fiefdoms, and the non ceasefire ceasefire sham among phantom moderate beheaders, without even naming them all or declaration who is actually fighting who, [sums up] most bizarre, Orwellian and Faustian agreement of no agreement, where a friend is a foe, in a deal of today.

After US was having political sex with terrorists for decades Kerry needs “Plan B” after monster was already born. A theater of absurd continues..

But why Russia get herself involved in the obvious sham as I discussed in my post on February 17, titled CLEAR THE FOG VLAD. In the post I did not question military premises of such as a purely propaganda move, since it is strictly operational and secret, but only its implications in the psychological war in the western media.
And still I see this “ pretend ceasefire” doing more harm than good for Russian otherwise clear moral and legal stand in this war.

And after just three days I ask nine more inconvenient questions that were never answered:

  1. As a map below indicates there are only five small areas where SAA faces potentially so-called moderates from FSA. The 90% of frontlines Russian coalition is facing an enemy classified as ISIL, ANF terrorists and hence excluded from the agreement.
  2. 90% of frontlines are not under the agreement so why Russian Air Force stopped bombing positions of terrorists not covered by the ceasefire?
  3. Why ceasefire did not cover Turkey that for about 10 days now openly engaged in direct military, operational artillery support for ISIL against Kurds, as well as allowing of ISIL terrorists to pass un hindered Turkish territory to attack Kurds directly from Turkish side. Why Russians stop flying while SAA and Kurds are under direct Turkish attack and why they announced this stoppage in operations? Hence allowing ISIL to move fighters and weapon supplies to the frontlines even if there is not truce between Russia and ISIL. Irreconcilable inconsistencies, and violations of all the Russian military doctrines and tactics, based on enemy guessing what military moves will come, and for what strategic interest in Syria such moves are warranted?
  4. Was the agreement all about Russians stopping bombing of all terrorists including ISIL, ANF friends of Washington D.C. and all the others non-existent moderate factions were just a cover up for propaganda purposes, as many of independent media was warning all along?
  5. The agreement implies complete lack of enforceability, prohibiting retaliation against those who signed up to the ceasefire but allowing only to return fire in self-defense if attacked by the side NOT A PARTY TO THE AGREEMENT. What’s that? Nonsense, if not straight betrayal. Read for yourself, I could not believe such proclamations from both sides. This is nothing but de-facto ceasefire with ISIL and ANF and first day proves it.
  6. What purpose this agreement serves when most of the “moderates” already declared that they need just two weeks of truce to re-supply from Turkey and regroup to continue to fight?
  7. What sense does this ceasefire agreement make except for potentially allowing for easier so-called “humanitarian” assistance which was being delivered before anyway when terrorists allowed for it. Is this nothing but a humanitarian agreement with terrorists to re-supply them, with food and medicine, they are short of money to purchase, so they can continue to fight another day?
  8. How this could be a prelude to overall peace talks when there is no agreement about who are the representatives of the Syrian opposition that Assad supposedly is going to talk with, that would remotely lead to any political solution no side really wants at this point, except for Kerry-Lavrov team. How one can explain the fact that 90% of Russian humanitarian support in Deir-Ez-Zor SAA enclave, for example, recently fell into ISIL hands but only 10% fell where it should, unfortunately, much of it destroyed due to a parachute malfunction while most previous drops were precise. What it this? An accident.
  9. Why there is no mention in the agreement and UN resolution of stopping delivery of weapons to the “moderates” and terrorists of ANF or ISIL for that matter, during the truce when in many cases they are fighting within a mile of each other military positions.

No answers this week as well, no light in a tunnel either, a light that was clearly visible just three months ago.

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War & Working People Struggle for Human Dignity.

What Syrian war has to do with working people struggle for dignity? A lot. In fact any war ever fought after Napoleonic revolution that created notion of national army, conscripted from ordinary people, unpaid soldiers who are willing to sacrifice themselves to defend their personal stake in the nation i.e. particular state organization of society, their feel or are propagandized to feel is threatened, was fought among ordinary working people spilling blood for their rulers’ profit, political interests and delusions of godly mission of grandeur. And Syrian war is an example of just that, unquenched US imperial hubris paid for with blood of innocent peaceful ordinary working people.

Since least 250 years the power elites concluded that standing army of paid mercenaries were not efficient and too scarce to really face a massive revolt against their rule. Hence 95% of population who were considered before as mere spectators of political events, unwilling material supporters and/or victims were to be engaged and hence a mass ideology, patriotism, state culture was born as a practical measure of governing prerogatives and after that of course mass propaganda was born fueled but communication conduits of the church and state for those stubborn and unwilling to fight and die for aristocratic interests.

Since that day ruling elites were not as much interested in what ordinary people think but needed to affect what and even how they think about so-called national interest and its private, personal connotations, their internal system of values and virtues in state context. All of that can be summarized as emergence of modern disciplinary society of control where public opinion had to be manufactured to a shape immediate war expediency and hence push for so-called mass education in order to instill those quite abstract concepts of nonexistent before nation and patriotism, a sense of belonging to something common people and elites share, under the cover of politicians deceit and cliché of democracy, religion or culture.

Only in such a context a struggle of working people, defensive struggle to retain their dignity and often just to survive under assault of oligarchic greed, must be understood.

All those working people who via various political activities and philosophical works, understood that abhorrent exploitation they are subjected to was not a one-off, a case bad apple, bad luck or evil individual industrial baron but was a core of the entire economic system entrenched and supported but appropriate state political and legal system aimed for use, abuse and theft of the fruits if their labor, were all previously “educated” and trained via methods of state propaganda to instill in them sense of national pride, patriotism and a sense of obligation to fatherland.

And that’s why there was a division in the worker’s movement about how to deal with this detestable reality of oligarchic enslavement either in nationalist context which many advocated and Hitler and Mussolini embraced as easier to understand by already preconditioned working class or in a much wider but intellectually difficult to pursue context of international workers movement embraced by Luxemburg, Liebknecht as well as Ulianov (Lenin), decrying an existing nation states as support structures of workers exploitation and tools used for dividing working people all over the world and playing confrontational nationalist card as a method of social control.

And such a method of control and suppression of workers movements was vastly used to dividing working people all over the world via pinning them against each other in the so-called “national” wars i.e. destroying the very idea of international brotherhood of workers and international solidarity in fighting common enemy i.e. ruling class.

The true leftist antiwar movement of XIX and XX century was always against the war because every war was against working people killing each other and dying senselessly in deadly aristocratic quarrels that can only benefit the ruling elite. This unequivocally antiwar stance was manifested as so-called internationalism of working people movement. Yes, any true and honest antiwar movement must have a component of internationalism of working class, unity and solidarity not only against oligarchy and its exploitative rants but also against all wars to be fought by ordinary people who only want to work in peace.

It seems like millennia ago but America was leading the world in something good, namely in workers struggle against rubber barons and industrialist oligarchs and their political machine of exploitation and murder. The fundamental element of the struggle was to fight for solidarity of workers around the world for peace, and such as strive of American workers was commemorated as International Workers Day we are celebrating on May 1st, truth that is being massively suppressed in the US while celebration of May Day in Mexico and Canada and elsewhere in the world is taking place, all medial taboo eradicated from American national conscientiousness.

Feeling threatened by idea of united workers unwilling to die in mines, steel works, textile manufactures or in the trenches at the frontlines of imperial wars, Workers International Organization was to be eradicated in the US via methods of Creel commission to massively peddle warmongering propaganda of fear and loathing of Huns and later Reds as an expression of patriotism and loyalty of American “nation” that did not really exist.

It was the war that was used to break up worker international solidarity and brotherhood in the US and Europe during WWI and such a practice continued in WWII and almost all other wars which were aimed to destroy international workers solidarity, a western assault resisted by Soviet Union under umbrella global anti-colonialism and a bias form of workers internationalism for peace. All the recent wars, Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia, Ukraine or MENA and that includes Syria are wars instigated by deliberate collapsing of the economy and pining workers against each other via propaganda and patriotism or ideology or religion with the same horrific results of death and suffering of innocent ordinary people in an imperial wars.

In the western instigated and financed Syrian war situation is the same. Desperate homeless, dispossessed and jobless often young people unable to marry in times of economic depression are joining ISIL and other terrorists to attack fellow working people on the other side and both killing each other ultimately for benefit of global oligarchs no matter what propaganda they have been conditioned to believe religious or secular.

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GADDAFI’S LESSONS: “Assad Must Go” Mantra Returns; War Continues.

It doesn’t not look good for suppose advantage of this 2.5 month old ceasefire Russians and Iranians suppose to achieve. First of all the political victories that Russia and allies thought already won, such as no negotiation with US/Turkey/Saudis terrorists, Assad must go mantra, as pre-condition for peace, and finally northern buffer zone (refugee “safety” zone run by Turkey) narrative returns with vengeance and this time even with EU hypocritical approval as a result of Turkish blackmail.

And now with all the acquiesce of Russian and western media, may be with exception of psychopathic Sultan of Ankara who is deservedly criticized for taking over Vienna and even Berlin by marrying frau Merkel, feat that Ottoman emperor failed to achieve some 350 years ago. Although, he has to take credit for his uncommon courage of letting a pig into his harem.

While I am critical of Russian foreign policy softening, weakening or down right loosing grip what’s happening in EU is a straight rotten decay with stink so awful that is rivals that of decomposing US empire.

And what this programmatic chaos is for, shepherding starving, devastated by war people around the MENA into EU by letting a gang of “pious” thugs, well-funded religious thugs by idolic, paper flat TV personality of Muhammad Bin Salman’s adolescent wet dreams of ruling the world. While moderate police action would suffice if direct western funding to Saudi medieval regime stopped.

But actually the chaos is a cover up for massive EU theft of national treasures of its members, pensions and soon after TTIP their remaining jobs, clean water, tasty nutritious food and in last 5 decades significantly improved environment. By a thief in chief, Goldman Sachs stooge super Mario, whose intellectual prowess was early proven to be below of much deeper character of his Nintendo brother, he is indulging in an orgasmic thievery stealing trillions of euros a year from working people in Europe by monetizing stinky pieces of worthless paper called securities excreted by euro banksters robbing people blind.

It was exactly the same in Libya and in Syria, all the objective of financial domination via means of instigating refugee crisis, pressing for neoliberal policies that result in deep economic crisis, propaganda of human rights violations, blaming, previously perfectly acceptable regimes of horrible abuses, killing people, and followed by “humanitarian” aggression aimed to destroy country’s military but most of all economic and financial stability.

At the beginning neither Assad nor Gaddafi understood what was going on, thinking that “friendly relation with the West” or even severe concessions to their demands would make them to leave their country alone on their own path. Little did they know that the very existence of any kind of socioeconomic alternative, another way of political economic or social arrangements are like unscratchable itch on the imperial body and must be remedied by violence and intimidation to preserve this empire of illusion from collapse.

For this US empire of death and slavery and it’s delusional leaders, hard work, keeping to yourself in peaceful ways, promoting local culture and tolerance, eliminating or reducing exploitation or threats of daily intimidation via coercive laws and rules institutionalizing racism, classism and sexism as well as sharing and caring about each member of a society are all high imperial crimes punishable by death, destruction and Orwellian erasure from cards of history.

While Assad was instructed in the last-minute by his Russian friends about what was this “Arab Spring” all about, for Gaddafi, who was actually abandoned by Russia and China (rather he distanced himself from to please the West first) that abstained from the UN vote instead of vetoing it and potentially safe him and his country, was too late.

So let’s recall the last words of Mu’ammar Gaddafi (from his last speech) where he lists all of his crimes and confessed wholeheartedly his own guilt bluntly refused to express any remorse just days before he was captured and executed near his home city of Sirte by foreign assassins paid by DOS and the W.H. according to famous words of a killer “We came, we saw, he died”.


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All Quiet on Geneva Front while Hell is Breaking Loose Again in Syria.

Does anybody care, The West? Russia? What’s going ? It look like that Assad is the only one trying to put this broken Syrian nation together via pretending that return to a kind of normalcy in all those bits and pieces of the Syrian state he controls is even possible.

And hence just after less than two years another local and national elections to parliament were held last week unfortunately dismissed in the West before hand with mediocre protest from Russia and hence Ba’ath party win was drowned in the world media.

But Assad is clearly set on return of civil administration and resemblance of functioning state in the midst of material and human devastation, with his jobs and reconstruction programs and continuing amnesty that is effectively reducing number of rebels by attrition, a method proven very effective in last three years.

However, the results of voting and only 56% participation rate while 65 to 70% of pre-war Syrians are under the Assad regime controlled territory, tell us that he has little time to make a substantial infrastructure and administrative improvements before dissolution, and pessimism regarding Assad governing ability and credibility of his reforms and reconstruction plans among majority of Syrians sets in as I warned on my blog in numerous posts.

The time is running out for Assad faster than many may think mainly due to the misguided ceasefire extorted from Russians in order to most likely avoid Turkish invasion in Aleppo province, since there is no other reasonable argument that would have made breaking decisive and winning momentum of Assad army and allies in late January against all sorts terrorist north and south, worthwhile and even tangentially beneficial.

After two months of ceasefire; what has been accomplished? Instead of fighting parties ANF, ISIL, FSA and other allied rebels cut from arm supplies, exhausted and weaken, by the war waged against them by SAA and Russian air force contingent and special forces armed with latest weapons, being forced to seek a political resolution to the military conflict, the ceasefire actually enabled all sides including SAA and Russians to lick their wounds, convalesced soldiers, lock and load with new shipments of weapons, get rested, fed and propagandized to continue the war until glorious victory or defeat.

While diplomats, Western and Russian may state that they have achieved previously set out objectives and that may have made some progress, that’s a lie.

What I call progress is to utterly defeat and destroy terrorists as a military force and begin returning to normal live for about 20 millions of Syrians in the country and abroad and commencement of open political process of reconciliation, economical and political reforms in Syria, reforms that would reduce influence of global capital in Syrian economy reoriented much more to the east.

But that’s not what is happening. Instead the war has entrenched not only in military sense, reality on the ground but in social and political realm within Syria.

The reality of war seems to be rationalized via soothing assurances about brighter future that the people can live with, even accept it, while desperately seeking their own little stability and normalization of daily routines in a quest to reduce fear of death or loss. But that’s an illusion.

Utter lack of interest, motivation or intention to achieve any true political solution, to end to pain and suffering of Syrian people has been impudently demonstrated by the West. And that was augmented by Russian unwillingness to really push against US for any sustainable solution, including pressure Turkey and NATO to abandon support for terrorists once Putin vulnerability to political extortion has been revealed in Ukraine and now in Syria. All those conditions are set for prolong bleeding of Syrian state and economy for next 10 to 15 years as long as western support for terrorists continues.

The Washington is the number one reason and instigator of the Syrian war and all other “Arab springs” and this is not a consequence of stupidity or ignorance of US leadership but a concrete plan to destabilize MENA countries and remove all Eastern influences, political, economic and reestablishment of US empire with under Israeli protectorate managing all, those weak artificial future sectarian fiefdoms feeding of Syriaq, submissive to the imperial metropolis in D.C.

In other words one cannot put down the fire that is continually being ignited without burning an arsonist and as long as Russian and Chinese refuse to do so the war will endure and pain and suffering of men, women and children will continue and the rest of the world will yawn hearing of murder and devastation ongoing there.

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Ceasefire Ceased to Exist as Ionescoesque Theater of Absurd Continues.

As I am making my weekly, bold assertions about what is going on in Syrian war, mostly through lenses of skepticism and realism stripping a veil off self-serving propaganda on all sides of the conflict, looking for fundamental interests of everybody involved, I wished that at least few of my seemingly highly speculative assertions wouldn’t pan out, that there were out there some sources or data I was unaware of that would suggest otherwise so I could admit that my contentions were too pessimistic. Unfortunately so far I can’t.

Al those quite pessimistic, even cynical one may say, headlines of my posts since so–called ceasefire was announced sadly seems justified:

CEASE-FIRE: A tool of War Politics. Posted on February 25, 2016
SECRET PROTOCOL? Why Did Russians Pause Bombing ISIL or Did They? Posted on February 28, 2016
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Why this Phony Ceasefire Between US Allies and Russian Allies? Divide and Conquer on Both Sides. Posted on March 7, 2016
A GREAT PAUSE: What does Putin want Assad to do? Posted on March 10, 2016
AFTER SOME PAUSE: War Continues with No Peace in Sight. Posted on March 14, 2016

Now, on April 10, 2016 ceasefire is officially dead as intensity of fighting returned to pre-ceasefire levels. All the terrorists and US sponsored rebels, as I warned in February, returned refreshed after R&R in Turkey, rested, convalesced, injured fighters healed, fed, paid, with new-found vigor and reassurances by their sponsors with new weapons money and good word of support returned to frontlines ready to finally finish off the Evil Assad as they were paid for.

In meanwhile ISIL brand and terrorists involved, considered somewhat stale in the western propaganda menageries are secretly changing uniforms and joining “so-called US moderate beheaders under the same black flag of death with different Quran scribbles on it, so Kerry could brag that ISIL territory shrank 40% forgetting to mention that it shrank to benefit of ANF (Al-Qaeda) or other “rebels” not SAA, that gained only about 20% of territory since a years ago. And none of that thanks to US fake bombing campaign that does not last 18 months now. It is hard to argue with a notion that this “intermission” in fighting was purposefully designed for changing costumes between one and the other group of abhorrent terrorists, murderers and mercenaries of the USA and allies aimed solely to depose Assad one way or another, by this named group or another. And nothing else seems to have changed.

The so-called Geneva talks initially farcical vaudeville deteriorated to surrealistic nightmare where Kerry is “negotiating for peace” with US financed terrorist types so repugnant that would bring long hard prison sentence for anyone who would happen to be accidentally in the same room with them for a minute. While some negotiators are on the list of wanted terrorists by Swiss national security authorities and could not obtain a Swiss visa, US dared to extend to them diplomatic protections.

In a Ionesco style we have Al-Qaeda terrorists who vow to destroy America at the table as peace seeking Assad opposition while defending their own land against terrorists representatives of Kurdish YPG and other forces on the ground are banned from proceedings, branded as terrorists.

Except for some pro Assad “rebels” Syrian citizen and Assad regime, there is no direct negotiation between actual players on the ground that are entrenched opposite each other in Syria. So who is negotiating with who? and about what?

Kerry with his terrorist supporters (Saudis, Turks) and Lavrov with his supporters (Assad, YPG Kurds and some rebels), both happily load the media with impossible constructs of wishful thinking and utter nonsense, pretending that progress is being made.

In my last two post I asked the question. Is that what Putin intended to achieve by agreeing to the charade of a ceasefire, and by that fact breaking the military momentum of SAA in Latakia, Aleppo, Damascus all battle fields officially not a part of ceasefire agreement. Was it a Russian goal to allow for recent strong advances of replenished ANF which as a result caused significant push back of the SAA frontlines in the Tel-Eis strong point areas already liberated in late January and serious setbacks elsewhere while 60% of Russian Air force have been withdrawn. Except for Palmyra (Tadmor) that was not really defended by ISIL but rather cultural site held hostage, everywhere else on frontlines SAA positions somewhat deteriorated during last two months. I am not saying that Assad has been weakened since he has not, being for last six months loaded with new Russian weapons and training of another 100k of military units various formations. What I am saying is that the war is not an inch closer to the end and de-facto partition of Syrian state and Syrian people’s suffering is bound to continue.

So what all those last six months of Russian intervention was for? As I discussed numerous times on this blog numerous objectives Russians may have had for intervening, one reason seems to permeate all of this is namely prevention of Turkish/NATO invasion of Syria and ignition a path to WWIII.

If true the ceasefire agreement and Russian withdrawal of Air-force was nothing but Russian capitulation when confronted with blackmail, a bluff of US/NATO –Russia/Assad confrontation, acquiesced  under conditions of abandonment of Turkish invasion plans and in fact accepting semi-permanent, at least administrative, partition of Syria.

One way or another it seems to be that the Russian concession was made not in Syrian context but in the geopolitical realm,and hence brought to us this, on a surface, a phony ceasefire.
As I posited  many times all those good will, peace-loving people who were so exited about Russian involvement for peace, are mistaken.  Russians are intervening in Syria mostly to defend their own geopolitical and national interest however they see it and that’s all.

Having two military bases and third in making was a good enough reason to strike deal with the US regardless of dashed hope of prompt peace Syrians may have had.

Now even Assad defied Russians who still insist on transitional or unity government until “ true democratic elections” are to be held late in 2017, and just in three days, on April 13, 2016 organizes elections with participation of the opposition that will include 85% of Syrian population still in Syria, asking for another mandate almost two years after election of 2014 and vows to implement political reforms including confirmation of official recognition of the opposition parties, reign in on oligarchs and economic mafias and sectarian cronyism including his Alawite clan and promising jobs in rebuilding of devastated county with preliminary assured Chinese and Russian loans of $100 Billions or more over next ten years. All of that against “Lavrov-Kerry” general plan for peace in Syria”.

So what is this all about? Is this a semi-permanent partition of Syria into fiefdoms, statelets of Assad, Turkmen and Sunnistan of Saudi founded terrorists under protectorate of their sponsors?

Is this what Russian wanted accomplish by involving themselves?

I guess that would be it no matter their intentions and the likely future of Syrian people suffering, except for band-aid of humanitarian assistance, would sure continue since US imperial plans of deposing Assad did not change at all.

It is sad but clear that Russian bought or acquiesced to western lies that Syrians are politically divided to the level that cannot be reconciled peacefully within a democratic political system.

But these are just baseless lies. In fact the war of western aggression, all of Syrians realized over five years of war, united them more than they ever been and all of Syrian citizen except for those merchants of war or those who benefited by stealing Syrian national treasure, understand that nobody in the world stands up for them as a nation and for united Syria as a state under secular Arab nationalism ideology and identity, as much as Assad himself surviving numerous assassination attempts by CIA assets in his on regime.

All of that make situation unstable and unfortunately spells stagnation, freezing of the conflict in place in conditions that no side accepts, ready in any moment to re-ignite such as a case of Eastern Ukraine and recently flared up Nogorno-Karabakh conflict frozen already for 25 years now, ironically via a deal between Azeris and Armenians brokered by Russia.

Is this the future for Syria, a partitioned half state on a hair-trigger of all out war, crippling, collapsing economy and destroying last hope for the future for young generation with potential for even more massive economic migration.

I hope not.

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SCANDAL: A Secret Story of Liberation of Palmyra.

After few weeks of low in fighting under so-called ceasefire , intensity of fighting returned to normal after rebels had they R&R and reloaded weapon and physical strength to continue fighting another day, i.e. tomorrow. In that context a liberation of Palmyra strikes nerve in those who expected demise of western sponsor terror, while witnessing escalation of ISIL/ANF terrorist activities and their first tactical wins for months now.

While it took a week under steady pressure from remaining sane journalists who frequent the press briefing, DOS finally admitted that liberation of Palmyra was a good thing although he added that the sculptures, ancient gates and colonnades of Palmyra historical site are not happy replacing ISIL regime with Assad regime and it is not what US would have like to see.

Such incoherent utterances of a PR stooges for US government would have just few years ago landed them in a psychiatric ward of a county hospital, but now they collect praises and laurels in a White Mad House.

But in all the jubilation and elation that this treasure of humanity finally is in civilized hands aside, one must dig deep to truly understand and appreciate what actually had happened in Palmyra in last 12 months and why it is one of most outrageous political and cultural scandal of 21st century so far.

Assad regime protected the prestigious and profitable Palmyra, ancient historical site and adjacent tourist city of Tadmor from assaults since 2011. First from ordinary thieves and tribal gangsters to FSA and so-called moderate rebels turned later into ISIL. All on western payroll. It is important to note that ISIL did not conquer other terrorist groups and tribesmen but bought them off with dollars and gold.

So what did ISIL want in Palmyra, a broken marble? Early thieves acted upon a rumor that underneath Palmyra complex it is stored two tones of pure ancient gold.

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MONTH SIX: What did Russians Accomplish? Part 2.

After over six months of Russian direct military intervention President of Russian Federation V. Putin ordered Russian troops to partially withdraw from Syria. It was received as a surprise in the Western media especially that Russian involvement dramatically changed momentum of this war to Syrian advantage.

Below I continue part 2 of a brief examination of Russian accomplishments or failures, reasons for withdraw and whether or not it was premature. I will also address what are political ramification of this move are in context of the Syrian war and peace efforts as well as Russia strategic geopolitical interests in the region.

As a counter point for this discussion I used a comprehensive but a bit one-sided post published on a website Novorossia Today

[Google Translated and edited]

Novorossia Today continues:

Observing the course of combat operations of the Russian military in Syria, it is hard not to notice that policymakers in Moscow used military engagement of Russia in Syria, as a kind of training ground where the latest weapons systems could be tested in combat. Undoubtedly demonstration of the world combat capabilities of the Russian fleet turned out to be surprising [to the west]. Relatively small [navy] corvettes, frigates and cruise missile launching surface ships, operating out of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea launched latest [Hypersonic and Subsonic] cruise missiles called “Kalibr” NK successfully striking targets in Syria at distances nearly 2000 km with surgical precision. Similarly [western] specialists were surprised by possibility of launching missiles from torpedo tubes on [non-nuclear; diesel-electric] submarine 636 [platform] named “Rostov” repeatedly varying underwater Mediterranean launching positions of missiles destroying [many] command posts of the Islamic State.

However, priority of recognition [in showcasing the Russian war technology] should be given to invisible technology i.e. Russian GLONASS geo-positioning satellite navigation system [encrypted military grade], supporting Russia missiles’ guidance system used by TS-24 “Gefest” to turning cheap dumb bombs into guided precision ammunition with a precision of about 15 ft for 1/100th of the cost of US guided munitions. This device is standard equipment installed on new aircraft SU-34 as well as on upgraded 1970s designs of cheap SU-24M and SU-25SM warplanes. Thus the Russians radically reduced the cost of the military operation in Syria, while maintaining extremely high precision of bombing hits. The usage by the RF pilots of the Russian precise munitions, in a form of guided missile Kh-29 or laser-guided bombs KAB-500L and TS-24 made it possible to avoid mistakes during the bombings and hence unnecessary victims, especially among civilians.

As I mentioned on this blog before, conflict in Syria is undoubtedly a part of growing global geopolitical conflict between East and West, a part of no-so-cold war 2.0. And it is hard not to conclude that unleashing by Putin all the recent or even most recent war technology against sometimes even shoeless ISIL/ANF terrorists in Toyotas seems huge overkill and however helpful in Syrian war, addressed not the conflict at hand but geopolitical confrontation between NATO and Russia.

We seem to see a confirmation of that fact by recent US directives to overhaul of NATO military technologies deployed in Europe in view of Russian advanced military technology successfully demonstrated in Syrian conflict and that included killing of US Abrams M1A1 and A2 tanks by Russian guided AT missiles and combat effective electronic shield that protected Russian T90 and modernized T72 tanks from American TOW missiles numerous times demonstrated in the Syrian war.

The Russians proved so far that they are easily capable of defeating against NATO standard military equipment from guns to tanks to missiles, to aircraft, and brought to open what western military experts knew for a decade now that NATO is incapable to defeat Russians in Europe, and hence the rush of modernization making US/EU MIC happy.

Moreover, Russians proved that they can successfully support Syrian war effort with up to 50 times smaller expenses combined their equipment simplicity and interchangeability of training and gear and clearly demonstrated their long-term sustainability of high combat capabilities even when cut off or obstructed from outside supplies via means of embargo or sanctions.

While American generals shed they military uniforms for executive suits and together with SV narcissist megalomaniacs are massively defrauding US treasury by developing or pretending to develop Star Trek-like fancy and utterly combat useless military systems for trillions of US taxpayer money, Russian generals believe that any military equipment that cannot be fixed with one uninjured hand with a hammer or by pulling some part from another damaged device to work with another type of system, is worthless in real combat situation and hence must not be invested in. And Putin wholeheartedly agreed and supported that, by canceling many far off projects over last 10 years while US generals were peddling illusions for profit and F-35 or easily sinkable aircraft carriers or mind-boggling 15 billion nuclear submarines at 20 times cost of Russian boats meeting or exceeding offensive and defensive capabilities of those of US. are good example of astronomical fraud perpetrated on American citizen under cover of cold war and now farcical war on Putin terror.

Novorossia Today continues:

In contrast to Americans in Afghanistan or the Saudis in Yemen, Russians [largely] avoided the targeting blunders and international humanitarian law violations in Syria and never once bombed the hospital, weddings or school [although they have been accused of doing so numerous times without any evidences, as I pointed out on this blog]. The commander of the Air-Space Forces of Russian Federation, General Viktor Bondariew thanked the returning pilots for precision bombing of terrorists’s sites [mostly] that avoided mistakes and confusion, and for taking special care during performance of combat operations [to minimize] suffering of [Syrian] civilians. It is worth to remember the first large-scale application of Russians robotic armored vehicles, into real combat zone guided by UAS/satellite that was instrumental in overcoming fortified mountain position of terrorists from ANF in Latakia and Idlib provinces.

What is interesting that the only source so far that reports on alleged Russian bombings of civilian sites come from one sources namely SOHR run by a single person from his apartment in England. Surprisingly, this is a sole source for US and EU MSM including Reuters and AP, a shocking fact since none of claims were ever independently confirmed on the ground by IRC or other international, UN organizations but still repeated by HRC and even AI but not in Syria but in Turkey 1000 km from events.

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MONTH SIX: What did Russians Accomplish? Part 1.

After over six months of Russian direct military intervention in Syrian War President of Russian Federation V. Putin ordered Russian troops to partially withdraw from Syria.

It was received as a surprise in the Western media especially that Russian involvement dramatically changed momentum of this war to Syrian advantage and media opened up to vast speculation about why Russia decided to limits her involvement while regained military momentum on the battlefield against enemies. Is it prohibitive cost of the operation, unreported losses or western or internal political pressure on Putin? They wondered.

Below I will examine Russian accomplishments, likely reasons for withdrawal and whether or not it was premature. I will also examine what are political ramification of this move in context of the Syrian war and peace efforts as well as in context Russian strategic geopolitical interests in the region and impact on Assad regime and people of Syria.

As a counter point for this discussion I used a comprehensive but a bit one-sided post summarizing last six months of Russian intervention published on a website Novorossia Today

What did Russians accomplish according to Novorossia Today website? [Google Translated ] Part 1.

Firstly they saved his ally, Syrian President Bashar Assad. The Russians were entering into action when the opposition sponsored from outside and the terrorists armed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the United States brought the government forces of President Assad to the brink of collapse. In summer 2015 the government army retreated under the pressure from ANF and ISIL fighters on every front and Syria faced the prospect of “failed state” on the model of Libya. Western commentators were predicting imminent death in disgrace Bashar Assad a fate similar to the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Syrian oil reserves were in the hands of the Islamic State and through areas controlled by ANF (Syrian Al-Qaeda) convoys of tankers move stolen crude oil to Turkish ports. The Turkish establishment drew from this theft enormous profits by exporting robbed Syrian crude oil to refineries of major corporations including those in the EU. In return, the Turks supplied terrorists with advanced weapons including artillery and antitank missiles. The Turkish air force often bombed positions of the Syrian army and were shooting down Syrian aircraft trying to operate near the borders with Turkey.


However the above is only partially true. The fact is that worse crisis for Assad regime was in late 2013 and 2014 when series of assassination attempt have been made against President Bashar al-Assad by traitors, CIA agents in midst of his own regime, killing hundreds of high ranked military, government officials and Baa’th party politicians, while key losses of military logistics system and larger military death toll put Assad regime on the brink of NATO invasion under later disproved accusation of genocide, and usage of chemical weapons again population.

After Russians, under US pressure acquiesced to orderly Assad departure in 2012 or 2013, unsure whether or not he would, be able to go on, under assault from well armed ANF and later FSA partly metastasized into ISIL with UAE, Saudis supports, Assad asked Syrian people for a mandate to continue the war and called for elections. Syrian people in more or less fair wartime elections unequivocally gave him this mandate in June 2014.

Having support from the people Assad immediately began heavy lobbying in Russia and Iran for direct military assistance on large-scale which he obtained from Hezbollah the same year and hence first important battlefield victories began in the areas along Damascus-Beirut road and later in more areas around Lebanon border. That was what opened Syrian trade routes and secured Damascus-Latakia road critical due to logistics and military movements.

While Russia effectively blocked UNSC resolutions that would effectively authorize NATO invasion of Syria and later blocked US unilateral attack on Syria by pushing Assad to give up his old and militarily useless chemical weapons, Putin refused to assist Syrian military directly with supplies of new weapons or equipment until early 2015 when Assad regime had already been marginally stabilized via support from Iran and according to advice by IRG withdrew from certain positions to consolidate the frontlines and gave up efforts to hold on to some areas with lass strategic value, all interpreted by the west as a sign of weakness instead of strength.

However, as a surprise to the west Assad having renewed mandate to continue the war to defend his nation, it did not result with more terror against Syrians who betrayed him but did the opposite. He commenced a reconciliation process including general amnesty and series local ceasefire agreements with Syrian opposition including FSA and tribal leaders who supported ANF, FSA and later ISIL, mainly for benefited of local civilian population who were allowed to cross frontlines for economic reason and bring supplies and medical help in order to avoid suffering and starvation.

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AFTER SOME PAUSE: War Continues with No Peace in Sight.

As I predicted few weeks ago this “ceasefire” is being used by all sides to regroup. Reload with weapons and in the case of terrorists change some cloths and turning themselves into “moderates” overnights.

And we would have seen complete collapse of ISIL already,  although it deteriorates as I write, if not a pride of their Saudis and Turkish sponsors who are appalled by lack of perseverance, dedication and “faith” of those anointed by God underpaid, pious believers in Allah, hungry and weaponless soldiers of God, dying in some stinky, cold and wet trenches lectured by godless puppets in skirts drenched in filthy opulence, telling half-dead what to do.

That doesn’t go well among the terrorist ranks and hence majority of European Jihadists already left Iraq/Syria back to comfort of their homes and smell of morning latte. I think that this utter defeat of the Saudi nurtured Salafists would be important one in global scale factors that, among many other sociopolitical factors is playing a role in ultimate demise of Saudis as Islamic authority and as an abomination of a state having no place in XXI century, once truth about Saudi betrayal of God’s cause and military and political impotence, spreads all over the Muslim world.

A note to reader: Unless events warrant otherwise, since there is apparent slowdown in military and political actions regarding Syrian conflict, the Syrian War Update blog will be updated on weekly basis on Mondays.

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A GREAT PAUSE: What does Putin want Assad to do?

In a simple word Putin wants Assad play along and restore the governmental power, political, judicial and economic system on liberated territories in order to enable conditions for growth of Syrian’s jobs and other opportunities, to pretend things are coming back to normal to build support of the Assad regime from ground up, in preparation to the upcoming inevitable “free” elections in which Assad Baa’th party will face “official “ opposition which in fact would be divided into Assad allies leaning and sponsored parties and US/allies leaning and sponsored parties.

And That’s what Russia and Iran is working hard right now on with massive humanitarian assistance and other programs including weapons and military engineering training offered to new recruits. It is done under guise of otherwise phony ceasefire (since Russians and US and proxies are not part of a ceasefire) that is used to ally Syrian tribal chiefs as well as other ethnic groups such a Turkmen, Shias, Yezidis, Sunni Arabs and Kurds into political formations that would create illusion of diversity and plurality of political programs but in fact would represent political monoliths of Russian and Western supported political blocks.

One may ask: Why Assad and Putin decided to go for an US imposed “democratic process” instead of invoking Syrian sovereignty and dismiss all the rebels as criminals, which according to international law they are? One of the answers would be that Assad is sure to win. The other would be to stifle Turkish/Saudi imminent invasion.

Assad silent offensive of eradication of the foreign fighters from battlefields, general amnesty, national reconciliation and insisting of rule of law as a basis for addressing grievances and political conflicts under umbrella of Syrian Arab secularism and nationalism as well as unassailable Syrian territorial integrity started over two years ago and turned out to be huge success, a number one reason that Assad is still there.

Russians and allies are kin on repeating the political charades that in the west are called elections and score victory against western imperialism using their own weapons namely propaganda of a democratic process. While US did not give up on partition of Syria and is trying to use “political process” to weaken Assad and strengthen their abhorrent proxy terrorists to continue to undermine Syrian state.

Will they succeed? Unknown. But so far there is no shred of evidence that US reconciled itself to loosing “Arab Spring revolution” in Syria and what’s more important, Washington refused to acknowledge that American influence over Middle East is dwindling.

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Why this Phony Ceasefire Between US Allies and Russian Allies? Divide and Conquer on Both Sides.

After a close look at the ceasefire one have to come up with an objective conclusion that this ceasefire aims toward prolonging the war rather then to end it. Weapons are flowing in, ISIL and ANF fighters are deserting and move under umbrella of “ phony moderates” who vowed to continue fighting in few weeks while their ranks are swollen with former beheaders. The other moderates in contrast, practically took side of Russian coalition and are being integrated in the SAA command and control or are subject of amnesty and/or directly joining pro-Assad military units.

Both sides used last 10 days for rapidly arming themselves from all the sources in Russia and the West.

Many may disagree, saying that it could be a step forward toward negotiated peace in Syria and later in Iraq. Granted, that one thing, namely opening access for humanitarian assistance for all those civilians who are true victims of the western aggression via proxy terrorists as well as victims of liberating efforts of Syrian army and her allies, is making the ceasefire worth having. And I am not denying that.

However, my own experience of closely observing Ukrainian war and a ceasefire attained there over one year ago now did not produced any, I say, any political breakthrough, and what’s worse situation deteriorated economically and politically on both sides of the conflict and unnecessarily instigated political instability, endangering the successes of those who stand on the side of law and against western supported fascist gangs and terrorists, including those jihadis units operating in fascist Ukraine. Nor Ukrainian ceasefire and Minsk II agreement helped to improve a geopolitical climate between Russia and the West, which continues the unfounded sanctions for second year and refused to push for federalization of Ukraine, the only solution for peace. One has to ask a question if Syrian agreement awaits the same fate.

The another purpose of this ceasefire have to be considered i.e. a pause and preparation for next stage, namely an delusional and fatal invasion of Turkish and Saudis armies and ultimately division of Syria into small fiefdoms under imperial auspices of the US, as I already mentioned in my previous post.

In my opinion there must be a thaw in hostile bilateral US-Russian relation in order to have some foundations for hope of ending those US imperial wars instigated by dying empire. But it is unlikely since the entire crisis is not about Syria but to defeat Russia in global geopolitical realm. When Washington neocons see problem in Moscow they will not find solution in Damascus.

Otherwise the war will continue one way or another, open or simmering under the surface until US imperial power is diminished or removed in the MENA countries and regional geopolitics reconfigured. And all the parties know that well including Saudis and Turkey.

ANF provocation to entice Turkey invasion

ANF shells Turkish army position in Turkey to provoke retaliation against Kurds;


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CEASEFIRE: Talk of Peace, Preparation for Invasion.

It is nothing but a technical break happening in any war for logistical reason. Syrian and Russian air force temporarily reduced by 70% operational sorties and that included almost complete stop 90% in Idlib province comparing to average number of sorties last month and over 50% against ISIL and during at least first two days of ceasefire deadline last Friday complete suspension of air assaults.

Syrians and Russians almost completely suspended operations on all fronts including ANF and ISIL not a party to the ceasefire agreement. What could be the reason?

  1. New materiel supplies for Syrian military and Russian air force are being shipped to Syria, new crew rotations, and that includes Iranian air base in Homs. In other words Syrians, Russians and allied forces are performing personnel rotation and equipment replacement/repair, and that includes training of 50 thousands of new Syrian reservists with new advanced Russian weapons shipped from Russia, modernization and unification of command and control system, and night vision equipment, newest Russian tactical ballistic missiles,  guided missiles, antitank and, anti Air to Air systems deployed on helicopters and fixed wing aircraft as well as newest Huragan and Smertch MRLS with range of 70 miles, large missiles, with autonomous guided antitank and cluster munitions supported by integrated operational drones, shot in one of those missiles to evaluate battle theatre minutes after assault, systems that are unmatched with any NATO weaponry of this type. All those system are fully able to defeat Turkish army or any NATO army and hence it looks like it is a preparation not for final assault   against ISIL and ANF bare footed terrorists, but rather against Turkish and Saudis intervention in Syria. And that’s probably the reason why Russian paused the offensive towards Turkish border.
  2. US and coalition stopped bombing ISIL about 10 days ago, to allow new US military supplies to arrive.
  3. All out negotiation between Russians/SAA and Syrian rebels are all about surrender and amnesty for those who stop fighting Assad and dismantle or join SAA and that includes units that were affiliated with ISIL and ANF and hence were not part of the agreement, this process started three months ago and at least half and 38 deals Russian already made for surrender had been negotiated prior to this cease file.
  4. The remains of the terrorists groups directly controlled by Turkey moved within 5 mile corridor along Turkish border, re-supplied and dug in new reinforced positions defended directly by Turkish artillery from across the border. All while attacks on YPG north of Aleppo continue, no ceasefire there, tolerated by Russians and US.
  5. ANF and ISIL evacuated their wounded to Turkey under the guise of humanitarian transports and received re-supplies and reinforcement of several thousands fighters from Saudis via Turkey while Russian air force was almost completely grounded for first three days after official deadline.
  6. US pretends that this is permanent ceasefire they support, while claiming that they are ready continue peace talks accusing Syria, not Russians, of violating non existing ceasefire agreement with ANF, ISIL or bombing civilians and threatening with partition of Syria, statement directly conflicted with already signed Geneva agreement calling for Syrian united. No long-term peace effort on American part visible.
  7. Russians pretend that this is a path to peace while they are preparing to confront Turkish invasion force and on a side negotiating to split rebels and induce their surrender or switching sides and continue fight against ISIL/ANF with converted rebels.


One way or another this is not a path to peace since no major problems, causes of the western aggression on Syria are even discussed at this point. The Syrian political opposition is nonexistent or already infiltrated by Russians and Syrians and will not call for Assad removal but just for new elections, which Assad surely will win.

Such a solution is unacceptable by Washington and Ankara which would be biggest looser of this status-quo, gaining highly trained and well equipped enemy of YPG impossible to defeat short of risky massive invasion, which may potentially results in disintegration of Turkey itself for which NATO will not give OK. At this point US neocons have no choice but limited invasion to prop up ISIL/ANF convert them to “moderates” and temporary declare partition of Syria before US advisors train and equip the beheaders for final push to dislodge Assad from Damascus sometimes within 12 months. Another psychotic delusion of W.H. which even pentagon opposes for variety of reasons I wrote about on this blog.

Preparations are massive and even include buildup Russian forces in Armenian air bases some located few miles from far eastern Turkish border, high level alert of Russian Black sea fleet and southern military district in Russia including electronic warfare installations in Crimea, mine sweeping by Russian warships in Mediterranean and new supplies of long-range cruise missiles to those ships and new S300 for Syria and more S400 and new AWACS aircraft and fighter jets for Russians in Syria while terrorists have no air force and no navy. Make up you own mind what it means.

These are surely strange days of brewing something big.

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SECRET PROTOCOL? Why Did Russians Pause Bombing ISIL or Did They?

More I read about this so-called ceasefire agreement it make less sense to me. Or there is at work a significant hidden agenda, not revealed so far, that determines precise motives and aim of both Russia and the US, for this particular political maneuver called Syrian truce. So let’s recapitulate the situation as of second day of this problematic move.

  1. As a map below indicates there are only five small areas where SAA faces potentially so-called moderates from FSA. The 90% of frontlines Russian coalition is facing an enemy classified as ISIL, ANF terrorists and hence excluded from the agreement.
  2. 90% of frontlines are not under the agreement so why Russian Air Force stopped bombing positions of terrorists not covered by the ceasefire?
  3. Why ceasefire did not cover Turkey that for about 10 days now openly engaged in direct military, operational artillery support for ISIL against Kurds, as well as allowing of ISIL terrorists to pass un hindered Turkish territory to attack Kurds directly from Turkish side. Why Russians stop flying while SAA and Kurds are under direct Turkish attack and why they announced this stoppage in operations? Hence allowing ISIL to move fighters and weapon supplies to the frontlines even if there is not truce between Russia and ISIL. Irreconcilable inconsistencies, and violations of all the Russian military doctrines and tactics, based on enemy guessing what military moves will come, and for what strategic interest in Syria such moves are warranted?
  4. Was the agreement all about Russians stopping bombing of all terrorists including ISIL, ANF friends of Washington D.C. and all the others non-existent moderate factions were just a cover up for propaganda purposes, as many of independent media was warning all along?
  5. The agreement implies complete lack of enforceability, prohibiting retaliation against those who signed up to the ceasefire but allowing only to return fire in self-defense if attacked by the side NOT A PARTY TO THE AGREEMENT. What’s that? Nonsense, if not straight betrayal. Read for yourself, I could not believe such proclamations from both sides. This is nothing but de-facto ceasefire with ISIL and ANF and first day proves it.
  6. What purpose this agreement serves when most of the “moderates” already declared that they need just two weeks of truce to re-supply from Turkey and regroup to continue to fight?
  7. What sense does this ceasefire agreement make except for potentially allowing for easier so-called “humanitarian” assistance which was being delivered before anyway when terrorists allowed for it. Is this nothing but a humanitarian agreement with terrorists to re-supply them, with food and medicine, they are short of money to purchase, so they can continue to fight another day?
  8. How this could be a prelude to overall peace talks when there is no agreement about who are the representatives of the Syrian opposition that Assad supposedly is going to talk with, that would remotely lead to any political solution no side really wants at this point, except for Kerry-Lavrov team. How one can explain the fact that 90% of Russian humanitarian support in Deir-Ez-Zor SAA enclave, for example, recently fell into ISIL hands but only 10% fell where it should, unfortunately, much of it destroyed due to a parachute malfunction while most previous drops were precise. What it this? An accident.
  9. Why there is no mention in the agreement and UN resolution of stopping delivery of weapons to the “moderates” and terrorists of ANF or ISIL for that matter, during the truce when in many cases they are fighting within a mile of each other military positions.

So what the hell is that, I am asking again? What it is what was actually agreed under the table in Munich and New York, that miraculously produced this phony face of unity between Russians and US neocons passing a UNSC resolution supporting this phantom truce while rejecting Syrian sovereignty at UNSC just few days ago. Was it a way of saving face of the US administration, a secret way for acknowledging defeat without too much scaring egos involved and US imperial hubris damaged. May be it was a hint recognizing that double sized Syrian army equipped and trained by Russians will not be defeated, a way of anti-climactic closure of another failed US imperial adventure in the ME.

Or that Russians just exhausted all the will and reasonable capabilities and after propping up of the Assad army are ready to leave under some quid pro quo with Americans, dropping western sanctions, and/or de-escalation of tensions in central Europe and/or cooling recent crazy arm race or selling out Donbass or else. You tell me but it is not about immediate military necessity that we have or don’t have, a truce we have or don’t have, an agreement we have or don’t have or a peace we have or don’t have.

Or it is a sand storm season and Russian air force is mostly grounded for 3 months or so, time to be used for refurbishing, repairing of the equipment, change personnel or whatever else they need.

Whatever it is we should be able to figure out soon by analyzing actual actions of all sides on the ground, and certainly not from listening to propaganda of peace both sides want to placate us in order to make us blind to the reality of continuing conflict.

I understand that majority of the Syrian people want peace and see this agreement as a chance to bring people closer to it but I must objectively say that this agreement solves no fundamental problem of US and NATO aggression against sovereign state of Syria and hence I still do not see any light in a tunnel many exhausted and devastated Syrians disparately want to see.

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CEASE-FIRE: A tool of War Politics.

While we all know well why American axis of evil wants SAA+Syrian national defense units, most tribal militia including Christian, Alawite, militia, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iraqi Shia militia, Kurds and Palestinian units to stop what they are doing since it is all apparent now that “our friendly” bearded boys of ISIL and ANF are being mercilessly whacked, and loudly cry to their starred and stripped monster mama for relief.

The unlimited cease-fire is already turning in a two week vacation for terrorists in Turkish sea resorts, you know, R$R, lock & reload after a bad day in the office:

We know that US did not give up of the invasion and dividing Syria into medieval Wahhabi fiefdoms, and the non cease fire cease fire sham among phantom moderate beheaders, without even naming them all or declaration who is actually fighting who, most bizarre, Orwelian agreement of no agreement, where a friend is a foe, in a deal of today.

After US was having political sex with terrorists for decades Kerry needs “Plan B” after monster was already born. A theater of absurd continues.

But why Russia get herself involved in the obvious sham as I discussed in my post on February 17, titled CLEAR THE FOG VLAD. In the post I did not question military premises of such as a purely propaganda move, since it is strictly operational and secret, but only its implications in the psychological war in the western media.
And still I see this “ pretend ceasefire” doing more harm than good for Russian otherwise clear moral and legal stand in this war.

However in order to better understand what could be overwhelming Russian tactical and strategic interest on the ground to be involved such a charade, may be an excerpt from my post published on 10/18/2015, over four months ago, entitled HOW WE FIGHT; RUSSIAN EDITION would be of help especially the paragraph describing what role local cease fire plays in war politics, a common psychological warfare tactic employed by Russian trained military such as Syrian command is.

Most the Russian war doctrine and military maneuvers or tactics are coming out of German military manuals as well as many painful experiences of the WWII where Soviets made all the mistakes possible before they got their act together.

The basics principle of waging a war is to have well defined strategic, tactical and immediate objectives with no imposition of any particular solutions since those must fall directly in the prerogatives of the local field commanders who will make decisions as warranted on the ground with wide latitude of choices creating facts or illusions on the ground aimed to mostly mislead the enemy i.e. psychological warfare at the level of field commanders.

In Syria, IS terrorists’ most powerful weapon is the psychological terror and it must be met with psychological warfare weaponry on the battlefield.

This requires extensive knowledge of the battlefield area, built up relationships not only with friendly forces and local population but most of all with the enemy, making temporary cease-fire or other deals with them, offering even aid and some kind of understanding or presenting seemingly beneficial choices of withdrawal or surrender, a typical toolbox of a negotiator. The true war is more about talking and waiting then shooting. Only those who can see strait through the chaos or war can be ultimately successful.

The Syrian field commanders having in their hand a hammer of Russian air support are pursuing wide range of those techniques very vigorously, by calling ISIS commanders over the cell phone/radio or communicating via other ways. The field commanders grounded in the reality of battlefield are much more reasonable (especially after the air raid) than highly politicized or fanatical higher command hankered down somewhere in the bunker.

A good example of such a broad latitude given to the local commanders are various temporary deals SAA is making with terrorists including IS in Aleppo area regarding electrical power supply from the Aleppo power plant on the outskirts of the city held by IS while distribution system is held by SAA either one could cut off electricity to the other so both decided to keep it running. IS to run their bomb factories and SAA to allow civilian population under IS rule to have their utilities running, water, electricity, heat etc. This is quintessential example of local deals and compromises by local commanders even for medieval barbaric thugs of IS possible to achieve as a alternative to senseless and blunt devastation. And this type of war tactics is cowardly used as a propaganda tool by the western MSM to prove the brotherly love between Assad and IS to brain-dead western viewers. But what’s worse ls that the US is aggravated with such as deals or agreements, mad on the IS or al-Nusra for deviating from pure Wahhabi Islamist orthodoxy since it is clandestinely bombing Syrian infrastructure including Aleppo power plant under the guise of F16 escorting military transport planes with weapons to drop on non-existing positions of illusory moderate Syrians.

In contrast, in most cases US local field commanders had often hands tied as far a contacts or negotiation with enemy field commanders and never built any meaningful relationship of trust with the enemy. And hence were devoid of finesse or cunning and instead were perceived as blunt or gullible and by that diminished enemy respect for the US military and strengthen unity of the enemy instead of weakening it by skillful negotiations or manipulations.

Another basic battlefield principle is to avoid committing to a frontal attack on fortified enemy positions even when having overwhelming advantage and power and always seeking weak points and take as much time as needed, no deadlines or photo ops since true military accomplishment is to win battle without one shot fired in contrast to US reporting number of enemy killed, territory conquered or cleared and ammunition spent that defines the progress or victory.

An hence the art of encirclement or cauldron creation massively used as a most popular Russian tactical maneuvers which are low cost and high reward military efforts including fake cauldrons aimed to forcing enemy movements into predestined areas.

Also not sharp but gradual cutoff or degradation of the command and control communications and supplies is preferred in order to use it to induce tactical movements of the enemy forces and continuing surveillance as well as on the ground intelligence operations, which are critical for achieving success. The US forces intelligence (so Soviet) operations often failed in Afghanistan due to lack of personal politically/culturally mitigated relationships (not money) a foundation for truly effective intelligence network. With all the new technologies, field level intelligence is still irreplaceable.

But most of all Russian military doctrine calls to never wage war you want to win in the country where significant part of population is hostile and enemy undefined (Afghanistan war 1.0 and 2.0) since at the end the success of all military operations are dependent on the local population support and hence recognizing that unnecessary or mistaken deaths of civilians are not just a collateral damage but the fundamental damage to the entire war effort. That’s why British, Hindu, Soviets and Americans were ultimately defeated Afghanistan.

The true Syrian liberation war has just begun replacing four long years of aimless and senseless stalemate and slaughter instigated and supported by the west as I wrote on 10/10/2015 in: WHY RUSSIANS CAME?

With restrained, proportional to the threat, legal military action to restore safety and security of Syrian people, a solemn duty of Syrian government and nobody else under international law, there may be a hope for peace. But we are [still] far from it.

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